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Neon Hearts: Chapter One, Letters to The Past

September 16, 2010
By IansLover GOLD, Otisco, Indiana
IansLover GOLD, Otisco, Indiana
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Dear People of the Past,

Hello, my name is Rahli Jenn Dahlia. Yes, I know it is probably a strange name for your time. What do I mean by that? Well as strange as it may seem, I’m writing to you from the future. It’s year 2115 here. I’m guessing in your time they didn’t have PenScreens. So that’s why I wrote this with ink pen and paper. It’s illegal to write with ink and paper now. Yeah. You people of the past are probably thinking, “HA! This Rahli Jenn chick is a total nut! Ink and paper illegal!? That’s simply absurd!” Well as absurd as it may sound I could be thrown in Solitary Confinement til I’m 130 by the Global Tech goons if anyone finds out I’m doing this. Luckily a buddy of mine works with security in the CGT building in downtown Deams. Oh, and CGT stands for Central Global Tech. There’s a warper somewhere stashed in the basement of that building. And in case you don’t know what a Warper is, it’s a machine that warps through time and space. There’s only two of these do-dads in the world. It was built by Pallin Jay Deams, one of the world’s most so called “incredible” inventors. He was planning on sending back the future’s most high tech weapons and war drones so the world would be protected from outside forces, but declined the idea because the world hadn’t made peace with itself yet. You see, in the future, Pallin Jay Deams’s great, great grandfather, Jared Jay Deams was a president that made the biggest change in the history of the universe. He created a global everything. Countries, states, and provinces were obliterated. Not literally of course, but the Earth was no longer divided. He created the global language, global army, and the grand daddy of it all, Global Tech, which is basically what runs the Earth. If that wasn’t enough he also made it illegal to use anything that harmed the environment. Now, the Deams family are all about inventing. Jared Jay Deams invented the hover craft, a new material that replaced plastic called Dense Metalloid, and hundreds of new drone programs. He invented a ton of other things too but I don’t pay much attention in the education pods. The teaching drones all sound the same which really bores the heck out of me. Anyway, Jared Jay Deams saved the world from global warming, but there is a much worse threat to Earth. Around the year 2068 a race of aliens on a huge starship were discovered. Now when I say aliens, I don’t mean green martins with big bug eyes and three fingers and totally ridiculous metallic jumpsuits. No I mean these aliens are just like us. They are human…. In a way at least. These humans could live without air and could stay underwater forever if they wanted to. They have animal speed and stamina, and a better sense of smell, eyesight, and everything. Not fair if you ask me. Well now of course good old Jared Jay wished to make peace with the aliens. So of course the aliens eventually beamed down to Earth and went to Jared Jay Deams. There were three of them, and following were two weird dog-like creatures. The three looked like human men, around seventeen to twenty five although they appeared human, from afar, if you looked close enough, you could see they didn’t look human at all. The boys were simply just too….. Beautiful. They each had flawless smooth skin, all the exact same shade. Their hair was styled to perfection. Their biceps and every other inch of their body was perfectly shaped. Curvy and muscular. But the one thing about the magnificent creatures were their eyes. They each had small pupils, and surrounding their pupils, where the iris should be, looked like blue, shattered glass, that moved and changed pattern with their heartbeat. There were strange wolf creatures at their side, But it was hard to pay attention to the strange beasts for long. The three men were just too beautiful. Simply mesmerizing. Their pets, or whatever those dog-things were that were following were magnificent too. Their fur was thick and shaggy and the color of a hail storm. Their hind legs looked too long for their body. They were folded up when they walked. Each of the beasts had four toes and suspending from their toes were four black, razor claws. They’re jaws hung open. Their red tongues hung over a row of blinding white fangs. Their narrowed eyes had the same shattered glass look as the boys did, but instead of having a calming blue tint, they had blood red glass. Their ears stood high on their heads in points. Their bushy tails dragged the floor behind them. The middle boy had nodded in greeting to Jared Jay Deams and said, “Tu. Arch yen tye su nu. Yep gress tye Marr?” Jared Jay just smiled nervously and replied quietly, “Excuse me?” The middle boy rolled his eyes and pulled out a small machine. It scanned Jared in a red beam of light. Up and down twice. There was a brief pause and the middle boy looked back up and spoke again, “Apologizing for misunderstanding, great leader of E-arth. I am Rothion, leader of planet Exavior that has long ago perished. We have traveled for many millenniums on starship, searching for sustainable new home. We wish to inhabit the planet you call Marzzz. Is the planet in belonging to E-arthian humanoids?” Jared paused, “Uhm. No. No it is not.” Rothion nodded again. “So it is acceptable of your leadership that we inhabit the planet as our new home?” Jared Jay nodded and after a lot of talk and government stuff, Rothion, the other two boys, and the beasts went up to mars to “inhabit it”. Everything was just fine for years and years. Soon, Exavior people began beaming down to live on Earth as well. Everything was just fine until Pallin Jay Deams came along. He believed the Exavior people were a threat to Earth, what with their amazing abilities and such strange beasts. Soon, he began inventing various weapons and closed up all the beaming pods that lead to Exavior. Earth and Exavior became secluded from each other and soon Pallin Jay Deams turned the people of Earth against Exavior. “They are going to take us out if we are not prepared!” He had once said in the Deams central plaza, “The people of Exavior know they are stronger than us! If we don’t act now they will take Earth just as they have taken Mars!” Now not everyone followed along with Deams’s little shenanigan. Take me as an example. I thought it was madness. My best friend, Tox was from Exavior. But the majority of the Earth had jumped into a riled up mob of followers. And so Deams began inventing like crazy, but the one thing he was concerned about the most, was the beasts that the Exavior people were so close to. Since Pallin Jay Deams had become president, he had banned the beaming of beasts to Earth. He said they were the number one threat to Earth life. Tox told me once that the beasts were once Earth animals. The old Exavior had wolves, cats, fish and birds too, but when a global toxic leak had spread worldwide, it transformed all living things. That was why the people of Exavior were so special. “The toxins turned us all into Bioweapons and gave us our abilities.” Tox had told me “It didn’t affect humans as bad as it did animals, because animals didn’t have the cure.” The cure didn’t heal them completely, but prevented them from turning into mutants. Exavior’s ozone was torn to pieces less than a year after the toxic spill. But besides the fact the people of Exavior didn’t need air to live, their world was destroyed because of the toxins, and so they had to leave. Very few Earth humans know that secret. Pallin Jay Deams is one of the ones who didn’t, and it was eating him up that we didn’t have the same amazing beasts as Exavior did, so he improvised and did what he did best. Started inventing. He worked and worked at trying to make up a formula of some sort that would turn animals into mutants. Finally…. He did it. I remember. It was all over the ScreenFeeds. A mutant dog with razor claws and spikes on its back. It looked like something that crawled out of the underworld. Every time you’d turn on the ScreenFeed it popped up in your face. Its hungry red eyes staring at you. “Pallin Jay Deams does it again! Creates Earth’s first mutant! Deams, what do you plan on calling your new invention?” The reporters shouted. “They’re called…. Deam-ons!” Pallin replied. Loud and proud. It may be fine and dandy to everyone else, but I have a horrible feeling about this! Please, people of the past. Whoever reads this, do something about it! Stop Deams from creating Deam-ons! You have to believe me. Do it for the fate of the world.


Rahli Jenn Dahlia

The author's comments:
I wrote this last summer. I really like futuristic stories. Hope you do too! Rate it! Comment it! If you like it look for the other chapters too!

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