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Another Scar Another Battle

November 26, 2013
By Kortny_Mae GOLD, Davenport, Iowa
Kortny_Mae GOLD, Davenport, Iowa
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Another cut added to the numerous scars she already wore; only this one was much worse. She sat against her bedroom door sobbing, as she watches the blood trickle down her arm and hit the floor. The vivid memory of the previous month played through her mind like a broken record. She stares blankly at her phone, waiting for his response. At last her phone vibrates, signaling the reply from him she was waiting for.
“No! You’re lying! You can’t be! I’m too young for this! You’re on your own Emmahlynne! Just LEAVE ME ALONE!”
Emmahlynne drops her phone sobbing into her hands. Zaydyhn wanted nothing to do with her. He wanted nothing to do with their unborn child.
“What am I going to do!” she sobbed.
Zaydyhn was her first. She now realizes it was a huge mistake. Now she’s left alone with no support. How was she ever going to get through this? With her wrist still bleeding, she crawled into bed gripping her stomach, where she eventually fell asleep between sobs.
“Zaydyhn get off the computer already! I need to use it! NOW!” annoyance filled Nicole’s voice.
“Fine, geez! You’re such a cry baby!” Zaydyhn logs off and goes to his room.
After locking his door he lies down and checks his phone.
“Hey Zaydyhn… It’s Emmahlynne… we need to talk.” He reads.
“Ya? About what?” He responds curious as to what she wants.
He misses her but no one can know that they had a thing. After a few minutes she responds.
“Uhmm, well we have a problem… I missed my period and went to the doctor today and well… I’m Pregnant: S” his jaw drops as he finishes reading what she sent.
“This can’t be happening! I’m 17 years old I can’t be a dad is she crazy?!” he frantically thinks to himself.
“No I can’t do this. I WONT do this!” he says picking up his phone and texts her back.
“No! You’re lying! You can’t be! I’m too young for this! You’re on your own Emmahlynne! Just LEAVE ME ALONE!”
He then hits send and turns his phone off.
The darkness throughout the room told her it was still night time. Emmahlynne looked down at her wrist, which was smeared with dried up blood.
“Well, might as well get cleaned up.” She groggily responds to no one.
As she crept to the bathroom and shut the door she took a deep breath. What was she going to do? Then reality hit and she realized. She’s facing this alone. She couldn’t tell her mother, she would freak! Who could she even talk to about this? She was an outcast at school. No one wanted to be friends with her. They would part in the hallways just to avoid any contact with her. She would walk the halls with her head hung low as they snickered and talked about her. She didn’t know why they didn’t like her. It only fueled the wanting erge to cut deeper into her flesh.

She stepped in the shower, letting the hot water run down her in streams. After a while she zoned out, having a flash back of that night.
“Why can’t people know about us, Zaydyhn?” Emmahlynne questioned once again.
“Because it would ruin my reputation! I love you Emmahlynne but… I just can’t.”
“But why? We already slept together! I’m tired of being your little secret!” she cried.
“Oh Emmahlynne, please don’t cry. Please. You know I love you. I wouldn’t have been with you if I didn’t. Just give it time, baby,” he said wrapping his arms around her tightly.

A knock on the bathroom door brought her back to reality as she realized she was crying again.
“Honey, are you alright?” her mom asked through the bathroom door.
“Yeah mom, just got some shampoo in my eyes that’s all,” she responded sniffling.
“Okay well hurry up I need the bathroom.”
“Alright mom, I’ll be out in a sec,” she responded.

When she opened the bathroom door her mom was standing there with a concerned look on her face.
“Sweetheart, are you sure you’re okay?” she questioned.
Emmahlynne stood there thinking on how to respond. Her mother is one of the best moms she could ever ask for. She knew she needed to tell her mom. She was the only person that would be there for her. So she finally broke and told her.
“Honestly mom, no, I’m not okay…,” she began, “I need to tell you something but I need you to promise me you won’t freak out. Please. I really need you right now.” She looked at her mom tears welling up in her eyes.
“Of course I won’t Emma, you know me, and I’ll help you with anything. Now what’s bothering you, baby girl?” her mom said concern reverberating in her voice.
“Mom…,” she said starting to cry. “I’m pregnant, and he wants nothing to do with me. I’m alone. I don’t know what to do!” she sobbed.
Her mom stood there stunned. She knew Emmahlynne was having sex but she didn’t think this would happen. But she knew her daughter needed her and that was the most important thing over anything. Her baby girl needed her.
“Oh honey, come here,” she said wrapping her arms around her.
As her mom held her she couldn’t help but cry. She cried because she was relieved her mom wasn’t mad. She cried because she didn’t have any clue what she was going to do. This was the beginning of a very long journey for her. Emmahlynne was just relieved she didn’t have to do it alone.

