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A Love Twist

September 29, 2014
By Taconut7 GOLD, Cohasset, Minnesota
Taconut7 GOLD, Cohasset, Minnesota
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It was a bright and sunny summer day in Littleton, Nebraska. The sky was a deep blue with not a single white puffy looming in its glory. Even though the air was hot and muggy there was a nice crisp and cool breeze flowing throughout the land. The massive fields of bright yellow corn shone and swayed with brilliance as if they were made of gold. But to Sarah, this hardly mattered.
Sarah was weeping silently on an old rickety white bench, with her tough hands glued to her face and her head upon her lap. Her long sandy hair fell over her shoulders and flowed down, nearly touching the bench. Her worn out brown skirt flowed around silently in the breeze, whipping against her legs.
Suddenly, Sarah’s phone started to sing from inside the house. She quickly sat up straight, as if a teacher had just caught her sleeping in class. She then remembered that John was supposed to call her today! With a quick jump up and away from the bench, she rocketed toward the house and burst through the open door. Sarah almost tripped over the phone that was lying out on the floor of the kitchen, where it was thrown after Sarah got done screaming at her parents, only minutes before.
Sarah’s brow quivered at the memory but pushed all her anger away as she reached for the phone and politely answered, “Hello?”
The voice on the other end was John’s, sounding like an angel sent down from above. “So,” answered John’s heavenly voice, “how did it go with your parents?”
Sarah’s voice lingered as she tried to choke down tears, “They thought it would be the best idea if…we were too….not get married…” She practically choked on the last three words, with her eyes beginning to flood again.
“WHAT?! Why would they disagree?!” John yelled in frustration and confusion. Sarah could sense the heat of rage emitting off of him. “But your parents know that we were meant to be together!”
Sarah couldn’t take it anymore. She started bawling up a storm and couldn’t get her words to form at her mouth.
“Oh, it’s okay baby,” John spoke smoothly, “I know you’re upset, but it’s not up to them to decide your fate. Here, I’m almost done with work. I’ll be over faster than you can say Twister of Love.”
Just before John hung up, Sarah managed to whimper into the other line, “I’ll be waiting my true love…”
Sarah gently set the phone down on the musty old counter and pushed her tangled hair out of her eyes. Then it dawned on her that she was a filthy mess. I cannot present myself to John like this Sarah thought. She rushed to her bedroom to find her best clothes, unaware of the dark ominous clouds forming on the edge of the horizon.
15 minutes later, the doorbell rang and Sarah looked up from painting her nails a nice bright red. Her hair was in a ponytail in the back of her head. She was wearing a beautiful yellow dress with white lace trimmed around the sides – the end of her dress ending just below her knees. Calm and collected, she raced to answer the door.
When she opened it, her eyes fell upon a handsome young man in his early twenties – the same age as Sarah herself. The man was wearing a red and black plaid shirt with worn out blue jeans. His brown hair was ruffled into what appeared to be a rat’s nest, while his crisp deep blue eyes glimmered in the sunshine. This man was John.
No words were needed to be said, for they immediately swept each other up into their arms and embraced the presence of their true love. They ran away from the house to under a gigantic tree – the only one for miles around – and snuggled up together, taking in the warm rays of the sun and fell asleep. 
John was the first one to wake up to the sound of what appeared to be a train. He glanced around and spotted not a train, but a gigantic twister bearing down on the couple. The twister was over a mile wide and as dark as the night sky.
John quickly shook Sarah awake and started to lift her up. Her groggy, sleepy eyes glanced around in confusion until she saw the twister, now only 500 feet from her house. She screamed and squeezed John tighter as he made a mad dash toward the house.
As soon as they entered the house, the twister struck it, starting to tear it to shreds like a wood chipper. Sarah fell from John’s arms as a rusty old pan from the kitchen slammed into John’s back.
John grunted in pain, but kept his eyes focused on Sarah, because if he were to die tonight, he would want her to be the last thing he ever saw. The wind was so immense that even if they yelled, their voices were stolen by the wind.
Sarah stood frightened like a little girl as the stove lifted off its foundation and started to hurl itself toward her. John noticed this and at the last second, shoved her out of its way while taking a direct hit to his head. His body collapsed like a pile of bricks while Sarah had miraculously been shoved down the stairs into the musty dark basement. She screamed in terror as she just realized that her true love had risked his own life to save hers. Why hadn’t he taken me with him! Without him I am nothing on this dreadful Earth Sarah screamed inside her mind.
Suddenly, Sarah noticed how quiet it was. There was no wind or furniture being tossed this way and that. The twister had disappeared as soon as it had come. Astonished, Sarah quickly dashed up the stairs, while blood was dripping from her cuts and scrapes. When she reached the door she hesitated. What if all I find is his dead corpse? Is that the last thing I want to remember of my true love? Sarah pushed the thought back and started to pray to God that he was alright. She took a deep breath and slowly opened the door. Surprisingly, the door just fell off its hinges to the floor. All that was left the house was its concrete foundation, not even John.
Sarah was about to scream in despair when a slight movement caught her eyes. She looked over at the tree, practically untouched by the violent twister, and there at its base sat John. He was moving his arm slightly, trying to get a piece of the house off him. Sarah’s heart beat fluttered for a moment until she realized she wasn’t seeing things. She released a breath that she didn’t realize she was holding and started to run toward her love.
The next morning at the hospital the doctors were astonished and confused of how John had cheated death. The x-rays had shown that he had broken his neck, puncture his lung, and split open one of his kidneys. They had frantically done an operation and only expected him to live up to three hours at most. But here he was, up and walking like nothing had happened, except for the neck brace he was wearing. Even though John was feeling better, the doctor had insisted that he stayed another night, just to be sure. They also, to the request of John himself, let his new wife Sarah stay with him.
Sarah looked into her new husband’s deep blue eyes and asked him, “So, why do you think you survived?” John looked at her intensely and replied, “Because the last thing you said to me was: I’ll be waiting my true love. When that stove was about to hit me, the words true love came into my mind and I thought about you. I thought about how much you loved me and how you wouldn’t be able to live without me. So I braced myself and yelled that I will not die today, because true love is stronger than Death himself. “
Sarah’s face lit up and she kissed him on the lips. Then they both held each other and fell asleep, feeling each other’s heartbeats slowly beat against their bodies.

The author's comments:

This was an exercise in my creative writing class to write a 1-2 page story.

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