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The Blood Tie (another little tidbit)!

November 29, 2009
By KaynjaynKay BRONZE, Lillington, North Carolina
KaynjaynKay BRONZE, Lillington, North Carolina
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The beginning of another year and I’ve almost completely forgotten the smell that changed my life so many years ago. After teaching a multi language class for tourist tromping through Europe, I met a man who offered me a job teaching foreign studies, to college students, in California. Of course, I turned him down, until I ran into a sight that was much too much for me to handle. I had been around tourists all day, and normally would have been ok, had it not been for the tinge of blood that filled the hot and stuffy room. One of the Americans had fallen previously on a hike and was bandaged poorly. The smell of the blood made my throat ache as if it were closing up. The heat intensified the odor until the desire of the blood was so tempting, I had to lean over to the window for some fresh air. I was more than pleased when I noticed that the class was ending and that I only had one group left. I said good-bye while holding my breath and prepared to meet the next group when I smelled her. But how? It couldn’t be! Not here. I quickly moved past the first comers to the smell that created so much pain. I had to see this for myself. And then I saw her. Lucinda, filing in to the building and traipsing her way toward my class. He was with her. My anger waxed so hot that I had to remind myself of where I was and the danger that presented. Like a miracle, the gentlemen who offered me the job, bumped into me from behind. Before he could rattle out an acceptable apology, I accepted his offer, escaped through the back door with him following gratefully after me, and have been teaching here for the past two years. Oh yeah, Here is the University of California in Los Angeles. Its not been as hectic as I previously suspected. The work is plenty and the hours are long. Very little time to think of the horrors that plague the hollows of my mind. After a very long day, I found myself fighting off the suspicion that something dire was about to happen. One more class and the day would be over . I decided to run by the office and pick up my mail for today. Probably filled with more teaching offers. They’ve been pouring in since I came to this busy land. Nothing like the confines of the convents in France or the quiet found in the serenity of the fields of England. When I arrived outside the office, the feeling of some sort of unforeseen danger overtook my senses again. I delve into the minds of those whom I passed to see if there was something that I was missing. No one seemed to feel what I was sensing. A few girls longed to have more attention than I was willing to give them and that caught me off guard. “Childish Girls” I found myself mumbling aloud. It had been so long since I even desired to want to use this gift that it surprised me to know that humans thought that way especially toward me. Before I realized I had even entered the building I was standing in the office. My throat stung like I had swallowed a beehive. It felt heavy and my teeth began to react to a smell much worse than anything I had ever… stronger than Lucinda and the woman from the field. I tried to hold my breath to no avail. She was there staring…before I could think her thoughts had bombarded my mind. Filled with desire, I don’t even think that she understood, her mind was filled with descriptions of me and passion that was
indescribable. She spoke and I knew that at that moment, I had to have her…to touch her…to taste her. She broke my gaze and turned. This was my only out and I took it. As fast as I could run, lightening speed, without the threat of anyone noticing I fled.
In less than a minute I was miles away from the college and trying to make sense of what just happened. The smell, was like the older lady, but a million times worse. But how could this be? It was the same smell. I would recognize that bouquet anywhere. I worked so hard to erase that aroma from my very presence. And two generations later, another woman with the same God forsaken smell. I could run, but even now, there is this pulling. Almost as if, it is my destiny. My mouth fell open in horror at the sheer reminder of the words that the beautiful lady spoke so long ago. “It is our destiny”. I must go back. She is probably already gone anyway. I gave myself a few more minutes of fresh air and satisfied my thirst with a fox that stepped out into the clearing, and I went back to work. After all, I had been run from every place that I have called home for the past century and a half and I was not going to run any more. Even if I have to kill this girl to have peace. Arriving late but, somewhat satisfied, I walked quickly into the classroom. Writing my name intently across the board, I couldn’t believe how strong that smell of hers was on campus. Had the smell lingered in my clothes. And then as if some epiphany hit me. No! She can’t be. I turned slowly around and watched as my worse nightmare was flaunted teasingly under my nose. There she sat in my class. It felt as if she was right within arms reach, even though she sat perfectly still in the back of the room. The top of the row. And now, comes the thoughts. She’s surprised to see me. Her heart is racing, I can hear it as if it was my own. She’s not breathing. She’s just staring. She looks like she’s going to faint. And there she goes. Should I go to her? Should I run? She has to pass me to get out of the classroom. Can I handle this without killing her? I froze, only to be brought back to reality by a very strong young man who carried her still body straight towards me. Oh no. I tried to remember one of the prayers that the priest at the monastery prayed, and I tried to back away but the faces of sixty five students riddled with shock, gave me the jolt I needed. Holding my breath, I instructed the young man who had now, slung her casually over his shoulder as if she were a bag of rice, to take her to the parking lot to get some fresh air. I followed behind him to make sure that she was alright. Why me? Of all the schools in all the world. Why did she have to be here? Her skin looked almost satin in the moonlight. Her face was like the statue of Aphrodite, goddess of love. It was perfect. With blonde hair that she had lightly pinned up so that a few strands lay softly on the back and sides of her neck. Her neck, which was long and inviting. White like milk and I could see her pulse flowing finally coming to a steady pace as she began to stir. Quickly I removed myself from that picture and went back inside. Hopefully the embarrassment of today, would be enough to remove her from my class. If not… I would have to remove her myself.

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this is only a little bit, I have almost 100 sheets finished so far! :-)

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