The next few months went by in a blur. Cristie, Emmahlynne’s mom, had taken her to the doctor and got her started on prenatal vitamins and got her started on a healthy diet for her and the baby. Her mom was there for her every step of the way. But at school things started to get more and more difficult for Emmahlynne. People started to notice the baby bump, and they started talking. Some even spoke up and said something to her.
“Why do you even bother to come to school here anymore? No one likes you. No one ever will. So just do yourself a favor and end yourself. I bet you don’t even know who the father is do you?” the girl had said.
As she let the words the girl was saying sink in she debated with herself.
“Should I just listen to them and do everyone a favor? Should I just walk away from it all? You know what, no, I’m Tired of running away from everything. It’s time they all knew the truth. I don’t care anymore. What do I have to lose? I already have a child on the way of which the father wants nothing to do with either of us. So why should I care?” she thought.
In response and somewhat out of anger and hurt she said too much, “Actually I do know. Why don’t you ask your precious little football captain? Yeah I said it. Zaydyhn is the father. Whether he admits it or not, he is. He can’t hide that. And I can’t anymore either. He is a deadbeat. He does nothing for me or this child. And you know what that’s okay. I’ve accepted just how much of a heartless bastard he really is. He’ll sleep with you then when things get rough he backs out like a coward. You know what? F*** him. F*** you all. I don’t care anymore!!!” and with that she walked away, tears running down her face. She had finally stood up to them. She finally said what needed to be said from the beginning.

Although she felt better by finally getting everything out, she knew she had hell to pay once it started getting around school that Zaydyhn was the father. And she was right. Once third block hit the whole school knew. But the worst part was she had Zaydyhn in her third block. S***. She didn’t know what she would do. So she sat there hoping he wouldn’t say anything to her.
Zaydyhn had slept sleepless nights wondering what he should do. It had been exactly four months since he found out Emmahlynne was pregnant with his baby. He didn’t offer to help her although he knew he should. He can’t help but think about her all the time. He needed to face the facts. He loved her. Maybe he should just own up to it and be there for her and forget what everybody else thought. Well, now to go to school.

Once at school he went to his first block. He didn’t want to go; they were having a test that he hadn’t studied for. He was for sure going to bomb it. During the test he had overheard a couple girls behind him talking.

“I mean like, really? Why would he sleep with her of all people? She’s a low life emotional freakazoid!” she was saying.

“I know right! Like come on! Zaydyhn can do way better than that…that…thing!” her friend responded.

“And what’s worse is that she’s having his baby, like EW gross!” the first girl had said.

“S***! How did they find out?” he thought to himself.

There was no way. By the time he reached second block it was like the whole school was talking about it. He didn’t respond to anyone when asked if it was true. He didn’t know what to say. What could he say? He had Emmahlynne next block; what was he supposed to do? He thought to himself for a while and came to the decision that now was the time to face everything and stand up for the girl he loved and their baby.

He walked into third block nervously; fidgeting with his hands in his pockets he sat in front of Emmahlynne and turned around.

“Emmahlynne, I know you probably don’t want to talk to me, you probably even hate me right now but I need to say this. You can decide from then what to do,” he took a deep breath and went on.
Emmahlynne, I have gone these few months kicking myself in the ass for making you go through this alone. You shouldn’t be going through this alone. I should be helping you every step of the way. And another thing… I fucking love you. I can’t keep running from it anymore. If you let me I want to be there for you and our child. Please, I know I don’t deserve this chance but please can you give me one more chance to prove I can step up and be the person you need for you and our child.” He pleaded.

Emmahlynne sat and thought for a long time. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. He was finally standing up and trying to take responsibility for what he had done. But the only question now standing in her way, should she give him the chance? Does he even deserve a chance? She will be having their child in a few months. She knew she would need his help because she found out she was having a boy. A boy needs to grow up with a father in their life.

So after what seemed like forever she finally agreed.
“Fine but you need to really step up. My mom has been the only person here for me and helping me with everything.” She replied.

From there on out Zaydyhn did step up. He also stood up for her at school whenever anyone messed with her. They had their son on April 20th 2013 at 6:54am. They decided to name him Izayah Lane. He weighed 6 lbs 3 ounces and was 22 inches long. Emmahlynne was finally happy for the first time in her life.

The author's comments:
This was actually an assignment in my writing class that I did. We were to write a short story about anything we could come up with. Alot of my peers did peer editing and really liked it. I am open to segestions or any critiques you may have. :)

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