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Spiders 2

February 19, 2010
By theEMOrequiem GOLD, Aurora, Colorado
theEMOrequiem GOLD, Aurora, Colorado
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"JASMINE!" Someone screamed in my ear. I yelled getting up and hitting Edgar's head with my own.
"Ow!" We both said simultaneously.
"The plane is about to land!" He yelled excitedly. Still holding his head.
I waited tapping my foot with inhuman pace. There was still hope. I remembered when I ran out of that apartment building and heard a girl with her friends. "Guys." She said sounding just about to cry. "I don't think there's gonna be lip gloss in the next world."
I would've laughed at that comment. But her voice was just filled with no hope and sadness. A tear an down my face.
No hope.
But there was a chance. One last chance. "C'mon! LAND ALREADY!!!!!" I said through my teeth. I got up as I saw something that looked like a landing platform. I looked around for where they put the bomb. I pushed the call button.
The stewart came out of the curtains. "Where'd they put the bomb???" I asked.
"They have in it the luggage unit." She replied.
"Where is it?!"
"I'm sorry but it's only accessible from outside the plane-"
"LAND already!" I yelled looking to the window.
"Jasmine calm down. We're going to make it don't worry." Edgar said
getting up and holding my shoulders.
"Edgar?" I asked my voice a little softer. "Do I look normal to you? It's five a clock in the morning, and I'm yelling at a plane-!"
"Calm down, calm down. It's gonna be okay."
"Where are we?" I asked the stewart turning my head.
"We are landing in the middle of the Pacific Ocean."
"We're landing on a boat?" Edgar asked letting go of my shoulders and walking over to his sleeping friends.
"Yes...to my knowledge."
I stopped my panicking mind. Oh my freaking god! We were going to
meet the Secretary of Defense!
"Yes." I said to myself sitting down.
The stewart seemed to recognize my excitement and she smiled walking
back down the hallway into the curtains.
"Edgar!" I yelled at him as he was waking up Danny. He hit his head on the low hanging lugage unit.
"Ow! What?" He asked standing and rubbing his head. There was gonna
be a bump there soon.
"What do you think will happen when this is all over?" I asked sounding passionate.
"Um...I don't know...I'll get a real Job as manager of McDonald's and you'll be the manager of the Burger King next to it!" He smiled.
I smiled big without my teeth and said; "Awww!" And I hugged him.
There was a swooshing sound and the plane started to tip. I fell
backwards down hallway and Edgar fell on me.
I rubbed my head then
acknowledged him on me.
"Er...Hi?" I said feeling stupid.
He got up quickly not facing me and blushed. I did the same.
I looked ahead and heard some giggling. "That's awesome dude." I heard the stewart say. I heard a hi five and she looked out the curtains as she asked; "Do you think they're kissing yet?" My mouth gaped open and she looked panicked when she saw me. "Hi." she said then went back into the curtains. She did this?
The plane tipped again and Edgar fell on me again. But I made sure we didn't kiss. Was the pilot trying to do that again?
I quickly got up and looked out the window as the plane landed. We were actually landing on a boat. Holy crap, this was exciting. what were we gonna do with the bomb?
I walked toward the exit of the door waiting to get off. When I got off the plane-which seemed like forever-I was running to the storage unit and trying to
yank it open. I had gotten off the plane when it was still moving-slowly-so that made it a little hard since I partially had to jog. Edgar jumped out the door and
helped me yank the storage door open.
I looked for the bomb. It was right there in front of us. I felt insignificant at
the moment. The bomb seemed so big that I couldn't do anything. Regardless I
started pulling at it's corners trying to get it out. C' mon! C'mon! I thought. Crap! I
knew I should've taken those weight lifting classes.
Edgar started to help me take it out. When the stupid thing was almost halfway out, I heard a voice. "You must be Jasmine and Edgar."
Startled I dropped my side of the bomb and turned around. Edgar complained falling to the floor.
I turned back around to help him again. I felt so stupid! I dropped the bomb and it could've exploded. I helped him get his hands out from under it and
set it-ever so gently-on the floor. Which made me shakier. Because of the fact that it
was a bomb. I'm not sure if it was a timer for other bombs or just one big giant dynamite or something that'll cause more damage. I turned back around and
Edgar was still facing the bomb scratching his head deciding what to do.
I pushed him and he stumbled seeing the man in front of us. I didn't know who he was, I've never never seen him before. He was wearing green and was bald-One
thing I might have expected. Because you just watch too many movies to think otherwise.
He was wearing a lot of pins and patches-another one. And he was
wearing tennis shoes. One thing i didn't expect. Because when you think about Secretary Of Defense you just have to assume they're rich enough to afford nicer
shoes-I don't know, Italian, Swiss?
"I understand that you guys have found a bomb?" He asked.
"Yes sir." Edgar said politely.
If he couldn't do anything about the bomb then I wasn't going to be
"Can you do anything about the bomb? Cause if you can't, we need to go I can't waist my time." I say
"Jasmine!" Edgar warned in a whisper.
"What?" I asked in a whisper too. "If he can't do anything about the bomb there's no reason to be polite."
The guy cleared his throat. "I beg to differ." he said turning around.
I looked behind me and guys in the same suits picked up the bomb. Edgar's friends jumped out of the plane and followed us as we followed the bomb.
There was no way I was going to let that thing out of my sight.
We walked into a huge dome. How big was this boat?
The guys carried the bomb to the center of the room that was on a stage.
The ceiling was tall and sort of transparent to the now blue sky. It set a dim light in the room that seemed bright and lovely.
"Ah." The guy said in recognition. "I've encounter something like this before."
"Do you know what to do?" I asked.
"Of course I do." He said. He kicked the bomb and I flinched away afraid it was going to explode.
When nothing happened I turned back around and the bomb was broken.
There was a little electricity going off at the hole he had broken in the bomb. Was it over?
"Why didn't we do that?" I asked.
"The bomb isn't touch sensitive. It doesn't go off. It's only time activated."
"How did you know that?" Edgar asked.
"I was in Antarctica once-"
"Why were you in Antarctica?" I interrupted.
"-and I stumbled upon it." He continued. "It was huge and it was on an iceberg close to the ice. It fell and broke into pieces. There was some sort of substance in there that was highly reactive and explosive. I tested it in a lab and
it blew almost half of the California border. People thought that it was a quake but I made it out safely."
"So there's nothing else to worry about?" I asked.
"Yes." Relief flooded through me. Happiness, it was the best feeling
anyone could have.
I squealed and hugged Edgar. He picked me up and spun me around. I pulled away from him and closed my eyes.
Pure happiness when his lips touched mine.
Everyone was cheering loudly enough to break an eardrum. Edgar, our friends and I were standing on a stage. And red and blue confetti was falling from I don't know where.
"These medals are for being brave," The Secretary of Defense said as he passed each one of us and put the medals around are necks. When he put Edgar's
on him, he stumbled a little bit. We all bent back up and looked at him.
I was the only girl. "Adventurous, and willing. Knowing that our world wasn't in danger,
following on your first instinct, we congratulate you for saving our planet from the culprit's who wanted to take over it. And even if it goes without saying,
thank you." Everyone cheered louder.
More confetti fell from the roof I couldn't see and I hugged Edgar. And kissed him. Everything was right again. Everything was normal again.
And everyone was radiating with hope.


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Spiders Part 2....

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