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"Goddess Rae: The Goddess of Talent"

November 21, 2011
By Manderz21 BRONZE, Hurlock, Maryland
Manderz21 BRONZE, Hurlock, Maryland
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It is said that everyone gets their talent from the goddess Rae. Rae was born into a family of a mother; Jennings father; Aclemus, brother; Samson and a sister; Rani. Before Rani was born, people were born without the ability to speak. Before Samson was born, people were born without the ability to hear. Though Rani was the goddess of speech, she was unable to speak and Samson being the god of hearing was deaf. People throughout the world gave thanks to them every full moon. On these days, Rani was able to see and Samson was able to hear. Rae, though, has all the talent in the world. On the twenty first day of the seventh month in the womb, goddess Rae sends the child their talent. From there, the child has to find within their selves where Rae placed the talents.
In the beginning of time speech and hearing were great, but everyone gave the most praise and respect to Rae. Without the ability to do things such as ride a horse, hunt for food and build shelters for living and safety, then the world would be chaos. Rae’s ability helped create the world. It began the time of building and hunting and many other things. But her brother and sister did not realize this, and would do anything to prevent her popularity.
The first person that Rae gave their talents to is known as one of the greatest harvesters that the world has seen. This young boy came from present day Rome. Now, before people had normal talents like fishing or riding a bike, her gifts were presented more as powers. Twenty one days into the seventh month in the womb, Rae visited Floana who was carrying Opleus. Rae quietly knocked on the door and waited patiently. Floana’s husband, Spirkulus answered the door. They were a peasant family, but were the nicest people you would ever come across in the village. Through the slight crack of the door, Spirkulus saw the beautiful five foot five, slim, brown hair, green eyed woman and instantly knew who she was. Spirkulus threw the door open and graciously welcomed her into their home.

Floana and Spirkulus asked Rae to sit down, but Rae refused with a kindhearted smile. Floana and Spirkulus knew that she had many other children around the world to visit. Because Floana and Spirkulus were so understanding Rae told them that she would instill the most wonderful talent that anyone could hope for. The family was grateful and told her that she would always be in their thoughts. Floana quietly asked Rae what the gift was and Rae responded with “I do not place one ability within a child, I place many. As they grow they must look within and pursue it.”
Opleus grew up a normal child with normal friends, a normal house, normal food, and a normal school. By this time, no one really spoke of Rae and who she was or what she did, but they all knew she was there. Everyday Floana and Spirkulus told Opleus to look within and find out what his special talent was. It took Opleus fourteen years until he figured out what he was supposed to be pursuing. One day when he was out picking through his mother’s garden, he realized that when he touched the plant, it automatically bloomed. He ran to his mother and told her the excellent news. From then on out, Opleus’ parents used him for his talent and took away all of his money. He never got at least a penny for what he did. The family moved out of the village and up on the ridge of a mountain. They hired workers to build them a great big house on the edge of the mountain. Floana and Spirkulus told him that there was no need for him to farm anymore because they had all the money they needed. Opleus didn’t like the idea, but of course had to listen to his mother. That night after supper Opleus went into his room and began to think. While sitting there staring out the window watching the pink and purple sunset, he came up with a plan. That night Opleus was to run away and never be seen again.
Of course Rani and Samson knew of the miraculous ability that their baby sister had been given. Like any other siblings would be, they were jealous. Rani and Samson made many plots to get rid of their sister, but they always seemed to fail. Once Rae found out what they were trying to do, she warned them with a subtle threat. “I understand the jealousy my dear siblings, but if you want me gone that bad, then I will leave. But if it wasn’t for me you would not have the ability to do the things you do, though I am the youngest. The power can be taken away from you.” They didn’t believe that she was the one that gave them their abilities, so Rani and Samson kept plotting their evil plans.
One day, one of their many attempts actually worked. Rae was walking through the forest and came across a little girl. The little girl asked Rae if she could help her. Rae stopped and talked to the little girl. The little girl told Rae that she was born without talents and that she didn’t think it was fair. Of course, Rae told her that she was very sorry, and asked the little girl what talent she wanted. Usually Rae didn’t let the person pick, but it only seemed fair at that point. The thing was though, anything the little girl asked Rae, she had to give. About five minutes went by and the little girl told Rae what she wanted and her response was this: “I know that you must grant me whatever talent I request, which is why I am going to ask for your talent. I want to take it from you and be more powerful then you ever could be”. Rae was shocked by this request and tried everything to get the little girl to change her mind. Then the little girl made one more request “I want the talent to kill you”. This shocked Rae even more. Devastated, Rae granted the little girl her talents.
That day Rae was killed, her siblings were happy, and so was the little girl. This little girl grew up to have blonde hair and blue eyes. She is now known as Delilah, the goddess of talents and all things deceitful. No one ever knew what happened to Rae, other than she was no longer seen. It is said that she is still alive and grants the good and kindhearted people their talents. But Rae does not want her siblings and Delilah to know she is still alive. This is why you do not know where your talents come from, they just come to you.


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