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Atlantian Adventure part 5

October 8, 2010
By julyox20 SILVER, Huntley, Illinois
julyox20 SILVER, Huntley, Illinois
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"Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe. "

The reason for Atlantis sinking was the bubble. The glass must have been to heavy for the land it was built on. So the weight pushed the whole thing down.

It was thick enough to survive all this time underwater, but too thick above it. If you get rid of the glass then the city will rise back up.

"Tyra! The way to save Atlantis is to break the glass. That's the only problem they ever had." I exclaimed making her drop her bag.

"What are you talking about you nut job. That would kill them," Tyra shouted at me picking up her bag and searching for the pouch of extra breathers."

"There's not time to explain but we've got to back. Take a breather first this might take a while," I rushed grabbing a breather for myself.

Tyra was looking at me dubiously, but she obeyed and stuck a breather in her mouth.

I ran back down the stairs as my breather kicked into action, not even flinching this time, and not looking back to check that Tyra was following me. I ran through the city pushing my way past screaming Atlantians until I found Victoria in the street looking panicked and scared.

"Follow my lead. I know how to help Atlantis, but we'll need all the breathers in the city and something big and strong like hammers" I shouted above the cries.

She looked at me and said quietly, "There's some in the shed over there. I try to keep a lot on hand just in case, and every house keeps a sledgehammer."

"Good" I said turning to race toward the shed. I thrust open the door, running in. I pulled out bag after bag of breathers, piling them into Tyra's and Victoria's arms. I grabbed a few bags myself and the two sledgehammers in the corner and ran back out. I turned back to Tyra and Victoria, "I need you to hand out as many of these as you can. Give them to everybody you see and tell them to give them to other people too, just make sure every Atlantian gets one, no matter what. After you've given them all out, I need you to help me break the glass around the city."

"What!" Tyra and Victoria shouted at me.

"The glass is what made the city sink. It was too heavy, so it dragged the whole place to down. If we break the glass before it fills then the whole city should rise up." I explained exasperated.

"Well what if it doesn't rise up. You're smart Jeanette, but you've been wrong before. What if the city doesn't rise up and we're all stuck down here." Tyra asked

"I know I've been wrong before, but even if the city doesn't rise then, at least everyone will rise up from the air in the breathers, and that will still save them." I said nearly shouting now.

"OK! There's no need to yell, we'll do your idea. It certainly can't make anything worse." Tyra shouted back.

We ran out of the shed splitting our separate ways. We wove through the crowd, yelling things like, "You need a breather," "We know how to save the people," "This city can't stay underwater, you need a breather to rise," and " Get out your sledgehammers, the glass has to fall." By the looks on the people's faces they didn't believe us one bit but when you're desperate, you'll try anything, so they raced toward us and took the breathers shoving them in their mouths. The adults helped the little kids figure out how to use them and soon enough everyone had big pink bubbles covering their heads.

I ran to the center of the crowd and gave a loud, sharp whistle silencing the people. "We need to break the glass. We need to break the glass and push it past the boundaries of the city, once we do the whole city will rise up, because the ground of the never completely combined with the ground of the ocean. I know this sounds crazy, but there are no other ideas, so you've just got to trust me." I shouted to reach all the people if the crowd. The crowd roared into an uprising, shouting objections towards me.

Victoria raced to the center of the crowd and shouted out, " She's right, you've got to her believe her. This is our only chance." Hearing this from Victoria, who was an Atlantian and who they knew, caused the people to believe my idea more because I saw a few of them start to nudge their neighbors and point towards the glass.

"Now please believe me and let's all do this now, go to the wall and on my count of three, hit." I directed. This time almost everyone listened to me, and the ones that didn't moved towards the glass once they saw everyone else doing so.

There was a circle around the city everyone along the wall read y to smash. A mixture of grim determination, fright, and nervousness on every face. I counted, "One. Two. THREE!" and every hammer attacked the wall, shattering it into a billion little pieces. Every person pushed the glass and shoved it past the deep indent that had appeared where the glass had been.

As soon as all the glass had cleared off the city rose up just as I had expected. It shot up off the sea floor right from the indent and flew straight through the water. People were clinging to one another, as the force of the city shooting up nearly knocked us all over the boundaries, stranding us in the ocean. My scream of exhilaration and terror mixed with everyone eles's as we rocketed up to the surface. We reached the surface and shot straight out of the water into the air. The city slapped back down on top of the water, spraying the beach and the resort with the top layer of the ocean and bobbing up and down as it regained its balance and stilled.

I sat up and saw the spray had doused my class, all the vacationers, and what looked like a team of cops that were all standing on the beach, looking out at the city-which I imagine from their point of view seemed to have appeared out of thin air-with awestruck faces. I sat up and laughed, I couldn't help myself. I saw Tyra standing up in the Atlantians who were just now righting themselves, shaking out of their shock. I ran toward her and saw as I got closer that she was laughing too.

"We did it!" I exclaimed, "We actually did it!"

"No, you did it!" she yelled back at me grinning

"Well I wouldn't have been able to do it unless you made me go down with you." I grinned back.

Victoria rushed up behind us and squeezed both of us into a hug. "Thank you!" she shouted, "Thank you so much for saving my family and my home."

"No problem." Tyra and I said in unison, "We had a blast doing it."

We all smiled at each other, laughing at the amazing thing we had done. Who would have thought that I would have actually accomplished anything with Tyra Trunelli, none the less saved an entire city and all its people from certain death.

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