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the immortals

May 3, 2010
By myemoboyromance PLATINUM, Olivehurst, California
myemoboyromance PLATINUM, Olivehurst, California
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Zaithe awoke to find himself in a bed he didn’t recognize to be his. His eyes searched the room that was brightly lit by the sun light that poured in through the open windows and a wooden door that appeared to open up onto a patio. The room was big and the walls were pure white making the room appear brighter than it really was. Zaithe stood to his feet only to crumble to the floor “where am I? He asked himself dazed by his lack of strength. He rubbed his forehead as he felt a wave of pain erupt through his skull causing the room to blur and him to feel dizzy after a while everything became still again. “What is wrong with me? What happened last … he stopped in mid thought as the memories of last night flooded his mind with a picture too detailed to forget but the only thing that was unclear was why was he feeling like this? Suddenly he felt a sharp pain on his right side. He lifted up his shirt to find a cut approximately 5 inches across but it had healed thanks to the fact he was half god. Then his thoughts wandered to Stephan and how he had remembered that Stephan had carried him away from the alverex but he had not been conscious to see what became of Stephan and suddenly he felt worry flood his mind. “Stephan?! He cried. Nothing. He began to panic. “Stephan!? Then he felt a gentle breeze “yes? Zaithe turned and gasped as he saw Stephan who had now entered the room and was now leaning up against the door that led out to the patio naked and unashamed but he was an immortal and all immortals were beautiful so why should he be? Zaithe found himself staring at Stephan’s fully exposed body, he turned away embarrassed but Stephan seemed not to care as always. “Why are you naked? Zaithe asked Stephan although he knew the answer. He could smell the fresh salt water droplets upon his body and the faint smell of sea weed in his blonde hair. “I went for a swim, I figured you would be sleeping a lot longer but I still forget what we are.” Zaithe could hear the remorse in Stephan’s voice when he said this and zaithe couldn’t help but feel bad. “What happened last night? He asked trying to distract Stephan from the cold and cruel emotions that awaited him on the previous subject. “You were stabbed in the side by one of the alverex. I came as soon as I felt your pain… I finished off the last one and fled with you in arms when I heard fire sirens approaching, it must’ve been the mortals we saved.” There was a silence before zaithe let out a sigh “so this is what the alverex poison does to a half breed? Stephan shrugged his shoulders unsure
“well the poison would kill a mortal so I guess it makes sense that it paralyzes and puts you to sleep leaving you weak when you wake up but I wouldn’t know because I tend to be careful as you always tell me to be.” Zaithe laughed at this only to regret it when he felt the sharp pains on his side, Stephan rushed to his side still naked. “Oh I’m sorry here let me help you.” Stephan scooped zaithe up before he could protest and set him on the bed staring at zaithe with concern, when zaithe noticed he rolled his eyes “go put some clothes on! Stephan smiled causing zaithe to smile as Stephan sped off to another unknown room in the house. Zaithe fell back and stared up at the ceiling as he listened to everything around him. The crashing of the ocean waves, the seagulls cries and then Stephan’s heart slow and steady. The rhythm hypnotic and soothing. He listened to its melodic pounding as he closed his eyes as he listened in awe; it was a symphony that played a different song everyday, every moment. Every breath. Zaithe opened his eyes at the sound of Stephan’s approach. Stephan walked in; he was wearing a black fancy dress shirt and dark blue denim jeans along with a pair of shades “wow. You clean up good.” Zaithe joked. “Thanks I knew you’d like it.” He laughed.

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on May. 26 2010 at 12:27 am
myemoboyromance PLATINUM, Olivehurst, California
20 articles 0 photos 7 comments
haha thanks but i totally just put this on here on accident long story lol this is actually more into the story there alot more i just update my friends on it and i was at school tryin to save it on here for later and actually sent it to teen ink, oops lol thanks though im glad u liked it.

Angelic_Rose said...
on May. 25 2010 at 2:28 pm
Angelic_Rose, Cottonwood, California
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"What's meant to be, will find its way".

haha, great story; i couldn't help but laugh when he asked if he were naked lol great job