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wild west magical girl

May 16, 2023
By lesliegonzales1915 BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
lesliegonzales1915 BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
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Wild west magical girl

The strange man stood on a cliff with a tame  horse by his side overlooking a small one road town in the middle of the desert with buildings made of dirty old wood and rusted metal and what seemed to be haphazardly held together by…


“Auuggh just one day,one day! Can I have myself! Is that too much to ask” the girl asked rhetorically as she laid down on a empty booth letting her back fall against the worn red leather and her heart shaped hair puffs scrunch against the dirty wood wall  stretching as she took up as much space as she could with her body which wasn't hard with the pink sparkly tutu she had on. Looking up at the low hanging  gas lamps overhead debating whether or not she should take a nap.

taking in the environment around her. listening to the piano man play a little song on an old beat up piano that was probably as old or even older than her watching as men come in to take a break from building in the hot sun.

A young  man. No older than 18 or 20 at least though it was hard to tell with the black mask with a small rainbow embroidered flower in the right corner. covering the lower half of his face and messy sharp dark brown bangs framing  the rest of it, the leftover hair  was tied back in a small ponytail in the back of his head.  slowly walked through the swinging saloon door.looking around before firing a gun into the roof

Frances bolted up, hitting her head on the small glass container holding a baby flame inside.On instinct she summoned her star wand, leaped behind him and whacked him over the head he fell to the ground dropping his gun arms above his head. Frances stood over him pressing her weight onto his arm, wand drawn.

“Who are you!?”



The man just stared up at her saying nothing .

“You!”,she pointed to a man sitting on a barstool watching this whole mess “go get me some handcuffs” then she pointed at a women “ you go prepare a jail cell for this man,prepare some food too, i'll hold him until you come back”

“now you” she put all of her weight onto the foot keeping the man's arm in place charging up her wand aiming it at his face “i don't know who you think you are or why the hell your here but-” she glanced  up and aimed her wand to the crowd “why are you two still here GO!”  

Both the man and woman rushed out, nearly falling over the saloons swinging doors. It wasn't long before the man came back with handcuffs he handed them over to frances and she quickly had his arms behind his back and hands in cuffs. About an hour later the woman came back and told her that everything was ready.

Days went by and the stranger still said nothing frances took it upon herself to personally take care of the prisoner since he wouldn't say his name she decided on  giving him the amazing nickname of “shootymcshootface” anytime she would call him this he would just stare at her with a expression one could guess as “annoyed” it was hard to tell with his mask. he never took it off not even to eat.

“Shootymcshootface dinner time!” Frances chimed “it's your favorite, prison food!”  sliding  the metal tray through a small door between the bars. 

shootymcshootface looked up from his cot. his hair  now loose and shaggy  nearly touching the collar on the cream long sleeve button up tucked into brown pants held up by brown suspenders. He cautiously grabbed the tray and sat settled back into the cot placing the tray onto a small table to his side.

Frances took a chair from a nearby desk and sat in front of the cell preparing for another attempt to convince the stranger into talking

“You know they found a horse wandering the area around here. Do you know anything about that?”

His head jerked up then his expression changed worry and panic as if he couldn't believe he forgot about something important.

“Oh so you do know about that horse,don't worry it's in the stables with my unicorn. Her name is Lorelei. Is it yours?A friend's horse? Did you rent it? Does it have a name?”

Shootymcshootface  leaned against the wall looked up as if debating something then very softly and gently  spoke“...I rented him so he already had a name..but ive been calling him nugget” his voice sounded like a combination of horse and dry as if he wasn't drinking enough water. 

“That's a nice name”,she scooted a bit closer to the bars so she could properly hear him”where did you get him?”

He took a breath like he was about to say something but decided against it.frances tried asking him more questions but he  wouldn't answer. A bit disappointed but thinking to herself  progress is progress I guess .She walked to the front door and started to leave but before she did she turned around and said “i'll go make Sure nugget is ok” 

She saw the man standing in the corner facing the wall mask down and drinking water.it was nice to know that he was actually eating.

A week past before he spoke again during which she gave him updates about nugget’s condition 



“You asked me who I was,my names ace”, he paused before adding half laughing “sorry to disappoint that my name isn't shootymcshootface I was really starting to get annoyed about that”

“Well ace”  she said enhancing  his name to further annoy him which only earned her a very tired stare from inside the cell  “thank you for telling me your name but you didn't answer my other question why are you here”

He sighed out a long and shaky breath “i'm a bounty hunter “ he sat up in his cot to better explain”I came here because there was a bounty on a girl dressed in a tutu with a wand”

“Who put the bounty on me? Not many people come this far out in the dessert or even know about this town”

“I honestly don't know who did or why but i'll tell you that it was hard to find this place, had to talk to at least a dozen different people to find someone that somewhat believed that human life was out here and i'm not the only one who took the bounty on you”

Frances leaned her head back and began to fully process what ace said before finally responding 

“Thank you for telling me all this. But just because you answered all my questions means i'm just going to let you walk free you still shot a gun inside a public space and caused some property damage” she stood up and put her arm through the bars “here's what,i'll make you a deal you tell me everything you know about how you found this place and if there's any of your bounty hunter buddies coming for me and in exchange Ill yet you out of this cell but your not allowed to leave the city unless your with me, we got a deal?”


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