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The Last Shape-Shifter Part 1: The Time Machine

October 17, 2011
By Ashlyn_Starr PLATINUM, Oak Grove, Missouri
Ashlyn_Starr PLATINUM, Oak Grove, Missouri
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"Life often feels like it's spinning. Just stop and look at the design being made."~ Advice given to me by my aunt Kaitlyn

One minute I’m in the woods the next I’m headed to a castle I have no clue why they want me all I know is it may have something...ok I do know why. The reason is I trashed the king’s castle and left A.S.A.P. Then again you would too if he knew where the others of your kind were. That's right I'm (supposedly) the last of my kind. I'm sorry. I almost forgot my manners. Name’s Anul. I am a Lebane. What's a Lebane you might ask? It's a shape-shifter.
"Ok miss. You might as well pray the king decides to be kind to you. "The guard said.
"Not like it'll matter. I could still slip away." I said under my breath.
We went into the castle in front o' the king. He stands there head held high. His son, the prince, not too far away. I hung my head down low. I knew he was going to sentence me to death. I could hear it over and over in my head.
"Usually a crime like this isn't so forgiven. usually it isn't a crime that we give this sort of punishment to." the king said.

I looked up. I saw the prince looking at me. To my astonishment he was smiling. He looked happy. I closed my eyes though. I still was scared. even after the kings next words.
"Today though, thanks to my son, we will allow you to live." the king continued.
Then I heard a ringing sound. Kind of like a bell. I opened my eyes again and saw my alarm clock. It was all just a dream. it was that same dream I had been having since I was 5 years of age. Very weird I know.
"Anul hurry up we're going to be late for our sisters play!" Alex yelled.
"Alright I’ll be down in a minute." I told her.
Alex isn't my real sis she's my foster sis. I was adopted by her parents as a baby. The sis she's talking about is Alana. our nickname by their mother is triple A. Since it's 3 girls who's name start with an A.
"Are you done yet?" Alex screamed.
"Almost. Can you just wait?" I yelled.
Well we got 2 Alana's play. She was the youngest of us. She was 14, I was 15, and Alex was 16. Alana was staring as Clara in the Nutcracker. Mother and them were so proud. I would rather try and figure out my dream. Though I didn’t mind staring at the guy who played the nutcracker. His name was Trip. He was a little tall for 16 but who cares and he had short black hair. After looking at him for a while I realized he looked a lot like the prince in my dream. Which is really weird since I didn’t know him till last year.
"You done looking at the nutcracker?" Alex asked.
"What? I wasn’t. I was just thinking about my dream." I said lying.
"Well you should try and pay attention to everything else in life. Like that cutie on stage. C'mon everyone knows you like him." She said.
"I do not." I said angrily.
"Chill sis. No need to get all cat-eyed about it. I was just saying." Alex said. she sounded like she was hurt.
"Sorry. I was staring at him but for a different reason." I told her.
"Ok. spill." she said.
"It's just he looks a lot like the prince from my dream I’ve been having." I told her.
"But you’ve had that dream since you were 5. You didn’t know him till you were 14."she said.
"I know I think that dream is a past life of mine and that Trip is the reincarnation of the prince and I’m the reincarnation of the shape-shifter from my dream." I told her.
"I have heard of cases about people having dreams of their past-lives but this is too strange I mean a shape-shifter." she said.
"Excuse me. Don't forget I AM a shape-shifter." I said to her angrily.
"Oh sorry. I kind of forgot that." Alex said apologetically.
"no big just try and remember." I said.
The play got over and Alana came over 2 us. She was really happy. I guess I was proud of her too.
"hey." Alana said.
"hey." we said. we all were proud and left 2 celebrate the day.
That night I had my dream again. This time though I got farther. I was in the castle as the Lebane getting ready for any sentence. I knew it'd be bad.
"Today though, thanks to my son, we'll allow you to live." the king continued.
I looked up in astonishment.
"Do u have anything you’d like to add?" the king asked.

