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Zombies in the US

October 18, 2011
By bgaunt BRONZE, Wilton, Iowa
bgaunt BRONZE, Wilton, Iowa
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Two years ago a Canadian border police officer was viciously attacked by a civilian. After he was killed the civilian started eating him. The civilian was shot and killed by the partner of the police officer. This began the end of the world.

Juno, Alaska: the military was alerted and arrived here a day ago. “All civilians report to the military base camp outside of Juno.” One of the soldiers had said over the intercom. There were people that didn’t really act as they would they started attacking people and eating them. One of the soldiers was still in Juno searching for survivors. He came across the police station and heard gun shots. He entered the building and nearly lost his head by a shotgun. He exclaimed, “hold fire, I’m here to assist you!”

The person asked, “What is your name? And what happened?”

The soldier said, “My name is Chris. I work for the U.S. military, and there has been an outbreak of a deadly disease.” The door fell and a zombie entered, Chris was grabbed then he shot the zombie in the head. He exclaimed, “Let’s go, we don’t have time to waste!”

The person said, “Ok let me get my weapons and we can leave.”

Los Angeles, California: the zombies have entered and people are fighting back. The police station here was overrun. The military has not made it here, but are trying to get there. Alice entered the police station and killed all of the zombies that were in it. She was one of the only survivors in L.A. and she was looking for people that have also survived.

A C.I.A agent was under attack in the hospital and sent out an emergency call it said “need back up, being overrun hospital south of the Hollywood sign.” Alice got the call and went there.

At the hospital the doors were destroyed and Alice thought the worse she went in and saw bodies everywhere on the ground. She looked in all the rooms and just saw bodies and no living organism. She went up to the roof and saw the C.I.A agent and said, “Hey are you ok?”

He asked, “Who are you?”

“Alice, I heard your call and came here immediately.”

“Good at least I’m not the only one alive.” He said.

There was a strange noise coming from down the stairs and Alice looked and saw zombies. She told the man that they had to get out of there or they would die so they repelled down the side of the hospital. Once on the ground they ran to the nearest car and tried starting it. Alice asked, “Why is a C.I.A agent like you doing in a place like this?”

“I was sent here to locate a man named Irving, but I couldn’t find him so I went to leave and these, Things, appeared and I…I just ran didn’t even try to save anyone I just ran.” He broke down and started to cry.

Alice got the car started and they drove till they ran out of gas.

Juno, Alaska: Chris got the man out of the building and to the base camp, but there was no one there. Chris started, “Wh…What happened this is supposed to be a safe zone. Where is everyone.”

Zombies started entering the camp the soldiers killed as many as possible but soon they were overrun. They got the choppers started and saved as many people as possible and flew to the forward base camp two hundred miles away from Juno.

“Now what are we supposed to do we can’t get away without and transportation. We are going to die in this small town unless we do something!” exclaimed the man.

“CALM DOWN!” Chris started, “We are not going to die trust me I am trained to kill so I will protect with all my life. I don’t even know who you are.”

“My name is professor Isaacs” said the man, “I am the one looking for the cure for this so called ‘disease’.”

“So you’re the priority we were sent here to save?!” Chris hit the professor.

“How dare you hit me.” Said the professor, “You are crossing the line.”

“So what is your name?” asked Alice.

“My name is not of your importance miss,” said the C.I.A Agent. “All I know is that I am to get back to the Pentagon as soon as possible.”

“I will get you there no matter what.” I swear this guys is getting on my nerve the shorter I’m with him the better.

“So what brings a girl like you to this place?”

“I was invited by my sister. She was taken by soldiers right in front of me I could have saved her but I didn’t. Now I am going to find the people that took her and kill them.”

“I’m so sorry Alice.”

“Thank you, now that I told you why I came, you should tell me why you’re here?”

“I was sent by the Department of Defense. They wanted me to figure out what was happening over here and see if it is worse then what happened to us in DC. But it is just as bad here than in DC.”

“Who is the director?”

“Her name is Jill Valentine.”

“Run, Alice, run get out of here it is bad here you should go to the safe house on the shore we’ll meet up there.” Jill was shooting zombies as they were running at them.

“I’m not leaving without you guys!”

“Chris get her and go, we don’t have time for this!”

“Jill are you sure you want us to leave?” Asked Chris.

“Yes, I’m sure now go.”

Chris and Alice get to the safe house and there were zombies all around it. You could hear gunfire from inside the house. Chris kicks open the door and there were zombie bodies inside all over the ground. Standing in the middle of the room was one of the super soldiers, Genesis, he had two shotguns and a machine gun next to him on the ground.

“Genesis your still alive?” asked Chris.

“Why wouldn’t I be,” asked Genesis. “do you not think I’m good enough to survive?”

