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The Fountain of Youth

July 16, 2011
By boklenhle GOLD, North Platte, Nebraska
boklenhle GOLD, North Platte, Nebraska
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I’m sure you’ve heard of the fountain of youth. You’ve probably been told it was a myth, that it doesn’t exist. I’m here to tell you the true story of the fountain of youth. That it did exist.
We start our story in a dense, tropical forest. The air was thick and humid. You could hear the birds chirping, waterfalls, and rivers, all throughout the forest.
One day, a young couple, Martha and Albert Haley, were exploring the very dense part of this forest, the part that was described as “dangerous” and “no man shall ever return”. Albert was a young man, only in his early twenties; Martha, was just barely twenty. They were both very young, and stupid.
Albert had been in the lead, they we trying to map the area.
Soon, the sounds of the waterfall had faded into the distance, but a new sound had come to their attention.
Albert moved aside a fallen tree branch, stepping over a large root. After he’d moved the branch, it revealed a pond. But, nothing like any pond that anyone could possibly imagine.
The plants that grew around it seemed to glow, and sparkle with life. The pond itself was an unbelievable sea blue, it sparkled in the glow of the evening light. In the center of this pond, Albert and Martha could both see a water spurt; they watched as the water gracefully fell back down into the pond.
Albert and Martha both drank from this beautiful pond. The first taste of the water shocked them. It made their mouths water. It tasted so good you couldn’t possibly describe it here.
Then, not long after, Albert and Martha both moved on, they started to travel east, they made it about thirty minutes into their walk before they found a clearing. Here to, it seemed as if everything glowed with life. The grass seemed greener than ever, the trees, and plants more lively.
The young couple decided this was where they wanted to live out the rest of their days. Albert worked day and night, chopping wood, building their home. Soon, they had a beautiful home.
It wasn’t until about a hundred years later did they realize what they’d drank out of. They hadn’t aged a day. Neither of them had grown old or frail. They were about a 120 years old, and still as healthy as ever.
One day, Albert realized how dangerous the fountain really was. He spoke to his wife. He and Martha had agreed: It was far too dangerous to exist. He took his shovel, and he buried the whole fountain.
Now, Albert and Martha live still, in the little old house in the clearing. They live in hiding. Carrying the secret of the fountain of youth forever. They knew it was too dangerous for anyone person to know about.
So now, we come full circle. Now, I have told that the fountain of youth was never a figment of our imagination. It was real.

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