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April 9, 2019
By CZ GOLD, Olympia, Washington
CZ GOLD, Olympia, Washington
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The epidemic was spreading leisurely, waiting for its victim to relax, and strike them in cruelest ways. They say it ignited in your lungs and reached your heart. It was said to be so deadly, that it could transform a strong, healthy body into a decaying corpse in days. The government had kept all knowledge of it behind a door of twenty locks, a steel door, and 25 boards. Grasping for knowledge was like waking a sleeping dragon. Gently poking it would not wake it, and poisoning the dragon from its origins would not wake it. Our dragon was the government. Our fraudulent, uncaring, and crooked source of evil. The government had a concealed, but an obvious plan of wiping the earth of all commoners and restarting a generation with what they called prestigious young people. No more sinners, no more mistakes. Some even said that the government may have been the source of the epidemic. The government shipped the infected away assuring us that they would save them. They said they would kill the virus and rid us of its grief. Fifteen years passed and nothing changed leaving the scarce number of survivors to form an organization called the KIRA. The  KIRA crowded into the homes of the missing transforming it inadequately into a small research center used to find a cure. Many of the KIRA used to be doctors and scientists and they contributed widely to the cause. The virus became known between the KIRA as AMMC. The Astophic Microbe Martyrdom Cardiac. AMMC distorted humanity into a grotesque, black, living hell. People went missing all the time. Groups of commoners were laying on the streets defeated and half dead. The only way to earn a couple of good bucks was to turn in a KIRA member to the government or turn in a infected person. Propaganda all over the streets posted “Join the KIRA and Join the dead.” KIRA members could be anywhere and nobody knew who or where they were. Only one man did not conceal his identity and his name was Dr. Beck. Dr. Beck was rumored to have found a cure and the government did not like that. The government was always one step behind and sometimes a fingertip away from the powerful man. Dr. Beck was the founder of KIRA and was a former English teacher. He was the most formidable KIRA member of them all. Beck became whispers of hope and optimism that maybe the tall tan man could change their lives. Wanted ads plastered the earth of the location of Dr.Beck offering ridiculously high awards. Dr. Beck was forced to hide in such places that even KIRA members did not know his whereabouts. So when Dr. Beck was seen on national television being brought into a courtroom by the police the world stopped in shock. His tangles beard looked messier than usual and his clothes were torn. He looked directly at the judge and said, “Join the Kira and Join the dead.” Government officials looked surprised and pleased that the man that had caused them so much trouble had finally admitted defeat. Beck turned to the camera. “ KIRA look in my office. There's something pretty interesting in there.” Government officials exploded into confusion and Beck disappeared in bright light.


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