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The View from a Cage

May 2, 2010
By Kasperitus BRONZE, Ottawa, Other
Kasperitus BRONZE, Ottawa, Other
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David awoke in a large, steel coffin, or at least something very similar. His hands, legs and torso were bound by metal restraints, which severely restricted his movement. A narrow slit allowed him to see the room on the outside of the box, or at least what David thought was a room. Straining his neck, he brought his head closer to the view hole to get a better idea of what lay outside of his metal prison. From what he could see, he was in a rather small, circular room. Most of the room was composed of metal, but David could make out the beginnings of a glass wall. Another thing David noticed that shocked him was that there were no lights in the room; all of the light was natural.

David’s view was suddenly cut off as a Collective Administrator descended in front of the prison, the colorless light from it’s center eye filling the dark space.

“Welcome back into consciousness, David”, the monotone voice of the alien robot echoed throughout the prison. “It is time to begin your interrogation. I calculated that you would be much more submissive if I show you that which you would never see again, if you do not answer truthfully”

The Administrator moved out of the way as the metal prison turned to face the glass portion of the room. The glass wall was not truly a wall. In fact, it was more of a window, specifically a window to the rest of the world. David could see the comforting blue of the sky, the ocean around the Leviathan swaying and clouds floating calmly by on the wind. He even saw a few birds flying in the distance, wary of the Collective’s fortress and rightfully so; the Collective were kidnapping hundreds living creatures from all around the globe, humans included, to be stored in the fortress. Not only that, but legions of Collective drones were melting the icecaps, burning forests, killing off hundreds of species that they had deemed ”categorized” and, on top of it all, were slowly bringing humanity to it’s knees. After all the destruction that the Collective had caused and was still causing, it was relieving, sanity-restoring, to see the beauty of nature.

This view lasted only for a few moments though, and then a sheet of metal slammed down, covering the window, shutting out the last sight David might ever see of the outside world.

The author's comments:
An excerpt from a story that I've been working on.

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aer4000 said...
on Nov. 15 2011 at 8:32 pm
Nice start to a good story, I hope the author posts another chapter to this story....