I did. I wanted to know why my life was being spared. I guess the king could see my confusion.
"You have been spared but you are not to leave the castle. At least not for a while." he said smiling. "My son will take you to your chamber."
After that the guards lifted me to my feet. I stood and the prince took me to my chamber. Right now I was kind of wishing he sentenced me to death. At least I wouldn’t feel like a prisoner of some sort. Then the prince started talking to me when we were out of earshot of the king.
"Your welcome." he said.
"Thanks but I’d rather have died. I wouldn’t feel like a prisoner then.” I told him.
"I know but I want you to know that we truly don’t know where the other Lebanes are." he said. "we're doing this to protect you. when your a Lebane your not so lucky here. You could say."
"Oh I didn’t mean to make it sound like this was bad. I just don't do good locked up. That’s all.” I said.
I wish I could tell you more but after that I awoke by my alarm again and had to get up for the next day of school.
"Anul can I ask you something?" someone said as I walked into the school. I looked and it was Trip. It felt like a dream or something. It was strange for him to talk to me.
"What is it Trip?” I asked him.
"Well you like science and history stuff?” he asked.
"Yeah." I said.
"Well I was wondering if you’d like to help us with a project.” he said. We walked to the gym.
"What kind of project?” I asked.
"It's a time machine. We’re working on it in my basement.” he said.
I never knew him to be into science.
"Sure” I said. Really weird.
Two nights after I joined Trip's group to help with the project we started to work on the machine. We got all the plans out and began construction. It took a long time but that night we got about a 4th of it done.
"I gotta hand it to ya Anul your pretty good with the tools and stuff.” Max said.
"Thanks.” I told him.
"He's right you are.” said Telli.
"Thanks.” I said.” but really it was nothing. Besides you all are way better than me."
"True.” they said with a laugh.
Everyone left besides me and, of course, Trip. I was too intent on the experiment to leave.
"Hey wiz kid.” Trip said.
"Hey. What's on your mind?” I said.
"Just wondering why you haven’t left yet?” Trip said.
"Oh. I guess I should leave too shouldn’t I." I said.
"Not what I meant. I just thought maybe you had some reason..."Trip said before I interrupted.
"I do have a reason. It's to stick with the project for now." I said.
He looked disappointed for some reason.
"That's not all you wanted to ask is it?" I said.
"No. I...I was wondering if you’d go out with me sometime?" he said.
I felt like I was in a dream again.
"I...I would love to. This isn't a joke is it?" I asked.
"No joke. I promise. So will you?" he said.
"Yes." I said blushing. "So can I pick you up Friday at 8?" he said. he too was blushing.
"Sure. Where we going?" I asked.
"That's a surprise." he said. "May I walk u home?"
"To be in your presence then yes." I said jokingly.
"Well then we must be off." he said. After that he walked me home.
"You know you look like someone I met before. In a dream that is." Trip said.
"You do too. I can tell you about it later though." I said as we got to my door.
"Yeah later." he said. he was in a good mood now.
Well we stopped and a gave him a hug goodbye though he gave me a kiss on the cheek. I gave him one on the cheek too. After that I headed in and he left. I felt like I could fly after that. I wanted to leap in the air. Ya know.
Well, a few days later I'm in my room and what do ya know Alex is asking me why I was dressed differently though I truly wasn’t. I wore a pair of jeans with a regular T-shirt.
"C'mon spill." she said.
"Ok. I've a date with Trip." I told her.
"So that's why your wearing differently jeans." she said.
"What are you talking about? I've worn these before." I explained.
"Yeah because mom made ya." she exclaimed.
"Do I look ok. I mean I still look like me right." I asked.
"Yep but with a little sugar added on to your spice." Alana joked. she just walked in when I asked.
It was a couple minutes till 8 when I heard the door open.
"Anul your friend's here." Mom said.
"Oh no. I’m not ready." I said 2 them.
"Yes you are. Now go." Alex and Alana said together.
I went down there and saw him in a pair of pants and a long-sleeved shirt. He looked so handsome. I made it to the bottom of the stairs but I was still nervous.
"Wow. You look amazing." he said.
"You too." I said.
We left to his car and drove off. I felt like I did when in my dream four nights ago. Near someone I liked but feeling kind of trapped.
"First time on a date?" Trip asked.
"How'd u know?" I replied.
"Your acting like you got a lump in your throat because your nervous. I know because I was like that on my first date." He said.
"That’s ok. Oh so it's ok to be nervous then?" I said.
"Yep." he replied.
I felt so much better after that.
"So where are we going?" I asked.
"You’ll see." he said.
When we got there I thought I was going to faint. It was the Renaissance festival. My favorite time of year and favorite place to go.
"How'd you know?" I asked.
"Talked to your mom. She said you’d been saving for it." he replied.
"Thanks so much." I said. I gave him a big hug.
"If this is what it takes to get a hug then I should do this more often." he said jokingly.
We were there some time and finally at one of the plays we kissed. Though we both blushed afterwards. It was great. to bad I had to head home. At least he drove me back. I kissed him before I went in though.
Well 3 weeks went by and we finally got the machine finished. Everyone was happy. I couldn’t wait for the first test.
"So what we gonna test?" I asked.
"Well 1st we should use an animal. You know to see if it works." Telli said.
"Alright. How about a rat?" Max said.
"We should use something closer to our size." Trip said.
