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Apollo and Artemis

November 15, 2010
By popcoolcat89 BRONZE, Flower Mound, Texas
popcoolcat89 BRONZE, Flower Mound, Texas
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On a clear night in the woods you would expect every thing to be quiet and peaceful, but for Artemis, it was nothing even close. Apollo and Artemis had been fighting since sun down.
”The sun is WAY more important than the moon.”
“No, the moon is more important than the sun,” Artemis argued.
“No, the sun is more important.”
”Without the moon, all the animals and plants would die!” Artemis screamed at Apollo.
“Not true, with out the sun the plants would not be able to create there own food, and without the sun the earth would sit incomplete darkness.”
“Without the moon we would not have high and low tides which would affect the fish in the sea,” Artemis said and walked away.
Apollo watched as his sister leave, her dark blue dress swaying back and forth as she walked. He was furious at her so he killed all the plants and animals by burning them with the sun turning them to ash.

When Artemis went out with her hunt she noticed that it was too quiet, the crickets weren’t chirping, the owl wasn’t hooting, and the wolves weren’t howling. Why was it so quiet? Artemis thought to herself. She looked all around her, the trees were black as night. She touched the rough wood and the tree crumbled under her finger tips. She gasped. She walked over to the river, which was all dried and cracked, and noticed a pile of ash. She picked some of it up; there was a strange scent that came from it. Then she recognized it, a skunk. Who would burn a skunk? She looked around there were piles of ashes everywhere, around trees, on both sides of the river. Apollo, she thought, he must have done this to these poor animals and to us. We need to hunt, the humans need them too. It’s wrong to punish all those people by starving them. She looked around in astonishment at what Apollo had done.

“APOLLO!!” She screamed. There was a ghostly chuckle.
“Yes Artemis,” Apollo said smiling evilly dressed in his usual white robe.

“What have you done to all the animals?!”
“I simply gave you what you deserved. Now you get to watch all the humans suffer.” Apollo said amused.

“What can I do to make the animals come back?” Artemis asked.

“Well,” he said thinking, “you can apologize.”

“I’m so very sorry Apollo,” Artemis said in a flat, bored tone. Apollo glared at his sister.

“And mean it.” Artemis looked him in the eyes

“Apollo, I’m really sorry.”

“Thank you.” Apollo said smiling again, sweetly this time, and gave her a hug showing that he forgave her. So then Apollo recreated all the animals and Artemis went back to the hunt. TheEnd.

The author's comments:
my L.A. teacher told us to write a myth and this is what i came up with.

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