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The Oracle

December 17, 2008
By Anonymous

Dante was just like any other human adventurer in his coastal hometown of Blikat. To him exploration of the world’s mystics was the only real life to live. There was nothing he enjoyed more than battling the creatures of the world. Always at his side was his mighty sword that was given to him by his father before leaving passing away. He commemorated each of his expeditions with a tattoo. On his forehead was a demon seal for when he fought the guardian of the spirit world Ktulu for the life of his long time dwarf friend Erfum after he had been slain in the battle of the giants ( which Dante never understood why included dwarves). Dante’s back pictured the mighty phoenix Flameweaver after it saved him from sure doom when attacked by a gang of bandit centaurs. In order to completely tattoo his body Dante would carry out any quest or legend ever spoken of.

On a regular Sunday night Dante went out to the Gladiator’s Tavern with his long time friend Beardo the high elf druid. As they sat at table drinking and talking they were greeting by a very cold chill in the room. The frosty presence they had sensed was the town warlock Kel’thizad and his irritating imp minion Dopy who. Upon entering with his lifeless bone body and ravaged robe, Kel’thizad spoke out loud of a horrible creature that was terrorizing the seas of Blikat with tidal waves as high as mountains. No one but Dante payed a bit of attention since they all thought Kel’thizad was just making up stories. Immediately Dante confronted Kel’thizad hungering for adventure. Beardo knew what was going on in Dante’s head so he promptly stayed at the table drinking his ale.

Dante informed the elderly warlock that he was interested in finding and defeating this monster of the sea. Kel’thizad realizing the expressions on the adventurers face gladly told of its whereabouts. “You must head 3 miles south of the bay with a ship, it is there that you will see the oracle” he said. “I must warn you though (cough), the fiend cannot be slain alone.” “That is no problem at all, for you see my dear friend Beardo will accompany me on this journey” said Dante. Overhearing this Beardo knew there was no way he could change Dante’s mind, so he valiantly followed him.
The two boarded a vessel borrowed by their long time friend, the ship master, and started rowing. They rowed and rowed for hours, but still did not see any sea monster. Beardo tried to convince Dante that maybe Kel’thizad was making up stories. Even so Dante was not about to give up. The sun was going to sleep and so was Dante. Beardo could not even think about sleep because he was too afraid of the thought of being killed by a fiend. After a few hours of fiddling to himself, Beardo saw in the sky a huge vortex that was not like anything he had seen before in his life. There were lightning strikes all around the vortex and ghastly winds created waves as high as the sky. Recognizing the waves from Kel’thizad’s story Beardo quickly awoke Dante.
At the sight of the vortex and giant waves Dante drew his blade to face anything that was to come. I humongous whirlpool appeared near the boat and from it arose a giant scaled beast. It had the eyes of a viper, the skin of a dragon, the body of fish, and the smell of a lavatory. The beast screamed roars of terror into the sky. Dante reacted fast and jump onto the creatures back. The Oracle tried to swipe him off, but just could not reach. As Dante climbed he noticed that his dear friend Beardo was covering in fear on board the ship. Dante called out to him and told him to distract the beast. Beardo did so and by making noises caught the monster’s attention. Realizing this was his chance Dante lunged at the Oracle’s head with his sword and struck it down. The Oracle let out a loud cry inducing of pain and slowly sank to the bottom of the sea. Beardo pulled Dante back aboard the ship and cheered in victory. The two paddled back to town to explain of their victory to the townspeople. When word spread of their heroic deed Dante and Beardo were forever praised in Blikat.

To Dante the true victory came from his new tattoo he got on his chest. It pictured a wave out in the middle of the sea. To Beardo the true victory was all the fame and riches he got in reward. Supposedly he had stretched the story to a point where he had fought the Oracle himself, but this did not matter to Dante. He new truly that he could not have done it with out his beloved friend.

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