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The Proposal

April 7, 2014
By Mellie9610 BRONZE, Commack, New York
Mellie9610 BRONZE, Commack, New York
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She pointed up at the sky at a blue jay in flight. I looked up too, but I would constantly sneak glances at her face, the small pixie nose, rosy cheeks, hazel eyes. I think I love her. I have never once been this happy to be standing in another person’s presence before, I feel at ease, content. Never have I once shared a moment in time with a woman so simple, just standing, talking, and smiling. She tugs at my heart strings like no one else could.

She said something and I laughed. I don’t know anybody else who could make me laugh like she does, a true laugh, one that comes from the pit of your stomach and you exhale it through your lungs, full of life and joy. She looked at me and smiled and I smiled back still chuckling. Her eyes still filled with child-like nature, a glim that nobody could take away from her, but deep down she had secrets, painful secrets, one’s we have spoken about late at night or on dinner dates. Horrible memories and choices she made that she has only told me and I am devoted to never let anyone know these secrets, until the day I die. I look at her and I see an independent woman, free-willed and dedicated whatever she sets her mind to will get done and she will succeed. She is free like the blue jay.

If she were to leave me would I be able to laugh whole heartedly ever again? Would I stay up late at night regretting letting her go? I hope she stays, I hope she can make a nest in a tree and settle down with me. I kneel before her in this crowded park, my fingers laced around the wedding ring given to me by my grandmother. Watching her face I say the words I have been yearning to say for the past two years. The day I met her I knew one day I would be saying these words, I was never so sure of anything in my life. The one question clouding my mind, would she say yes, would she say yes? I look up at hear smiling again, the smile that lights up my face every day I am with her. The silence goes on forever it seems, what is she thinking?
Please don’t fly away little blue jay.

The author's comments:
There was a piece of art by seurat that inspired me to write this and I was drawn to the man and woman in the back near the trees the woman is pointing to something in the sky. Thus creating the title, blue jay.

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