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If you had one night to live

January 30, 2009
By MelissaSmith GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
MelissaSmith GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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(What would you give for the one you loved?
How far would you go for them?
If you had one night to live
Who would you spend it with?)

She loved him

He loved her

It was the basic twisted fairy tale
Anyone could ask for

They avoided their feelings
They even went as far as
Avoiding each other in school
Yet everyone knew both
Hid some kind of secret
That would change everything

In legal sense
They could be together
Nothing by law holding them back
It was true love
There was no law in stopping that
But in 'click' wise
It was hell
Mainly forbidden

It was not so
That a baseball player
Could fall in love with
A girl part of the science club
It was unbelievable
It basically wasn't practical

But what if
Being practical wasn't everything?
Or even
Just letting go gave you what you desired?
Or simply
Following your heart
Instead of what people chose for you'. was right?
How far would you go?

It was the night of the ball.
Everyone in the school was going
Including violet and James.
Dates were not a requirement
But most had

Nate of course was going with Amy
(The star lacrosse player and the star soccer player)
Lauren was going with Adam
(The star of the drama program and the other star of it too)
And Veronica was defiantly going with Chad
(The captain of the football team and the cheerleader captain)

As everyone saw
No one went to the ball
With people outside there click
Just as expected

No one knew who was going to the ball with James
(The captain of the baseball team)
It always was a surprise every year
Everyone thought that he would probably be going with Julia
(The captain of the volley ball team)
As suspected
Everyone was right
He went with Julia

But what happened to him going with Violet?
They were the ones meant to be together at the ball
Not James with Julia
Or violet with Dan
In love matters
It was supposed to be James and violet
But no
They hid their love for each other
They protected everything
They didn't make their love obvious
That's why this happened

The tension at the ball between them grew
They both weren't happy
They wanted to be together
But they knew they couldn't be

They continued to dance with their dates
Until something they never thought would happen
Something unbelievable
Something horrifying

Violet and her date Dan were ready to leave
He was gonna drive her home
Violet left without saying goodbye to her true love James
She shed a single tear
And quickly wiped it away

They got into the
And were ready to to go
He shifted into drive and pulled away
Not expecting what was to happen next
As he made a u-turn
A speeding car hit them on the side
Sending the car into a 5 flips
Not to mention right in front of the place where the ball was being held

Everyone rushed outside to see what happen
James pushed strait to the front
No one knew who was in the car'..
Except for James
He knew that car any where
It was Dan's

He rushed into the middle of street
Uncertain if violet was in the car
He discovered she was
Her life less body lied on they floor
So delicate and peaceful
With her beautiful brown hair still shining.

He was in total shock
He started to tear
He never imagined that this would happen
At least to her
She was the love of his life
And he let her slip away do to some stupid thing
About staying within your click

He held her lifeless body in her arms
And kept saying no'why'I loved you
Everyone's face was just so stoic
They never knew that James loved violet so much
They just hung there head in mourning
For the sake of James

All James could remember was that one night
Under the stars
Him and her sat there telling there true feelings
For each other
It was amazing
Breathe taking.
It was the first and last time they kissed
But the one part he thought about
The most was when
Violet had to go

He kissed her on the lips
And said 'I love you
And I always will
You're the girl of my dreams
And I finally have found you
Ill never let you.'
And in return she got up
And whispered to him
'I love you too.'
He snapped back into reality suddenly.
He watched them
Meaning the ambulance
Take her away.

Dan survived
And went to jail for drunk driving
And the murder of Violet Woodsmen.
He was sentenced 3 years in jail.
Life for James
Was never the same

Everyday he'd open his locker
And stare at the picture of violet at the ball
And think of
How beautiful she looked
How he never said goodbye.
How he was an idiot for keeping their love a secret
And how he loved her
Truly loved her.

If he could redo that night
He would.
He would have spent every second with her
If he had known the out come
Keeping their love a secret
Was defiantly not worth her life.
It never was.
But that's how it ended
and it will never change

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on Nov. 24 2011 at 9:12 pm
mylifestoryonmywrist BRONZE, West Monroe, Louisiana
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Favorite Quote:
“So I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.”
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I really like it (even though it made me cry like a baby) but it needs a little editting (like of spelling). <3

on Apr. 11 2011 at 8:47 pm
teacat749 BRONZE, Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin
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This is so good!

on Nov. 6 2009 at 6:10 pm
writerscramp PLATINUM, Green Bay, Wisconsin
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Has won nothing.
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FAVORITE on teenink. Favorite! i'm going to spread this around so you can go in print, ok?!?!?!