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Sinister wave the story

January 31, 2011
By Sinister-Von GOLD, Shawnee, Oklahoma
Sinister-Von GOLD, Shawnee, Oklahoma
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Sinister walks in wearing a green tank-top and black skinny jeans , she looks around as if she was looking for someone. She puts her hands in her back pockets she feels something rectangle she sighs as she pulls it out and looks at it . She reads “Camel light Cigarettes ” she looks at them and takes one out then and looks at it remembering what Cart her brother asked her not to smoke anymore she puts the cigarette back in the pack and slips it into her back pocket and looks around the room she then slowly leans against a wall arms crossed as she puts on a smile as a chuckle comes out.. Sinister Called a voice so pure so instant. Sinister the voice called again this time her body turned to face the large male. “Yes Min” she whisper's his name. “What the hell is up with you” he said in a worried tone. “Nothing” she mumbled back to him. Min takes her chin in his hands “Yes there is something wrong with you now please tell me” he would let go of her chin. Sinister sighs “Well....It's.......” Sinister Paused looking at the ground with her ice blue eye's. “Sinister how I am I suppose to help if you don't tell me what the hell is wrong with you” his golden eye's stared at her. Sinister would look up at Min “It is Hida I....I...Miss Him dearly” Sinister lets out a huge sigh. “I know you miss him Sinister ,But there was nothing we could do ..He is gone .” His eye's flickered to her ice blue eye's. “I KNOW OKAY STOP BRING IT UP ALL READY MIN” Sinister Yelled then looked down “Sorry” she mumbled.... Min nodded “It is fine dear” He put his hand on her shoulder. Sinister took his hand off of her shoulder still looking down moving away from him..”Where are you going?” He called to her “I need to be alone” she called back to him still walking. When she was way from him she sighed and looked at the sky “God why did you have t o take him away from me” she punched a tree near by her. “Dammit” She called out then she fell on her knee's with tears running down her face . “Sinister” Min called as he rushed to her getting on his knee's pulling Sinister into a hug. Sinister cry's into his shoulder's. “Shh” Sinister Looked up at Min. “He is in a better place Sinister I promise” he whispered in her ear “NO IT IS NOT MY HUSBAND HE IS DEAD AND I NEVER GOT TO TELL HIM SORRY FOR THAT DAY DON'T EVEN TRY TO SAY EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT WHEN IT IS NOT MIN” She yelled with more tears running down her face. Min rocked her in his arms. Sinister stopped crying and got up, so did Min. “Are you okay know” He looked at her. “Yea” She mumbled .. “Come on lets get you home...”His Golden eye's flickered to her face. “Yea..Home” She whispered and started to walk back to the house . As they entered the house she walked to the stairs leading up she quickly went up them. As walked down a long hall way and opened a door. She stood there looking into the room she smiled a fake smile then entered the room closing the door behind her.. She walks and sit on a huge bed then falls back on it she close's her eye's only to fall asleep. Down stairs Min was in his room..sitting on his bed with his head between his knee's mumbling something under his breath...then he looks up. He look as if he has been crying . Then he clutches his heart as he hear a male talking to him in his head.... “Min pull yourself together if Sin see's you like this she will” the voice trails off....”Dammit Hida I know what she will do stop reminding me already” he yelled but with a whisper in his voice. “Sorry it is that I love Sin with all my heart I don't want to see her hurt” the male called Hida said. “then why did you die and put me her just to see her like this it pains me to even see her like this Hida” Min answered Hida. “I know but just keep pushing her tell her never stop and that I love her forever Min”Min nodded and rubbed his head.. then got up and walked to his door and opened it walking to the stairs and walking to Sin's room . He hesitated to knock not wanting to wake her if she was asleep. “Min” called a new voice a female's voice. Min turned around “Yes Sachaa”Sachaa smiled “what are you doing out side of Sinny's door?” She looked at him blankly .”Er.......Nothing “ he answered walking away from Sinister's door. Sachaa looked at him walking away then she followed “So what did you and Sinny do when you where gone?””Nothing”Min answered coldly. “Oh” She mouthed and walked off into a different room “Dad, ,Mom” She called into the room looking for her parents “Yes Sachaa”A male answered looking up from the newspaper “Dad I think Min is up to something and I don't like it” She mumbled.. “Sachaa Min is just....Watching over Sinny okay he means no harm” The male answered. “Cart don't try and change the subject” Said a sweet loving voice. “Bloss it is the truth dear he means no harm” Bloss smiled at her husband Cart then she winked at him with a smile chuckle that escaped her mouth then she walked out of the small room. “Sachaa , Min is a guess no need to be alarmed okay Dear” Cart gets up and messes up her hair and follows Bloss into the other