“I didn’t say that did I?”

“No but you put it out like you were thinking it.”


“So Jill is now the director of the Department of Defense?”

“No she is the director of Homeland Security.”

What happened after that day? What happened to Jill? What happened to Chris? Genesis?

“Alright let’s get back to DC so you can tell her about what is happening.”
Chris and Professor Isaacs have found a ride and are now heading to DC.

“Chris how long has you known about this ‘accident’?”

“I’ve known since last year Professor.”

“Then how come I now just learned about it why didn’t anyone tell me about this?”

“You were not known about so we started evacuating and I was told to locate you.”

They entered Canada easier then Chris had thought they would have. They stopped at a shop and there were two men in the shop.

“Ello.” Said the first man

“Welcome to Canadia, what brings ye here?” said the second man.

“We’re from Alaska we had to come through here because it is infested with zombies.” Explained Chris. “We were wondering what the fastest way to get to the U.S. from here is.”

“Well ye see the easiest way to get there is using the highway problem is it was shut down thanks to these zombies ye speak of kiddo.”

“Ye know what I think the under pass is available though it might be full of them zombies though.”

“That’s ok we can handle it. Thanks for the help.”

“No problem. Ye be safe now.”
Washington DC: Alice and the C.I.A agent are just arriving at the Department of Defense.

Jill walks out and says, “Welcome back Albert. How is California?”

“It’s completely taking over lucky for me though this lady, Alice, came to my rescue.” Albert said.

“Well, well, well it has been quite a while Alice, how is Chris doing?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know, after all you left us there to die!!!” exclaimed Alice.

“I didn’t mean to, the helicopter arrived and I told them that you were still down there but they insisted that we take off a.s.a.p.”

“I think we should be getting inside.”

“Why Albert, you afraid of something out here?”

“No, it’s just that the moment we got here I’ve noticed that there are no zombies I want to know what happened. That is all.”

“Fine lets go inside.”

Moments later Chris arrives in town. He stops at the gas station there is a southerner inside.

“Hey are you alright?”

“Ya best get outta here before I blow ya into thousands of pieces.”

“Whoa calm down I don’t want any trouble sir.”

“Well you’re asking for trouble coming here with guns and what not. I suggest you get out of here before I make you get out of here.”

Whispering, “Just shoot him Chris he is threatening you. I thought you were a soldier. If you won’t kill him give me the gun I’ll do it.”

“Alright sir put your gun down or I’ll shoot you. I’m a special operative for the U.S. and you are aiming a gun at me. I will kill you.”

The guy takes a drink of moonshine and aims the gun at them again. Chris aimed his gun at the guy and fire 3 shots, 2 to the heart and one to the head. Chris and the professor walk towards the White House.

When Chris and the professor enter the White House, they are welcomed with guns in their faces. Chris puts his gun on the floor and slides it to the leader. Alice and Jill walk through the door and see Chris. Alice runs towards Chris and tells the people with guns to put them down.

“Alice, you’re alive?” Ask Chris.

“Chris where have you been,” Alice hugs Chris. “Thank god.”

There was pounding noises coming from the front door, one of the doors fall on to the ground. Standing there is Genesis.

“What in the…”

“Fire at him men!”

“Wait what if he isn’t infected?”

“Kill him before he kills you.”

“No,” said Alice. “He was my partner I won’t let you kill him!”

The men point their guns at Genesis and wait for Jill to give the kill order. Alice picks up the gun on the floor and aims it at Jill. “Don’t shoot I’m begging you, please don’t shoot.”

Genesis started “I’m not one of them Jill.”

“Genesis, how did you survive for so long?”

Genesis pulled out his Desert Eagle and shoots a zombie that was trying to enter the building. Jill ran up to him and gave him a hug.

They all went to the briefing room and discussed the matter at hand, how to get out of DC.

They picked up guns and walked towards the garage, where there is a riot vehicle ready to take off. Alice starts it up and everyone get in it as soon as they left, they were ambushed. The riot vehicle tipped over and fell on to its side. Genesis was the first to get out; he helped the others get out as well. Alice was unconscious when they found her.

They tried to figure something else to get out of DC. Jill said, “There is an airport just outside of the city. If we make it there we could still get out.”

They started walking towards the airport. What they didn’t know was that the zombies took it over…

Four days later: Alice and Jill woke up in a lab. Their partners were still unconscious. A doctor walked in, Alice remembered the face and told Jill, “It’s Isaacs.”

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bgaunt BRONZE said...
on Dec. 22 2011 at 11:53 am
bgaunt BRONZE, Wilton, Iowa
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Thank you. and i will.

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on Oct. 24 2011 at 12:12 pm
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nice work. keep posting more. :)