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Story Bird

May 1, 2019
By TaylorMendoza GOLD, Flower Mound, Texas
TaylorMendoza GOLD, Flower Mound, Texas
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In a dark and empty room, there is a beautiful wallpaper of birds. Everything is normal until you ee something moving on the wall. When you look closer, you see a small bird flapping his wings to get out of the wallpaper. He makes it out and is amazed by his surroundings. His wings flutter in excitement when he sees an open window. He will finally be free. He flies towards the window, but hits an invisible wall with a smack. When he peers out through the window, he sees a little girl and an older man sitting together on a rocking chair. They are peering down on him as the old man is talking. Suddenly, the old man grabs a paper and flips it over on top f the bird, trapping him in the dark. After what seemed like hours, light shone trough. The little girl was back, but this time without the old man. She brought two sharp silvery sticks stuck together towards him and cut a small hole in the window. He was scared to leave his small room beind, but the little girl urged him not to be scared and to come out. He cautiously left the safe haven and flew into the room with the rocking chair. She told him to go and be free, so that’s what he did. He flew towards a door that lead outside, but before he left he turned back towards the girl. He chirped at her in thanks and she smiled and waved good bye in resonse. She was putting a object bound with paper and pictures back on a shelf when he was flying out towards freedom. He angeled up for the bright blue sky and hoped to see the little girl again some day.

The author's comments:

Children will always find the magic.

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