room..Sachaa walks out of the small room back out to the stairs as she hears a knock at the door. She goes to open it.... “Oh Hello Steel” She whisper's . “Hey Sachaa just brought Miya back” He flashed a smile to her. “Oh well thanks” She half smiled back to him. Then he turned away and walked to his car... “Well come on Miya lets get in side and do something” Miya steps in side and then Sachha close's the door with a sigh... “Hey Kiddo's” called Sinister coming down the stairs “Hey Sinny” they both called . Sinister smiled at them both, then Miya ran up stars past Sin to her room. Sinister Chuckled. “So how are you Kiddo” Her ice blue eye's flickered to Sachaa “I am well I guess” Sachaa Sighed “Let me guess Steel you still have a thing for him....” “Er...yes” she answered plainly then looked away “Hmm” Sinister answered. “I don't wanna talk about it” she rushed past Sinister to go to Miya's room. Sinister Sighed and walked to Roxas room. She knocked on his door. “Come in “ he answered. Sinister walked in to the boy's room then raise a eyebrow at him “Hey mom” he smiled “Hey kiddo” she smiled back messing up his hair. “Hey! Don't mess up the hair” he said as he fixed it. Sinister set on his bed “So what are you up to day” “Nothing hanging with friends latter” he shrugged...
“Oh” she nodded. “So mom ….can I ask you something?” he turned his body to Sinister...”Yea Kiddo anything shoot” He nodded “okay Ventus” he whispered the name knowing his mother didn't like talking about him .”What about him” she asked “Well have you found him yet I mean he is my twin so he can not be that hard to find right” Sinister Sighed “No I have not found him yet Kiddo I am still looking you know Sarah she could be anywhere with him by now..” Roxas Nodded and then sighed “i wonder what he is like” “Same here Kiddo same here well Roxas I am going to go and talk to your sister Violent okay” Sinister stands up and opens her arms to her son . Roxas jumps up and hugs her “Okay Mom” then Sinister walked out of his room. And walked down the hall and knocked on the door. “Come in” said Violent .Sinister walked in “Hey Kiddo” she smiled “Hey Mom”she smiled back. “So what are you doing” she looks at her daughter that she had adopted. “Nothing Coloring a pretty picture of Daddy wanna see it” Sinister smiled “Yes I would love to” knowing that her daughter would draw out of the lines because she was only 5 years old she showed Sin the picture of a small Cat.”That is so pretty Baby girl” Sinister nodded and huggled her daughter “MOMMY!” she giggled as she was huggled.. Sin Kissed her forehead. Then A male entered the room he cleared his throat when he seen Sinister... Daddy look at what I drawled” Violent smiled “Oh look at this it is so pretty”he kissed her forehead “So Sin how are you”His brown eye's flicked to her “I am okay Pat” she answered “That is good to know” he nodded not smiling the way they used to smile like when they where married...She got up and left the room then she bumped into Cart “Hey Sis” he smiled . “Hey” she smiled back. “what is up?” “Nothing just thinking a lot about things” his eye's flickered to her face “what kin.....” Sinister cut him off “I have to go don't wanna be late” she rushed out the door all Cart did was watch her leave......Sinister walked to Min's room and knocked on the door Min opened it..”Yes” he answered as he let her in. “You know what”he nodded then closed the door and sat on his bed Sin sat next to him. Min held out his hands and she took them..her eye's closed.. when she opened them there he was Hida her love.....”Hi love” He smiles.... “Hi” she smiles as she raps her arms around his neck......”I missed you” His green eye's looked at her “I have missed you to” She touches his cheek.......she knew this was just a dream in her mind the past you can call it she remembered the first time she went back and time to see her was not pleasant but she would not traded it for nothing... she really didn't like this she wanted her husband back but he was died killed and she missed him....knowing Min was the last person connected to Hida …. this was the only way to see him and it was not everyday that she got to see him every once in a while and it was not for every long either maybe 10-15 minutes at the most. So she had to make it last while she had him.......”Sinister” he said trying to get her attention “Hmm sorry what”she blinked “your in and out what is wrong” he looked her in the eye's.. “Nothing just Roxas is so big now he is 16 years old and he looks just like you” He chuckled “I bet I wish I was there to see him” Sinister nodded then she closed her eye's then she was back in Min's room she let go off Min's hands with a sigh.... “How did it go” he asked “Okay” she whispered back.......He nodded then she left his room think about Hida and how she wishes he was here with her right now so that she can have her family back , she her son Ventus was here with her and that Roxas had his real father and well her daughter was adopted but she loved her so much … she walked to her room and opened it and them shut the door behind her . Sin walk to her bed and laid down and slowly closed her eye's and fell asleep

The author's comments:
I wrote this because everyone has the what if moment.

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