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Valentines Day Diary Entry

February 25, 2009
By elizabeth(: BRONZE, Jeffersonville, Indiana
elizabeth(: BRONZE, Jeffersonville, Indiana
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Today is February fourteenth, Valentines Day. And I am completely in love with this boy named Hunter. He's gorgeous! He has long blonde hair and green eye. I have had a huge crush on him ever since kindergarten. But, we've never met until today. He goes to my High school, but he's very popular and I'm not. He is the varsity quarterback, he's the starting pint guard on the varsity basketball team, he's class president, he always has girls all over him, and no matter where he is, there's always a crowd of people around him. I'm the complete opposite. I have long, brown, curly hair, I wear glasses, the only friend's I have is the schools 80 year old librarian Mrs. Burtley, the school janitor Roby, and the chess tem. The only thing I have around me 24/7 is a pile of books.

Well, today I was walking down the hallway totally stuck in a book when the next thing I know I was on my back looking up at Hunter. He said 'You ok?' I replied 'Huh?' I was so lost on what had just happened. 'I ran into you on an accident and I knocked you down. I'm sorry. Are you ok?'
'Umm, yeah. I'm fine.' He grabbed my hand and helped me up.

'Thank you.'
'No problem. By the way, I'm Hunter.'
'Well Taylor, I don't think I've seen you before. Did you just move here to Charlestown High?'
'Nope, been here my whole life. Since kindergarten.'

The bell rang.

'I should go to class.' I said.
'Well, um would you like to get together some time? I mean, I did knock you to the ground so maybe dinner and a movie might apologize for it? What do you day?'
'Well, I . . .'
'Come on. It's the least I can do.'
'Okay, sure. Why not.'
'Great. How about 7 o'clock, tonight?'
'Yea, okay.'
And so now I'm going on a date at 7 o'clock tonight with the most amazing guy ever! Ahhhh. . . this has been the best Valentines Day ever. Almost like it was suppose to happen.

'Knock, Knock.'

Oh, I got to go. Prince charming is knocking on the door now.

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