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The Blood Tie

November 29, 2009
By KaynjaynKay BRONZE, Lillington, North Carolina
KaynjaynKay BRONZE, Lillington, North Carolina
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Martin Luther King, Jr.

I make no allowances for my behavior, after all it has been over a century since my last human encounter. And that day went incredibly wrong. I was weak and angry, for the very one that I loved and sought to protect from the life that I despised, was now the one that deplored the very sight of me. I was sure she was the one. She said that she loved me. And though there were secrets about me, about my life that she had not become privy to, I believed her words to be true. I wanted them to be. Now, I will never again believe those words. Maybe a part of her did love this shell of my former self or maybe it was just fear, but perfect love casts away fear, right? Her note to me was non descriptive at best. She simply wrote: Alex,
It’s Over! Please don’t come and find me. Lucinda

That’s why I ended up there that night anyway. I went to find her. Truly it must be of some others influence that she left. I had not disclosed any information about the vile monster that I was inside. It was easy to track her scent, I had never smelled another like her of their kind. But, I wasn’t prepared for what I found. The closer, I got to her, the stronger the smell. But It was different today, almost unbearable it was so intense. Her body temperature, was increased, and now, so close, I could hear her heart beating. It too was accelerated but, It was not alone. Another heartbeat, also accelerated. It took me only one leap, to reach the window, in which who’s picture I was not ready to accept. She was there, with him. Fury spread like wildfire in my cold corpse, and I would have allowed it to overtake me, had not the other emotion rose up so quickly. Viciously and without warning, I could have killed them both. Why? How? If I had blood, it would definitely be boiling. I watched. As she lay in his arms, fingers entwined in his hair, and maybe she sensed me, I don’t know, but she saw me, and as I looked upon that face, and into those eyes, I froze. She screamed and that was the last time, I lay eyes on her. The last emotion that I saw on her face, fear. At literally the speed of light, I ran. When I finally stopped, eyes still red with hatred, I was in a field. I could hear a cow, but the smell that bombarded my senses was not that of an animal. And then I saw it. There was a car parked on the side of the road. The hood was up, so I’m sure it was broken down, inside two heartbeats. My anger was immediately increased. It took all of two seconds to reach my destiny that night. I didn’t even take the time to crouch before I pounced. I reached into the drivers side window. I grabbed her, and this time, I had the strength to finish this. But this wasn’t her. Too angry to think straight, and to thirsty to care. Without thinking, I clutched violently at her, a fist fool of material that felt like silk. She screamed of course, at the sheer horror of the animal that stood before her, me. The terror on her face as I bared my teeth was immeasurable. She turned and at that moment, I saw her with him, again. The image would be forever seared in my thoughts. Him touching her. I was ready this time. No remorse for that which could never love me, never have compassion for me.

Then I saw it. The other heartbeat, a baby. Appalled and sickened by my own actions. I fled, again. This time, hidden. Away from society, hurt…and love.
Let me dispel some myths for you about our kind. We do not sleep in coffins, we do not sleep at all. We do not have to have human blood, … but we do have to have blood. We do not melt in the daylight like some carbon base acid, We live out our lives inexplicably amongst the very ones who fear us. Going to the same restaurants, the same schools, the
same parties. The only thing that betrays our lifestyle is our hunger. Sometimes controllable but for the most part, it is like placing a dog trained to attack cats in a room full of cats and expecting him not to bite. It’s pretty difficult. And last but not least, We do not go un aged. We age at an incredibly slow rate, unless by some odd chance that someone loves us. Heart and soul, accepting us completely for who we are. For us…love makes time stand still.

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on Jan. 6 2010 at 6:27 pm
whocldluvme SILVER, Lillington, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. (I Corinthians 13:4)
and may God teach us how to love (me, 2009)

Great Story, Can't wait to find out what happens next!