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Save Me

June 21, 2011
By silver SILVER, Fonda, New York
silver SILVER, Fonda, New York
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“Save me.” I whispered my hand trailing across his face as the pain worsened and my hand fell. There were tears streaming down his face and in his eyes I saw the wildness inside of him and I gasped.
“I’m sorry Melanie, I am so sorry I can’t do anything about this I am so sorry.” And he put his head in his hands. After a few minutes I screamed as my body arched with the pain and he looked up fast, the wildness burning in his eyes and I became lost in them. I didn’t even feel it when he grasped my hands I only screamed in agony and I never heard Craiha in my last few moments as a human. As soon as this pain disappears I would be just like my soul mate, a pure soul with silver majik twisted in every heart beat and every touch. My body arched faster, my time coming and I screamed louder, my screams becoming inhuman towards the end.
“It’s a male Alceris.” I heard Craiha say, my heartbeats slowing down now and the pain almost gone. “What shall your spawn be named?”
I felt Ace flinch. “He’s not my spawn Craiha, he’s my son. Spawn is what that moron is from hell.” He whispered.
“Sorry Alceris, his name?”
“Nicoalias Nethaway Floyd.” He whispered. “Why did I have to bring another into this hell?, Melanie doesn’t deserve this and neither does the baby.”
I heard him and I also heard the tears in his voice.
“Easy Ace easy shh it’s going to be okay easy.”
“Ace?” I whispered, it hurt to talk.
“Yeah Mel I’m here what do you need babe?”
“Our son, I want to see him.”
“Melanie you need to feed right now before I hand over your son.”
“It’s okay Mel just use your instincts, remember what I taught you, there is a feeding room three rooms down where you can feed, I can’t go in there with you, but you’ll be fine afterwards.”
Craiha helped me up and I wasn’t in any pain, just my throat was hurting, but I knew from Ace that it was my venom.
“Go on Missy, your son will be fine, see Ace has him.”
I nodded and ran to the feeding room, the call of blood not surprising me at all. When I got there I just locked the door and drowned myself in blood. Wow, I had never realized what true blood lust was up till now and it scared yet exhilarated me. I came back into my room after bleeding dry four bodies of animals and sighed when I saw my son in Ace’s arms. Ace looked up at me and smiled.
“Mel do you see what we’ve made?”
“Yeah, I see him, wow he’s gorgeous.”
He stood and walked over to me and I took my son, cradling him in my arms.
“Babe, you have something on your face.”
“What?” I looked up and he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me, licking my lips with his tongue.
“I couldn’t let that blood ruin your perfect face.” He murmured against my lips and the baby cried for the first time. With loving embrace we both held the baby and with our soft murmuring put Nick to sleep.

The author's comments:
This a work into the future of Ace's life with a family of his own right after he comes home from the Epic Battle between the Silver and Raskum, i can't wait to write more!

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