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Jonathan the Bird-Man Part 3

September 21, 2010
By SilentSerenity BRONZE, Brookfield, Ohio
SilentSerenity BRONZE, Brookfield, Ohio
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The doctor looked at him incredulously, not believing a single word the boy had said so far, he was insane, that’s all there is to it he thought.

“Nurse would you please go get me David’s file?” he asked the nurse just outside of the room through a walkie-talkie.

The nurse came back about 20 minutes later, holding a rather thick file folder.

“Here you are doctor.” She said and quickly walked out of the room, as if she was scared of the crazy boy on the other side of the room.

“Now you have my file, you can verify everything I’ve said so Far.” said David too calmly.

“What the……… it’s true, you were telling the truth. But how is it you’ve been dead for the last twelve years and still be here to speak with me today?” asked the doctor, shocked.

David got angry, “You actually think if I knew that, id still be in this god-forsaken place! I’ve been wasting away in this d**n psych ward for twelve years, and its all because of Jonathan!”

David went white. “You’ve got to leave, NOW!” He screamed at the doctor.

“But David, this interview isn’t over yet.” The doctor said, wondering about the sudden panic in David’s voice. “David, what is the……….”

The doctor never got to finish his sentence, the wall with the windows in it exploded, sending bits of padded material, insulation, and 4x4 everywhere. The doctor was thrown across the room and slammed against the cast iron door, smashing it open. The doctor lay across the hall, blood trickling down the side of his face, dead.

David had survived the attack, but only because he had thrown himself under the 400lb. steel bed that was bolted to the floor with 20in. steel bolts. David leapt up and saw him, the huge hawk, morphing back into a boy with long, greasy brown hair, the long face and sneering grey eyes.

“Hello Jonathan.” David said staring into Jonathans eyes with such defiance that Jonathan looked surprised.

“You don’t have to be so rude David, do you know how long it took me to find you?” he said, not revealing any emotion. “Now that you’re fully matured i've come to release you from that mortal body of yours.”

“Mortal body? What are you talking about Jonathan? Im human!” David yelled.
“Your about as human as I am!” Jonathan yelled back, a cold fury in his eyes.

He reached into his pocket and retrieved a small coin, small, solid gold, with no inscriptions on it whatsoever.

“Here, catch.” He said as he threw the small gold coin at David.

David, instinctively, caught the coin in his right hand. It was cold, and being warmed by his hands. But instead of reaching the temperature of the palms of his hands, the coin kept getting hotter. David tried to drop it. But it had suction cupped itself onto his hand! The coin kept getting hotter and hotter, and was soon well over 200 degrees.

David clutched his hand and screamed. Not in terror, not in pain, but in fury. Jonathan had ruined his life and didn’t care.

Through all the pain, David managed to lift one leg off the floor and plant it firmly on the white tile floor, then the other. The heat was subsiding now, slowly lessening until, he couldn’t feel it anymore, suddenly he was moving faster than ever, running at Jonathan at full speed, he wasn’t moving fast enough on 2 feet so he started running on both feet and his hands, moving with such speed and balance that he imagined himself as a Siberian Tiger. The blur of the white pelt with Black stripes, pouncing down on Jonathan, the miniscule Hawk, trying to escape from his giant white paw.

David let out a feral scream that would’ve sent whole armies fleeing for their lives. But he didn’t scream, he roared. David stopped, and looked himself over. He had a pure white pelt, with pitch black stripes down his back that gave the illusion that he had been scratched and bled black. He also had a tail, which gave him his better balance, instead of hands, he had huge paws.

He had turned into a giant animal, just like Jonathan.

The coin Jonathan had thrown him lay between his front paws. It had been changed, instead of being smooth, blank, the coin now had the picture of A Siberian Tiger on it. On the opposite side sat David’s face.

“Well, that’s certainly different!” said Jonathan in a happy little tone “Never seen anyone turn into a Tiger before! Well, First time for everything I guess! Now, if you don’t mind, Im going to leave the hole in the wall open, so you can escape. We don’t want you in the zoo now do we? You know where to find me when you want answers. Tata David, my feline friend!” Said Jonathan as he morphed back into the hawk, and flew out of the hole in the wall.

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Good job Damon :)