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65 Million Years Ago

March 6, 2019
By Renehan BRONZE, Oman, Nova Scotia
Renehan BRONZE, Oman, Nova Scotia
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“I came to the river.”

65 Million Years Ago

Dr. Trotsky made crazy things like the rabbit detector machine. And a pencil eraser that can create fire through friction. The genius made it all himself. But one day, he made something, the craziest of all. And he wanted to show it, to his best friend Victor.

Trotsky woke him at 1 a.m. The madman never sleeps, so he has lost his sense of time to do the necessary daily things. Of his, and of course of others.

“I made the best thing in the world.”

“You have to wake me up like this again?”

Come to my house. Now!”

Victor entered and saw screws, buttons, and other sorts of mechanics, scattered everywhere.

“So, what is it this time Dr.?”

Trotsky pointed right. Victor’s eyes dilated. It was like a mirror filled with psychedelic colors, rotating clockwise. It looked like the flat, circular lollipop, zoomed in.

“What is that!”

A time travelling portal.”

“Have you tested it?”

“One time. It was the 1700’s. I saw Napoleon, looking all cocky on his horse. Bullets were aimlessly flying everywhere. At first, I was thrilled, that the portal worked. Seconds later, I learnt that my life was under threat.

“Can you control the time period?’’

“No. And isn't that mystery fun. Lets jump in.”

Victor hesitantly walked Now they were in a cubic room, with those same colors in all dimensions. Victor started feeling dizzy, as those colors were rotating twice as fast. He panned his vision everywhere. Then there was something like an earthquake.

“We gonna crash or something?”

“It's part of the process. Worry not,” said Trotsky.

A big flash happened before their eyes. And suddenly they were on grass, feeling the very harsh wind cutting through their faces. There were a ton of trees and bushes. A giant lake nearby. But Victor saw something, what he saw in the movie yesterday.

“This is the Jurassic Era, Trotsky.”

“That’s a T-Rex. We are in the Cretaceous period.”

“We can die soon, let’s go to a different time.”

“As you please.”

They turn back, the portal was not there, but a giant green body before them, with each leg a size of an elephant. They look up, and there was the dinosaur, whose neck was twice as long as of two Giraffes combined.

“That’s a Saltaurus,” said Trotsky.

That confirmed death,” said Victor, who looked at the Dr. with scared red eyes.

A loud roar broke their stare. They turn back and saw the T-Rex approaching them.

“Trotsky, Run! Don’t analyze that motherfu***r!”

They ran and hid in the bushes nearby, until the T-Rex got distracted and walked past.

“Let’s find shelter,” said Trotsky.

And then there was another loud noise. Not of any creature this time; it sounded thunderous.

“I think we are at the final stages of this period,” said Trotsky.

“What do you mean?”

“Meteorites. You know what I mean.” Trotsky was looking at the red sky, that got his face sweaty.

“You got us about to be dead with such ridiculous invention, Dr,” said Victor.

“We need to find shelter,” said Trotsky.

Without knowing any direction, the friends ran wherever there was a tree.

They both tripped due to the slippery grassl, and slid there way to a swamp.

“Is this a good place to hide?” asked Victor.’’


They got their balance, and struggled to walk in that sticky, dirty swamp.

“Trotsky, I feel something hard.”

“Might be a rock.”

Victor, looked down and saw tiny colors that greatly contrasted the black swamp.  A very curious person, he pulled out thing.


“Whoa, this is longer than I thought.”

He cleaned it up. He found his life.

“The swirling colors. I found the the portal!”

Trotsky showed a big smile, and set it up on the rock near them. But he saw something else before him.  

“Do you see that Victor,” said Trotsky.

“That Saltaurus is dead. I could see the blood flowing from its head. “

“Oh, I see it.”

Then a giant roar revived their concentration. They jumped in, and went through the same dizzy process, and landed back home.

“Trotsky, destroy it. Now!”

“You know what, I will invent a button that controls the time.”

Victor sighed and walked home, back to sleep. Trotsky picked up a screw.


The author's comments:

It is a sci-fi piece.

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