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The Statue

March 31, 2010
By seven_stones GOLD, Atlantis, Massachusetts
seven_stones GOLD, Atlantis, Massachusetts
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Emily sat on her bed. She knew it was past midnight but she couldn't fall asleep, it was as if something had grappled onto her and was pulling her from the pit of her stomach. So she rose from her bed and ran outside and into the woods. The woods were full of moonlight, the cracked bark pf the trees like silver henna, the clouds like a filmy cataract on her eye. Suddenly the wind changed direction, inflating the linen of her nightgown, the stars and moon seemed to rearrange in the night sky. Emily saw a glow through the slats of the trees, casting shadows towards her like gnarled fingers. She ran towards it and seemed to be pulled towards it like a magnet. Abruptly her feet formed mind's of their own, flinging her at the speed of a galloping stag towards the glow, she felt like a toy boat being rushed along by a powerful stream. It was hard to breath as if the wind was knocked out of her, she began frightened and tried to stop but she could not. Suddenly her feet stopped so quickly that they thrust her forward onto the soil and she crumpled to the ground. She stood up slowly and her eyes flung open. In front of her was a statue at least twelve feet tall. It was a moan made of black marble so black that it shimmered purple in the moonlight. The statute at first glance looked like a beautiful goddess but on second look there seemed something wrong and disturbing about it. As if the proportions were slightly of or there was something very wrong. The most frightening thing however was the face that the statue had not face. It simply had a blank and flat expanse ware the features should go.
Emily knew she must get home but she felt a strange reluctance to go. It was as if some greater power hung over her. However Emily tore herself away and ran home. As she ran she looked like a ghost running through the woods, her wild hair glowing with starlight. She reached her house and slept. She dreamed that night of the faceless statue. The statue was calling her sweetly. It stood against a ruby red sky, it's black robes lifted by the wind. It whispered her name over and over. When Emily awoke her parents noticed a change in her. Since her meeting with the statue she seemed floaty and disconnected. Her eyes were glazed like new moons, she was strangely calm and serene. All Emily could think about was the statue and going back to see it again. Emily's mother sent her to go get water, hoping fresh air would clear her head. Emily grabbed a painted alabaster vase and skipped out of the house. She followed the trail made of gold dust which led to the well. Swaying fragrant flowers bloomed from the ground. Jasmine, lily of the valley, marigolds and white roses were clustered together, shuddering in the wind. She dipped the vase into the cool pool of water which was drizzled immediately with spiderweb-thin
silver ripples. The blades of grass around it were dewy wet and shiny, so reflective that the ground was the color of the sun. She withdrew the vase once pillowy iridescent bubbles ceased to gush from it. The larks sang a syrupy sweet song but Underneath it Emily heard a faint strangled voice. "Emily...Emily" It called. Emily dropped the vase, letting the alabaster shatter into chips like a dagger sharp snow around her feet. She didn't even notice. She sprinted into the woods even as the light began to dim and the darkness and silver fog grew thick like a damp wool sweater around her. Soon she saw the light. This time she refused to be scared and ran right towards it feeling exhilarated. Her feet stopped and she was thrown in front of the statue once again. The statue looked even taller. The only difference of the faceless statue was the fact that it held in it's hands a giant mirror in a sculpted brass frame. The glass was cracked harsh down the middle. Emily could see her reflection. She saw herself; her big blue-green eyes that looked like ice, her milk white skin, her plaited nut brown hair, her embroidered linen frock, the white and purple daisy chains she had braided into her hair and flushed cheeks. She admired herself in the mirror, complimenting herself on the neatness of her hair and the raspberry redness of her heart shaped mouth all drawn out like a bow. The statue whispered, a raspy note that carried heavy on the wind, that sounded like dead leaves being blown along the forest ground. "What a pretty face you have Emily." the faceless statue giggled as if it was a little child. "Pretty pretty face." It sang. Emily smiled a twisted grin she was not even aware of."Tilt your face up to me Emily. So that I may see your pretty pretty face more clearly Emily. Such a pretty pretty face." The statue whispered. Emily titled her head up to the statue's absence of face. She felt an odd sensation, as if something was pulling at her face."Emily pretty pretty Emily...." the voice trailed of. The pulling sensation grew stronger. "Just a little longer Emily pretty pretty Emily such a pretty pretty face..." The pulling sensation grew so strong that Emily screamed out in pain. It was as if something had grabbed onto the skin of her face and was yanking with all their might. Emily clawed at her face with her hands but it did no good. She tried to look away from the statue and untilt her head but she could not. It was as if her eyes were fixed on steal strings. Emily kept screaming and screaming and the statue kept whispering. "pretty pretty pretty pretty face pretty pretty pretty Emily pretty pretty pretty pretty girl what a pretty little girl pretty pretty pretty..." Suddenly Emily felt could no longer hear herself scream. She reach up to feel her mouth but felt nothing. Her nose.Nothing. Her eyes.Nothing.She had no face. She looked up at the statue. The once faceless statue now had a face. It looked odd, the same distorted goddess body with the plump face of a child with icy eyes and daisy chains in her hair. Her face.

The author's comments:
from 8th grade for a horror short story contest.... I WON!!!!

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on Apr. 12 2010 at 6:25 pm
seven_stones GOLD, Atlantis, Massachusetts
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gawd... nobody read this! accidentally posted my little sisters English project here!!! dnt worry.... this trash is not mine!!!!!!!!!!! does anybody know how to delete?