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A Ghost of a Lover's Past

November 16, 2013
By wreckedRecords SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
wreckedRecords SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Addaya walked around the room out of boredom, hands behind her back as she padded, barefoot, around the space. She was in Psyche's home, and he sat at his desk, writing a letter. He didn't pay her much mind, seeing as he was extremely focused on what he was doing. Addaya was wearing one of her old dresses. It was one of Psyche's favorites, or so she liked to think. It was very loose and flowing, and the color of mist. The tattoo on her arm had gotten a shine to it, as did the rest of her skin. It was almost a sparkling glow.
She walked over to Psyche and wrapped her arms around his torso in an affectionate manner, resting her chin on his shoulder and reading the paper. She smiled blissfully. "You're so sweet." She nuzzled his cheek happily and stepped back when he stood up, following him to the door as someone knocked. It was a girl, and Addaya recognized her immediately. She jumped onto Psyche's back in a childish fashion, sticking her tongue out and hissing a little. "He's mine, and always will be. Go ahead and read that love letter to me in his room." She sneered, holding onto her lover jealously.
Addaya left, nice enough to give the two privacy. She walked along the beach just a few yards from his home, letting her feet touch the waves. It made her sad when they wouldn't ripple, but it didn't really matter anymore, did it? She looked up at Psyche's house with sadness, grief taking her over. Sometimes, she didn't believe it. Now, he just ignored her. Addaya didn't blame him, though, and she was happy he could find solace in another. And, as strange as it was to her, she was happy he couldn't see her.
Sometimes, she would catch him playing an old CD of hers and she would dance around the room to it, wishing he would join her, but he would just sit and listen.
Just then, she noticed the girl leaving, and Psyche closing the door behind her. Addaya ran up to the door and slipped inside, walking back to Psyche. The sun was slowly beginning to rise, and he climbed into bed. Addaya smiled and climbed into bed with him, resting her head on his chest and watching her hand as it slowly shimmered and turned to mist, fading away. She smiled, knowing she'd appear here the next evening, same as usual. She kissed his cheek before vanishing completely, the Capricorn suddenly getting a strange feeling where her lips had touched his skin.

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