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Your Girl

March 16, 2009
By Katie Kerby BRONZE, Maple Rapids, Michigan
Katie Kerby BRONZE, Maple Rapids, Michigan
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Sighing in extreme frustration, I pulled away and dug my phone out of my back pocket. Not an easy feat, considering the fact that there were already hands there.

"I thought we had already discussed the fact that I could come and go as I please. I'm attempting to study, mother. I'll be there when I get there," I answered, grinning in selfish delight when Cian wasn't fazed by the interruption. He only switched his attention to my neck and collarbone.

Mothers, I decided not for the first time as I hung up on her, were extremely annoying.

"Sorry for the interruption, babe," I murmured, tunneling my fingers through his thick black hair again. My voice was barely audible to me over the roaring of the thunderstorm just rolling into town outside his apartment.

He leaned back, sliding his hands under the edge of my baggy t-shirt to the warm and extremely ticklish skin beneath. And promptly taking complete advantage of the fact that I was ticklish.

"She probably thinks you're out sluttin' around," he teased quietly, pecking a kiss on my lips and scraping a nail down the side of my stomach just to tease me about it when I squirmed in laughter. "Just like those 'It' girls.”

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