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The Dragon's Secret

August 31, 2011
By Ashlyn_Starr PLATINUM, Oak Grove, Missouri
Ashlyn_Starr PLATINUM, Oak Grove, Missouri
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A long time ago there was a land known as Crystal Town. It’s called that because everything is made of crystals. That is except the food, drinks, and of course people. This town was filled with color. It is very beautiful.
There were many people in this town. Only one was the most powerful, that’s the king himself. The king is also a sorcerer. He makes many things with his magic. Once he made dresses for his daughter and wife out of gold.
There’s another town too. This town is called Red Ridge. This is the home of the dragons. You are probably scared aren’t you. Well, don’t be and relax.

The dragons hold a secret. It’s something they talk about amongst themselves. They are led by Pyro. He’s the strongest of all the dragons. He has a scar on his left eye.
The cool thing is that they told me their secret. My name is Iceburn. I’m a rogue fairy that can make ice and fire. Anyway the secret is that the dragons used to live in Crystal Town. Ten years ago the sorcerer forced them out with his magic.
The dragons loved it in Crystal Town. They were kind to everyone. The king however was cruel. The king hates all dragons. He thinks every one of them are evil.
Pyro is thinking of a plan. He plans to make the king leave town. To do that he’s going to take the princess. He’ll have Silvia tie her up and then all the dragons will fly away. They’ll pretend like nothing happened.
Okay, it’s night time. Time to put this plan into action.
“Time to go everyone!” said Pyro. Oh, right, about Silvia, she’s a rogue fairy who was found by Pyro, her wings are silver.
“We need to hurry it up.” Silvia said.
We have the princess let’s go.
“Here comes the king.” said Striker. Let’s fly now! Uh oh he’s doing one of his spells.
“Fleeta sintho trico jinca!” said the king. A water spell.
No! This is not a good sign.
“Fly faster than usual.” said Pyro. “Fly to the extreme.”
He’ll come I hope. The reason is because when he’s in our territory he’s powerless. Great he’s following. That means our plan will be a success.
“The plans working Pyro.” said Nightstrike.
“Ready Iceburn.” said Pyro. I could see his scar.
“Ready boss. Now time to put fire to the extreme.” I replied.
Time to put the princess down and go. The scar on Pyro is a story from long ago that only he remembers. He hasn’t trusted anyone enough to tell them yet. All I know is that the scar came from a battle between him and the king.
Great we’re in Red Ridge. Perfect for us. The king will soon understand that no one’s but a dragon or fairy’s power works here.
“ You can’t fly away forever dragons!” The king yelled.
“ We don’t need to. You’re in our territory now. Your power is useless here.” Pyro told the king.

The author's comments:
I wrote this short story back in sixth grade and actually I'm thinking of spicing it up a bit in time. Not too certain yet though.

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