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A Blood Promise Part 3

May 11, 2010
By Lovestonedloser GOLD, Orlando, Florida
Lovestonedloser GOLD, Orlando, Florida
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Whoa whoa. So lets recap my last 24 hours shall we?. My best friend and I cut our palms to promise to be with one another always, today I meet him at school and by some freak of an accident I can read his thoughts. And now my scum of an ex boyfriends calls me? This just is just my luck.

“Hey.” I replied trying to sound enthusiastic about his call. But in reality I wanted to hang up on him. Caleb was the first and only guy I’ve ever fallen for and I thought he fell for me too. But when I caught him in his bed with one of the school plastics. I knew I thought wrong. “ I miss you, how have you been?.”

I blabbed to him about recent events, blocking out the mind reading thing and the blood ritual thing, and also cutting out the details of the four months I spent wallowing in self pity after he cheated on me, I don’t think that would be a happy topic in this walk down memory lane.

“Wow. So you are still friends with that Christian dude?.” Christian and Caleb never got along. Even when we were still dating I always had to hold a truce somehow. It was always hard because I often felt like I had to pick among my best friend and my at the time boyfriend. In the end Christian proved he was the one who was faithful to me.
“ Of course.” I wanted to tell him Christian was more of a man then he was, that he was a better man then he was, but I already had so much to handle that I just couldn’t do it.

“We’re as close as can be.”.

“Well I look forward to seeing you….and him again.” his words dripped with sarcasm as he talked about Christian. I knew he was only faking to try to impress me.
“Wait. You live out of the county now don’t you?.” After he cheated on me, Caleb’s family moved up east and out of the county. I have no the slightest clue why but it helped the healing process.

“Yeah but I moved back into town over the weekend. I will be returning to school tomorrow.”.
I felt as if another piece of my world broke off. Not only would I have to deal with the fact that I could read my best friends thoughts. But now I had to deal with a slimy ex boyfriend as well?

“That.” I tried to find the words for it ‘is horrible, sucks, is the world playing a cruel trick on me’ I sighed.
“That is great Caleb, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.” and with that I made an excuse of being exhausted and we said our goodbyes.
First things first I rose from the floor and walked into my kitchen to get something to eat. As I waited for the ramen to cook I picked my cell phone back up and pressed the contact. It only rang twice and his voice filled my ear.
“Hey Ava.”

“Christian we have a problem.” Christian was used to me calling him to vent, we have been best friends sense elementary school and he used to beat kids up for taking my milk or animal crackers. “What’s wrong?.”

“Caleb Anderson is returning to school tomorrow.”

“What?!.” his voice was not only alarmed. But hateful as well.
I knew he would react this way to the news. The only this Christian hated more then Caleb was….well actually I don’t think there is anything Christian hates more then Caleb.
“Yeah he called me a few minutes ago, he moved back into town over the weekend.”
I heard Christian growl. A weird habit we both had when we were angry
“How can that jerk come back here after what he did to you.” his voice was colder then the artic waters. I could only imagine what tomorrow would be like.

“Chris.” I started off keeping my voice incredibly soft “Please don’t do anything stupid…for me?.”
He sighed and I felt a victory in my future, Christian may hate Caleb with a burning passion but he would never purposely upset me.
“Fine.” he grumbled like a little kid being denied a toy “I’ll do it for you, but I swear Ava if he messes with your heart….I’ll kill him.” I flinched, I did not like when Christian talked so icy, he didn’t feel like my best friend, the loveable blue eyed kid who always lightened my mood.

“Behave.” I mumbled into the microphone piece as I prepared my ramen and settled down on the couch “I don’t want any trouble Chris.”. he said a few more threats that I would not repeat around small children and then hung up to shower.
I set down my phone and started to eat my ramen before it became cold. I dreaded going to sleep tonight. Not because I would have nightmares but because the coming day seemed like a murderess thing.

I will have to act like I Do not hear Christian’s thoughts tomorrow, even though I know it will be hard. And to top it off, I know 90 percent of those thoughts will be profanity against Caleb. Who will probably be settling back in with the Jocks who will chant and belch at his return.

I look outside my living room window at the moon. It stood out against the dark sky and seemed to glimmer inside my window. I set my ramen down on the coffee table and stared long and hard at it. My best friend had a dream about me last night, and somehow I can read his mind. I looked down at my wounded hand and smiled slightly. But he is mine forever, he has proved himself a loyal friend above all the rest. And an old flame is returning to my high school. Oh yes. Tomorrow will be quite interesting.

The author's comments:
Be sure to read Part 1 and 2 before reading this. Thank you.

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Erudite GOLD said...
on Jul. 16 2010 at 2:19 am
Erudite GOLD, Rawalpindi, Other
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CONTINUE PLEASE! idk why so many people have ignored this but i loved it, and i still love it! please just keep on writing, i mean ive read most of your articles and they all are AWESOME! please continue!!!

LastChapter said...
on Jul. 14 2010 at 12:15 am
LastChapter, Hempstead, New York
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(couldn't think of anything better at the time) "Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."-Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.

Just what do you think you are doing? You can not stop now! You have to continue with this story!

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