Two Days in Paris

October 13, 2015



It was all I could allow to escape my lips. It was somewhat funny in a way. The word, the question that never seems to want to end, the one I hate so much. Yet in the situation Im in now...its all I can say. It's all I can ask. Before I allow him to answer, I was already running in the opposite direction. Not wondering or caring if he was running after me.




The wind blew soft against my face, and the suns rays left their crimson kisses on my cheeks. This was Paris. It was more than I imagined. It was more than I've ever dreamed it would be, and I just dont love it because of the admiration I get everytime a handsom stranger passes by. It's because here, everyday is filled with possibilities I would never get to expirience back home. I had only two days left here and I wanted something that could last me. Something I could hold onto in that moment of time. I wanted an ADVENTURE.


I looked down at my Earl Gray, its sweet aroma filling the void. I wish my life wasn't as simple as my tea. I took a long sip allowing my eyes to wander every corner of this beautiful city. Thats when our eyes locked.

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