We all thought about it then they looked at me.
"What about a wolf or dog?" I said.
"A tamed wolf would work. My dad knows someone who has some tamed wolves." Zane said.
"Ok. could he get one here?" Sonya asked.
Two days later and we tried the tamed wolf by putting the tracker on it and sent it through. There was a flash of light and it was gone.
"Ok. Max is it on the scanner?" I asked.
"Yep. That's odd." Max said.
"What? What's odd?" I asked.
"Is that the time period I think it is Sonya?" Telli said looking at the scanner.
"Yeah that's the medieval times. I thought we set it for 10 years ago?" Sonya said.
"We did. Yet it's back over 300 years." Trip said. "I'm going through. I have to get the wolf back."
"Trip no we have to work out the glitches. "I said. He looked at me oddly.
"Besides you’re not wearing the proper attire. I’m going 2." I added.
"You two are nuts. You can’t go through yet. It needs to reboot." Zane said.
"Then hurry up. We'll go change and u guys fix it. We'll definitely need the glitches fixed for the way back." Trip and I said.
"Ok. Just be careful." Zane said.
Then we left to get in clothes for the medieval times. I got clothes that supposedly the Lebanes wore. I felt ridiculous wearing the paper-thin clothes though. Then we put on the tracking bracelets. So we wouldn’t lose each other as well as contact with those who stayed here.
"You two ready to go back in time?" Max asked.
"Yes." We said.
Trip and I held hands so we could stay together. A flash of light and bam we're back in medieval times. I was scared but I stuck with Trip and we headed on.
We were in the medieval times and no one around. That's what it seemed like. Then I herd a snap.
"Trip what's that?" I asked.
"I don’t know. Might want to stay calm." he said.
Then a group of riders appeared. They had swords and they were pointed at us.
"What ye doing in the king's forest?" said one of the riders.
"We didn't know this was the king's forest." I said weakly.
"Lower your hood so's we can see your face sir." the rider said to Trip.
Trip didn't lower his hood. I was scared for him.
"Maybe you should lower your hood Trip. These people don't seem like their playing games." I whispered.
"I know what I’m doing Anul. In less than a minute the 'rebels' will appear and attack." he whispered to me.
"I hope your right." I said.
"What ye jabbering about! Lower your hood!" the rider said angrily.
Then the rebels appeared. The riders decided to head for the hills you could say.
"What you think you doing mistress? Your supposed to be back in the village." one of the rebels said to me.
"I'm sorry but do I no u?" I asked. He looked at me.
"Don ya recognize me?" He asked.
"Not really." I said.
"I'll tell ya when we get bak.4 now u 2 stick with us." He said.
After that we left. I did recognize the clothing. It was the paper-thin clothing I wore. We got 2 the village and there were many people there.
"So u did leave I told ya she wuld."1 lady said 2 the rebel leader.
"Yes Mary. Lucky we found her or the riders would’ve had her and her friend. She don’t even remember us." He said.
"Well remind her then." Mary said. She left after that.
"The names Alan." Alan said. "Why don’t ya take your hood off sir. "
Trip took off his hood and Alan pulled out his sword, pointing it at Trip.
"What you doing here Prince?" Alan said.
"I'm no prince." Trip said.
"You lie!" Alan said.
"Would you really kill your brother for your dad’s mistake." I said.
"No" Alan said.
"What's that about?" Trip said.
"Later." I said. Then we all rested for the next day.
When I woke I noticed Trip waiting for me. He had a strange look on his face.
"What's up Trip?" I asked.
"I just got a call from the others." He said.
"Our parents are worried and Max doesn’t know when he can get us back."
"Not good." I started rubbing my wrist since it was burning again. Then my tattoo showed and I couldn’t hide it.
"What's that?" Trip asked.
"It's a birthmark." I lied.
"Tell the truth." he said.
"It's the sign of the Lebane. I'm a shape-shifter, a Lebane." I told him. "These are my ancestors."
"How come you never told me."
"I was scared. I thought you’d call me a freak like the others."
"oh. alright." Then Alan and Mary appeared.
"what's going on?" I asked
"You two need to come with us that's all." Mary said.
so we followed them. It was strange having someone you barely know tell you what to do. this didn't seem good.
"so if you really aren’t the prince and you aren’t the mistress then how come you have the same name and looks." Alan said trying to understand.
"just lucky I guess." Trip and I said.
"maybe you can get us in the castle." Mary said.
"I don’t know the only way I could is if something happened to get the king out." Said Trip.
"leave that part to me. I'm a able to make a huge mess in a matter of minutes." I said.
"how? only Lebanes are that fast. shape-shifters in other words." Said Alan.
"I’m a Lebane." I told him.
"no way." Said Alan.
I showed him my mark. the tattoo in other words. both Mary and Alan looked at me in astonishment. like it was something unexpected. kind of weird.
"I guess you really are.” Mary said. she broke the long awkward silence that made me feel nervous.
"yes that's why I said leave it to me." I said.
"then let's go and fast before the others find out what we're up to." Alan told us.
"what do you mean?" asked Trip.
"the other Lebanes. we didn't tell them what we were up to." Mary said weakly.
"then we shall hurry." I said. that's what lead to our plan and hopefully it works.
"We're lost aren’t we?" I said to Alan.
"no we're just not there yet."-Alan.
"if you say so." I said.
thing is I had to go with Alan so he didn’t accidentally kill trip. ya know. so Mary was with trip.
"win u coming back." max said thru the bracelet.
"not now. we'll b ready soon." I said.
"hurry there isn’t much time left." he said.
"bye." I said.

