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November 19, 2011
By kimmycub3407 GOLD, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
kimmycub3407 GOLD, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
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Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. -Dr. Seuss

I had a wonderful life. I was always happy. Just me, my family, and my 2 best friends Lilly, and Becca. We were time travelers. We could go anywhere, anytime. We all wore a watch that could be set forward or backwards to whatever date you wanted to visit, to whatever place to wanted to see. Discovering new planets no one even knew existed! Planet Layoisis; a very, very gorgeous planet, with magnificent valleys, and beaches, a delicate painted sunset that raised a beautiful shadow on the whole place each night. We visited there often. The people; or aliens; were very nice to be around as well. Well, anyway we decided we should go in search of a new planet that we might like. That’s when we found helumantay. When we arrived, we were greeted with the most pleasant aliens we ever met. We were smart enough to be aware that they could be dangerous so we were on high alert the 1st week we visited. After a while we adapted and felt that it was a good place to come to. After we had stayed for a few weeks we decided to return back to our home for a bit. But when we went back to Helumantay we discovered we’d been gone for a few years! We were a bit curious by this and went to investigate. Until that’s when they decided we’d had a long enough of an enjoyable stay. Me and my friends were talking to a very nice lady, trying to bring up how the time worked on that planet, and in the middle of the conversation she dropped dead. Infact, I don’t even think she was real. Her body was soon beginning to melt before my eyes! Me and my friends were very quickly grabbed by someone/something and we were being pulled into a room. My friends were able to get away, but I wasn’t. They rapidly pressed their emergency buttons on their watch and said “That no matter what, they were coming back for me”. I would have pressed mine but whoever had me, had hold of my hands and had snapped my watch. I was taken into a white solitary room. It was decorated with a white memory foam mattress and the whole room was just white. I didn’t know where they had taken me, but it was not a good place! But I thought everything would be fine, because I believed my friends were gonna come back for me.

I sat in this white room of nothing, with the happiness sucked out of me with every word I write. The place I have come to is so much worse than anyone could imagine. They don’t allow happiness here if it’s not for them. Their life revolved around me becoming more and more sad, and depressed, and corrupted at each chance they got. The only thing they let me do is write. Only because it can’t make me happy. They told me they allow me to do this because what else am I going to write about. Write about my past when I was happy and living life to the fullest? I did that. And they were right. It didn’t make me happy at all to think of the good times. It only reminded me of the old life I couldn’t have anymore. And what if I were to right about what was going on at the time, about what they were doing to me. I did that as well, but that only made me realize how stuck I was there, and how unable to be free I was. I was miserable.

I still sat in the white room of nothing. Feeling dead because of all the happiness that was taken from me. I didn’t even know what happiness was. I thought of ending my life there so I could be rid of it all, but they knew that if I died I would be free from the pain. My Friends finally did come back. They appeared one night in my room. Seeing, and Talking to them was so painful and depressing. I wanted them to feel what I had felt. For them, they had only been gone for a few days. I hadn’t seen them for 15 years, still hoping they would come back for me. But that died the first year there I was there. Our 1st conversation we had, had in 15 years was like scratching a fork on a chalk board.

15 YEARS! I yelled. 15 YEARS! I’M SO SORRY CARTER! IM SO SORRY! I DIDN’T REALIZE IT WOULD BE THAT LONG FOR YOU! Cried Lilly. Do you even realize what they put me through Lilly! They took away every bit of happiness I ever had! I was sad, and depressed for 15 years! EVERY NIGHT they made me relive my happy memory’s! I screamed. Well isn’t that kind of good?! Becca said trying not to cry. NO IT’S NOT! YOU KNOW WHY?! Because It made me feel how bad I wanted that, how bad I missed that, and I was never gonna have it back. I said choking back tears. I’m sorry! Becca mouthed as she fell to the floor in tears. Then the worst part was them showing how happy I could have been back home with my friends and family, instead of being stuck here! That’s when I finally curled up into a ball and put my head on my knee’s and broke down crying. 15 years I’ve been stuck here in pain, depression, loneliness. I’ve been dyeing for someone to comfort me, for someone to just take me away from here so I could forget this ever happened, and I thought you two would be able to do that, but I was wrong. I was way wrong, like I always will be! PLEASE! Lilly screamed bawling her eyes out and grabbing onto her shirt. We wanna take you home. I wanted to go home so badly, I didn’t say another word and I hung on to Lilly’s arm and we left.

After this happened, I never spoke to them again. It took 2 years to get over my pain, and depression, and another year of going through psychiatric help to help me forget about that awful experience. But I later did forgive my friends. They did come back for me. But never ever will anyone on earth feel the pain I had felt for 15 years.

The author's comments:
I just wanted to write a short dramatic story so I did. :)

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