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Lion In The Fall

August 23, 2011
By Kayotic PLATINUM, Goodyear, Arizona
Kayotic PLATINUM, Goodyear, Arizona
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I heard the whisper of the wind rattling the trees as I was walking home.The orange,red,yellow,brown,and golden leaves speckled the ground.It was fall break,the time for Thanks Giving and the time to relax and not worry about school work.I took in the crisp scent of sweet maple on the trees.It was just perfect.I walked down the pavement.My eyes dead ahead on the trail in front of me.Such beauty in nature!A man looked through his window at me with a big friendly grin on his face as he waved.I smiled back and yelled,"Good afternoon Mr.Walts!"I walked on by his house my head held high.I was up to the corner where the Zoo was,I was about a quarter mile away from my house now.
A low growl sounded behind me.I didn't give it much consideration since I was beside the zoo.I finally had gotten away from the noisy zoo and was almost home.I heard the rustling of leaves.It wasn't like the sound I heard the wind making,but it sounded like the crackling of footsteps.I began to power walk but the footsteps advanced to match my pace."OK!Show yourself!"I demanded.
I wish hadn't said that,the sight I saw was beautiful yet horrifying.A huge golden colored lion,stood in front of me.His gorgeous amber eyes glinted with something I couldn't understand.It let out a growl like the one I had heard from the zoo.Oh no!Please don't hurt me! I wanted to scream,but I knew he wouldn't understand me.I backed away a little.He caught it and let out a loud rawr.I ran,my heart racing as I heard the thundering of his feet gaining on me.His maine flowed like flames whisping behind him.

I noticed a familiar house.My house!I should be safe there.I thought hopefully as I raced through my front yard.The lion was so close behind me I could feel his hot,foul breathe down my neck.I opened the door as the lion leapt at me,I slammed the door shut hearing a loud thud just behind me.I let out a sigh of relief.I don't know what had come over me but oddly enough I opened the door again.The lion had dissapeared.Dinner that night was awkward.I couldn't stop thinking about that lion.Or that look in his eyes.What was that expression?Why did he pursue me?Alot of questions were running through my head.
After dinner I rinced my plate off and headed up stairs to my room.When I walked in,the door shut behind me.I whirled around and there it was again,the lion.I backed up into my wall.It just sat on the floor studying me.I looked back into its eyes and finally found what I had been searching for.It wasn't planning on eating me,it wasn't even going to hurt me.It wanted to take me away.I still didn't like that plan either so I gave it a hard stern glare."I would never go with you!"I screamed angrily.It looked shocked for a minute but then calm again.
The lion stood up and roared,as if in reply a single shiny light fell from my ceiling and landed on the floor.I looked at the lion with a confused look.The shiny light grew so bright I had to close my eyes.When I opened them I froze in fear.A huge swirling vortex was in the center of my room.I looked back at the lion's pretty amber eyes and it looked like the lion was taunting me,a smirk on its face as the vortex dragged me closer and closer.With one last desperate gasp I was sucked into the darkness never to see the light again.

The author's comments:
All of my writing is drams I once had.As you can tell this is more of a nightmare than a dream.Welcome to my mind...

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