a few minutes later and we're in the back of sum building. 3 guesses which one.
"here ya go. go in, make a mess, get out. simple enough." Alan explained again.
"got it. u may want to leave incase they get back." I said.
he knew who I meant. the king and them. after that he left for the village to get everyone so they could leave.
"here we go." I said to myself.
I headed in and no1 was there. that was good. Trip had already gone in. he was playing the role of 'prince'. I saw the throne room and made a mess by running with the speed of the Lebane. I ran all over the place knocking things down and everything. I had 2 though. unfortunately, I got cot and was sent into the chamber.
"what were ye doing in the throne room missy?" the guard said. he stood outside the chamber door.
"the king knows where the other Lebanes are and I need to find them." I lied.
that was the plan for if I got caught. I would lie and say I did it out of vengeance. kind of.
"the king don’t know where the other Lebanes are. no Lebanes been near hear since prince Alan left us." the guard said.
"what do you mean since Alan left you." I asked.
"prince Alan got mad that his younger brother was next in line for the throne so he left us. He thought his father didn’t like him because of it. So he left and we have one prince now. That be prince trip. Fine young lad. Good with the swords ya know." the guard said. I had already learned about Alan’s fall out with his father and told trip. oh well.
"so now Lebanes are attacking the castle." the king said on his way down. "its an outrage. what should we do son."
"maybe a fair trial." the prince said. then they came to the chamber I was locked in. they looked at me and I looked hard at the king.
"we shall see what you were doing in the throne room mistress Anul of the Lebane forest. guards bring her! "the king said.
then I was dragged up the stairs to the throne room. that’s when I realized what was happening. my dream wasn't about a past life it was about Trip and I being sent back in time and trip being the prince. this was weird. I mean very ‘how is this possible‘ weird.

The author's comments:
Just something I made a few years ago and felt like putting up.

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