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Field of Fear

December 17, 2010
By ForsakenThirteen BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
ForsakenThirteen BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
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I raised my head after what seemed to take ages and stared at her dead body. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Natasha, dead, yet a few minutes ago she was talking to me on the phone. Her last words rang in my mind: “I love you”.Thoughts of anger, fear, hopelessness filled my head. I would kill whoever did this, I was scared I would die, there’s no hope…Tears showed themselves in my eyes and rolled down my face.
“C’mon, we gotta go”, Leslie said,” They’ll be here any minute and you see what happened to her”.
I didn’t want to leave her side, even if she was dead. But the troops would come and kill me too.
“At least bury her or something”,I said,my voice breaking,”she deserves that”
“We’re on the seventh floor of a steel building, unless you want us to die, you would hurry and do your thing”
Your thing, she called it. I had a power, and a good one at that, not just “a thing”. I thought about fire, fire, fire. But it was so cold, all power of fire-making had been drained out of me.
“‘Kay,let’s just go”, I said, firmly this time. I was too proud to tell her the power wasn’t working now, and I didn’t even want to incinerate my friend. If I was going to have any memory of her, might as well be a pretty one.
“Take us out”, I said. I held Leslie’s hand and jumped out to somewhere. I was always jealous of her power. She wasn’t a freak.She could teleport, but she didn’t pose a threat to the government. She could return and pretend nothing was wrong. She wouldn’t be killed. And yet… she chose to stay with me, marking her as a rebel. If she were ever caught, she’d be killed for helping me escape.
Why me?, I thought, Why us. Why did we have to become an abomination. Why did we have to get powers? I just wanted to be a normal kid, but there was no going back now. The race for survival was on.

“Where are we?”, I asked as I opened my eyes, the sensation of a “jump” was not a good one.
“Somewhere”, she said
I looked around and saw nothing but grass, bushes, and grass.

” How do you not know where we are?”, I asked with just a hint of anger in my voice
“I’m sorry, but I’m not a master with my powers yet”, she shot back at me

I could see the sun setting, and I could feel myself getting sleepy.

“Okay, it’s getting dark. So I will stay up guarding”

“Being a gentleman now?”

“Just go sleep”

“Yeah but what about your energy?”

“It doesn’t matter, there are animals around here”, that was true. But was it enought to feed a mutant? We didn’t need to eat their blood, or kill them, we shared their energy. We were friendly, unlike those who destroyed half the world looking for gold.


It was excruciating staying awake. At about 12:00, I gave up. I woke up the next morning, to find Leslie talking to another person.

“What the..?”, I babbled

“Yeah great job protecting us”

“I’d like to watch you try, who’s this ?”


I examined her: 6 feet, pale (apparently we were all pale), dark blue eyes, and dyed red hair.

“What’s your pow…”, I asked, but she interfered

“Mind reader”, she said

I sighed, how many other powers could there possibly be? There were firebenders, invisibles, teleporters, and now mind readers?
We sat down and enjoyed the morning sun. It was nothing like back in the city. It was better, you had no skyscrapers blocking your view, no smoke, and no SWAT teams shooting for your head.

“Do you remember anything of your past life.?’,she asked, this caught me off guard and she could sense it. I didn’t remember anything about what life was like before my thirteenth birthday”Nope, not even my name”, I answered, of course she already knew this.

“And when you woke up, what did you think?”, she asked. I hadn’t thought much to be hones

“I woke up in what I think was my room.First off, I thought ‘where am I?’ Then, I saw alll these people coming up at me. Leslie somehow appeared and jumped us out.”, I said, to be honest I had never asked Leslie where she came from or why she just happened to be at the right place to save me. Everytime we ever got near that subject she shot me a look that meant “Don’t even talk about that”. And that was exactly what she was doing right then.

“Your parents, do you remember anything about them?”, she asked. Leslie continued to give me the look.

“No, how about you?”, I asked.

“My parents beat me near death, I was lucky to be saved by another one of us, a teleporter,” she stopped and half-giggled, “I expect they’re still trying to find their way back”. With that the conversation came to an end. Leslie swung her head around just as a bullet whizzed past us.

This didn’t make any sense. How could they have found us? We didn’t have to yell, we already knew what to do. We grabbed Leslie’s hand and prepared to jump. Right then, she fell back as a spout of blood came out of her chest. She was unconcious, that was easy to see. But I would not let her die, not if I could help it. I looked around for any sign of a sharpshooter. I spotted him, hiding in some bushes about 100 yards away from us. I concentrated all my mind power in fire. I didn’t have to move a fainger. Within seconds, the bushes caught on fire. Just as I started to think he was dead, I saw him run. There was no use in running, he was too slow. I caught up to him, and in an act of rage, I put him into a choke hold.

I let him go and then got a chance to see him better, he was one of them, alright. He had the uniform, the protection, everything.

“Why would you shoot her!?”, I yelled, “She’s the only person on Earth I have left!”

At this he laughed,”She’s not a person and neither are you”

That did it, it wasn’t as horrible as I thought it would be, killing a person, I set him on fire. I watched him burn and yell, and beg for mercy, but it was too late. He was

The author's comments:
I realize that a lot of you can do better than this, but I write for myself. Even so I hope you enjoy this. This is just the beginning though, so watch for more

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