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Gingerbread Mans Revenge

May 23, 2023
By blackops2 BRONZE, Lake St. Louis, Missouri
blackops2 BRONZE, Lake St. Louis, Missouri
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Once upon a time there was a little old woman along with a little old man that lived in a cottage along the river. They were hungry so the little old woman made a big batch of gingerbread dough for the both of them. She then rolled it flat and cut the dough into squares for her husband and circles for herself. She made an equal amount of cookies and then she had some dough left over so she decided to knead it into the shape of a man. She gave him raisins for eyes, a cinnamon drop for a mouth, and chocolate chips for buttons, she then put the cookies in the oven to bake. The little old lady went to wash clothes while the cookies were baking and her mind drifted away while washing clothes. A good while went by and while she was hanging up clothes to dry she suddenly remembered the cookies in the oven so she hurries to go check on them. She opens up the oven to see a nice golden brown color on the cookies “ah, perfect!” As she’s pulling the cookie trays out of the oven the gingerbread man lifts himself up and runs away shouting “dont eat me!” The bewildered old lady chased after the gingerbread man yelling “stop!” The gingerbread man however, ran even faster chanting “Run, run as fast as you can. You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man” The gingerbread man ran into thick grass and the old lady couldn't find him so she went to go get her husband to help find him. While she was away the gingerbread man ran back into the house and into the kitchen where he found ingredients all over the counter and the oven still on. At that moment a thought went through his little head. A thought of destruction, anarchy, and world domination. He climbed up the counter to the big mixing bowl and all of the ingredients laid out but he didnt know how to make gingerbread. He thought “that old hag must have a recipe around here somewhere” and began opening drawers and cabinets until he found a drawer with a big red book in it. He lifts the book out with his puny little muscles and begins flipping the pages until he finds it “Traditional Gingerbread recipe”.

 Meanwhile, the old couple are searching in the tall grass for the gingerbread man when they both catch a whiff of something cooking. They run to the front door to get inside but the door won't open, there is something blocking the door. They both give up on trying to open the door and go to the kitchen window and they peer into an alarming sight! Hundreds of little gingerbread men are in the house and the original gingerbread man is busy making dough. The now frightened couple run out into their barn when the old man gets an idea. “Marge, there’s an army of gingerbread men in our house. They’ll try to kill us if we don't do something about it. I say we plow into the house with the tractor and light off some TNT to blow em to bits.” Marge reluctantly agrees “we have no other choice, we're gonna have to.” So the old man gathered up all of his TNT and fired up the tractor to take down the gingerbread army. With the tractor at full speed it only goes 8 MPH so it takes a little while to get to the house but when they got halfway there the front door to the house busts open and out comes the gingerbread army, marching down the porch in unison. Behind the gingerbread army out comes the original gingerbread man, he yells something while pointing to the old man on the tractor and the gingerbread minions take off full sprint towards him. He tries to drive the other way but is too slow and gets run down by the gingerbread minions. They knock him off of the tractor and pick him up and bring him to the gingerbread leader. The old man finds out that the minions have captured the old lady too and have her tied up. The gingerbread leader climbs to the roof of the house to make a speech about how humans want to kill everything that moves and how he will make an example out of these 2 old timers about what happens when you mess with gingerbread men. He declares “we will do to them what they did to all of our brothers and sisters, put them in the oven, shut the door on them and turn the temperature to---.” Out of nowhere a hawk swooped down and grabbed the gingerbread man off of the roof to bring to its babies to eat. With no leader to guide them, the minions scatter into the woods and that was the end of the gingerbread man.

The author's comments:

This is a fairy tale about the gingerbread man that has a fun twist

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