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Birth of Nightmares

June 6, 2011
By CrowOfRuination PLATINUM, Lawrence, Kansas
CrowOfRuination PLATINUM, Lawrence, Kansas
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The dark silhouette leaned against crumbling, rusting and peeling walls, remaining utterly lifeless. Ominous black marble eyes of black pitch gazed steadily upon the panting body of the large dinosauric creature laying in the far cell at the end of the room-which he had padded down with strange black and green runes. He watched as its chest heaved with ragged painful breaths, sucking in air-gasping for it as if it couldn't get enough. Wheezing with pain the creature groaned, piercing green and yellow eyes rolling this way and that without seeing. The swollen stomach bulged as if ready to burst at any moment, leaving the creature there to groan with pain. Pacing frantically before the cell was yet another creature similar to the one within the cell yet holding more muscle and being much larger in size and aggression. Its flesh rippled with anxious anticipation, awaiting the next critical minutes. The dark figure remained still as ever, ignoring the noises of lustful passions above as he watched the creatures below. A chilling aura filled the room, covering the entire lower levels of the tavern, even icing its way up the stairwell yet stopping at the last step. It frosted over everything, leaving nothing unscathed, nothing untouched. Black ice cracking its way over the already dying walls, over the ceiling, through the soil and dirt. It cracked through the stairs leading up to the tavern leaving it to be a treacherous walk up or down. All the moisture collecting together as it solidified into black crystal flakes of snow, falling from seemingly no where and from nothing to lay upon the floor, slowly building up inch by inch. Down in the dungeon; however, it clung to this dark being's flesh as if it were much cooler, much more chilling and freezing than the snow itself, than what the aura could provide. A small sigh then past those pale thin lips causing those powerful shoulders to rise and fall with grace that put angels to shame. It was almost time. As the screams above reached his ears, the silhouette pushed himself off the wall with ease, slowly drifting across the floor to stand beside Guardian as he paced on and on before the cell.

The author's comments:
Yet another little sample of a few of my favorite characters in a developing story. Though it would be nice to let everyone see a little something.

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