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The Tale of Lilly Shae

April 27, 2009
By ravenwing92 DIAMOND, Eastlake, Ohio
ravenwing92 DIAMOND, Eastlake, Ohio
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A group of teens gathered inside a gigantic tent of red with enthusiasm and curiosity in their eyes. They haven’t seen this tent before in their past years of going to the carnival.

They had found the tent just outside of the loud, noisy carnival. It was in the middle of a clearing where tall pines bordered the clearing. At first, they didn’t think it was part of the carnival, thinking that maybe it was some homeless people’s sleeping place until...they saw a glow flicker on inside the tent and a young lady, dressed in a red gypsy outfit, had come out of the tent greeting them to come in. So, they did and now, they listened intently on the young lady to hear what they came for…to hear a fictional tale…it was called the Tale of Lilly Shae.

The young lady began, “There was a girl named Lilly Shae. She was the age of eighteen and she lived in a large home that was themed in the Gothic style with the black color everywhere and Gothic statuettes in random places.”

“Well, one night, she had a party at her house while her parents were gone. Every teen, from her town to neighboring towns, was there. It was a great party with music of pop, hip-hop/rap, metal, and rock pumping in the air. Well, one time during the party, just around midnight…she caught the glimpse of somebody in the corner of her eye.”

“She turned around to find a male teen casually walking around the dance floor and talking to some girls. He was quite handsome from his brown hair to his dark-brown eyes and so, Lilly kept checking him out. The male must have noticed because he turned straight to look at her. He stared at her with his deep, dark eyes giving her thoughts that shouldn’t be thought of in a teen’s mind.”

“Then, she felt heat blast inside her and it spread all over her body. The male teen turned and began to walk, slowly, across the dance floor. Lilly’s free-will was gone as the heat inside her made her follow the male teen. Soon, they came to Lilly’s bedroom door. The male teen opened it and stared at her again; making Lilly fill with more heat. Lilly went in her bedroom as the male teen closed the door. She turned around, facing him.

The male teen spoke, “What’s your name?”

Lilly answered in a dazed, mono-tone, “Lilly Shae.”

The male teen said, “Nice to meet you, Lilly. My name is Eric and…well, you are very attractive. Mind if I kiss you?”

Lilly was now light-headed and dizzy like. It started when he spoke her name.”

“The heat inside Lilly made her nod in “yes”.”

“Eric came close to her and he touched her arm; making her shiver.

Lilly thought, “Eric. I want him. I must have him. Eric.”

Eric put his lips to her’s as Lilly was filled with unimaginable passionate heat. He pulled her to the bed and kissed her on the nose…then, to her lips, and last to her neck.”

“Lilly felt a twang of pain and a wet feeling on her neck but she ignored them both as she was filled with intense heat. Eric continued to kiss her neck…”

“The next day, Lilly’s mom reported Lilly missing. The police searched for Lilly for weeks, months. Then, the police stopped searching. Lilly was never to be found.”

One of the teens spoke to the young lady, “I suspect that Eric killed her since the party scene ends with him kissing Lilly on the neck.”

Another teen spoke from the group, “Wait a second. A twang of pain and a wet feeling on her neck. The wetness might have been blood and the twang of pain…was Eric…a vampire?”

The young lady smiled, “Maybe.”

Another teen spoke from the group, “Good thing, it is just a tale.”

The young lady spoke, “It might be a tale or it might be a true story.” The young lady smirked.

Another teen questioned with a bit of fear in her eyes, “What is your…name, miss?”

The young lady grinned, “You already know.”

All the teens went wide-eyed and stuttered, “You’re…You’re Lilly Shae.”

The young lady grinned again, “Yep.”

The teens were about to scream but the young lady had their eyes locked on hers. She hypnotized them to stay still as she went out of the tent and gave a signal for someone to come in.

A young man stepped inside the tent with a smile on his face and he kissed the young lady.

The young lady said sweetly, “Hello, Eric. I got some dinner for us.”

The young man stared at the teens.

“I see. Let’s begin.”

The two began the process. They reeled the teens in one by one, putting pleasure thoughts into their heads and making heat rise in their bodies. Then, they feasted upon the teens like a king and queen eating their annual dinner feast.

The young lady licked her lips as she kissed her lover, Eric. Then, Eric went back outside to wait for the next batch of food.

The young lady turned off her candle as she heard footsteps approaching.

Then, she turned the candle back on and went outside to the tent to greet whoever was there.

It was another group of teens; looking at her in curiosity and amazement.

The young lady grinned and said, “Hello. I am a member of the gypsies. I’ll tell you a tale of fiction if you like. It is a mighty good and delicious tale. Who’d you, all, like to hear it?”

The group of teens nodded enthusiastically.

The young lady opened the tent’s entrance.

“Come on in then.”

The teens gathered inside the tent with enthusiasm. When everybody was settled, the young lady began her tale, The Tale of Lilly Shae.

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