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Dance In The Snow

March 14, 2014
By Lostwolf GOLD, Hillsborough, North Carolina
Lostwolf GOLD, Hillsborough, North Carolina
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He looked at her, eyes shimmering in the soft light of morning. Nothing seemed unusual. The winter birds were singing, the trees bare of their leaves, the beautiful girl in her winter jacket. He had seen her before, only they never talked. She glanced at him once or twice but never came close. But today was different, he was going to tell her he loved her. Maybe it was crazy but he had to do it. It was now or never. He walked up to her, his heart bounding in his chest as she looked at him. Those soft brown eyes and auburn red hair, skin as pale as the fluffy snow on the ground. "Hello." She whispered softly in the winter breeze. "Umm.. H-hi." He stuttered, her voice was like warm coco after a cold day. His face felt warm as he looked into her hypnotic eyes. She giggled at him and started walking away. "W-wait!" He shouted. "Where are you going!" He stood there, scared she would leave him without him even telling her. She looked back at him and smiled, holding her gloved hand out to him. "Aren't you coming?" She asked, he was dumbstruck. She wanted him to walk with her? It was a dream come true! "Sure!" He said with an overly excited tone. He quickly rushed to her side and took her hand. "I never got your name." He muttered to her. "Ember.. Ember Sorel." She muttered back, leaning against him some. "And your's?" She asked in return, looking up at him. "Auxenon Lupus." He responded, his soft blue eyes looking down at her. "That's a nice name." Ember giggled as she got close to Auxenon. "Yeah, it is. But Ember, can I ask you something?" He asked nervously. "I'm all ears." She smiled up at him. "I-I was wondering if, well you, um, wanted to. I don't know.." He started but was cut off. "Yes, you don't need to ask. It's a yes." She giggled, capturing his lips with her's as she softly kissed him. His heart raced at the feeling of her warm, soft lips against his. This was the start of a beautiful relationship. He just knew it.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this by my lovely boyfriend. Even though he's far away we cover that distance in time and love. I hope everyone will find someone like him.

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