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My Dark Guardian Part 3

April 27, 2009
By CrowOfRuination PLATINUM, Lawrence, Kansas
CrowOfRuination PLATINUM, Lawrence, Kansas
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The sun was high in the sky, yet clouds covered it, blinding the light with muted dull colors. A thick fog lay over the land and through out the woods. Deep within these woods that surrounded the large castle there was a figure dressed all in grey. He stood silently. The simple grey jacket with grey jeans as pants. A grey undershirt was on him as well. His skin so pale it took on an ashy look to it. His hair was a silvery grey, not the grey in looks of old ages rather a look of grey you see in the steal of a blade. There was a glow about him. Growing slowly but it was there. He walked through these woods silently, not seeming to have a destination or any particular place to go. As he approached a small clearing ahead of him this man stopped dead in his tracks, those clear grey eyes of his watching the girl sitting by red and black roses, singing.
The girl twisted and turned in her sleep, the events of things going on in the past week rushing through her mind as she slept. To her or anyone else they would be nightmares, but to her in particular it was real. She woke with a gasp, holding her side tightly as she breathed slow shallow breaths, trying to calm herself. Her body was covered in a cold sweat and the sheets were soaked from it. Slowly she pulled the sheets and covers off her and stepped out of bed, still a bit unsteady. The girl walked over to a closet where she found a beautiful black dress. Taking it and a towel she found, the girl made her way to the bathroom in the next room. She took her time in the shower, letting the hot steaming water relax her nerves and muscles. The steam seemed to help her with breathing, letting her lungs relax as well. Turning the water off, she stepped out of the shower, wrapping the towel around her and drying her off. When looking at herself in the mirror with the dress on she felt a little foolish. She had rebandaged herself, her arms and hands wrapped up in white cloth as well as her chest and ribs. Her legs were also covered in white soft bandages. The black dress seemed to add a little to it. The dress was sleeveless, the silk clinging to her body, revealing the firm round breasts and round back area. The dress was long and slim, clinging to her legs and falling down to the ground. Her back was exposed, showing the bandages of course. She smiled a little into the mirror. Her hair was down, still dripping wet and hanging in strands around her face. Her eyes were dark, the color of them still undetectable. She slowly went back to her room, grabbing a cloak she wrapped it around her and stepped outside in the cool morning. She could see a fog coming in but ignored it, slowly making her way to what appeared to be a garden.

He stood there silently, watching as she picked a few roses, cradling them gently as her voice hummed a gentle lullaby. His head tilted ever so slightly to the left as he listened. This girl did not belong here…she looked to be too fragile, too breakable in a place like this. She had come from within the castle, he thought as he continued to watch her. Never in his life had he seen a more beautiful, desirable young woman. A mischievous smiles spread across his face before he took a step into the clearing, walking towards her silently. On hearing him the girl stopped singing and looked up at him a bit startled. He spoke in a gentle tone, “Greetings there. May I ask what a lovely lady such as yourself is doing out in a place like this?” he spread his arms out about the place as he asked her.

“Well…I am only out for a little fresh air.” He was surprised at how her voice sounded. Strong but shy and a bit weak. Her skin was so pale, he thought. But so beautiful. He could feel his lust and desire growing stronger just by her looks let alone by her words and the sound of her voice.

“One such as you should not be out here alone. There are many dangers.” His voice took on a deadly tone now. She seemed to see his meaning for her eyes widened and her heart fluttered in her chest. Standing feeble she took a step back away form him.

“Well, Sir, I believe it is time for me to go back now. It was nice speaking with you.” She gave a small bow before walking around him, heading back to the castle, but her arm was caught by a very strong grip.

“Now, now then. Why don’t we get to know each other a little more?” his grip tightened on her arm, causing her to give a small cry of pain. Smiling cruelly he forced her to face him, pressing his lips to hers roughly, forcing his tongue into her mouth to twist with hers. She gave a cry of protest; struggling and trying to pull away form him. The man forced her to the ground, spreading her legs apart as he lifted her dress up, running those grimy hands along her thigh, pushing his fingers to the middle of her legs. She let out a scream as she struggled more, screaming no and please stop.
The man pulled his pants down and held her arms above her head. He was getting ready for the first hard thrust when something grabbed the back of his neck, pulling him off the girl and sent him flying through the air. The girl lay on the ground, curling up and crying. The young youth that had helped her so many times before now stood, his sword drawn, watching the grey figure silently. He stood between him and the girl, staying close. The man in grey stood smirking at the other young man. “So she isn’t alone then. Well this will be fun.” The man lunged for the youth. A long streak of white flashed through the air as the man in grey fell to the ground, a gurgling filling the air as blood spilled on the ground. Slowly he turned back to face the girl, his face once stone hard turned soft as he saw her curled up on the ground crying, and hiding her face.

The author's comments:
In case the readers that have not read the firt two parts of this, here are the links. that is part one. Part 2: I have more to come, it's all jsut too long to place it in one sitting, I hope you all enjoy this.

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