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My past, Our past

September 24, 2014
By Trin_Freckles GOLD, Troutman, North Carolina
Trin_Freckles GOLD, Troutman, North Carolina
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When your sad, stop being sad and be awesome instead

He stares at you while your not looking, how you know is because every time you try to get a peak at him, his eyes quickly look at something near, you almost as if he’s trying to play it off. But thats alright with you, you don’t mind cause you know deep down, you have something for each other, just to shy, and ashamed to say it aloud. So forever, you two will stay in silence, never having the chance to say how you felt, I thought we were supposed to live a life of ‘oh wells’ and not ‘what if’s’., sadly now I have to say what if instead of oh well, you never thought about it did you? and now because of each others blindness, you’ll never get the hug, that everybody talked about you two doing, and you’ll never get that kiss, that kiss you wanted so desperately. So much more, and now, its simply, just, gone.

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