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November 3, 2013
By Kyrae SILVER, Idyllwild, California
Kyrae SILVER, Idyllwild, California
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My eyes are closed to hold back the tears I can feel coming, and because of the muscles in my throat that keep tightening and shrinking, making breathing painful. He presses a cold hard object into my hand, and kisses my forehead for a flash of an eternity. I feel a tear slip out and trickle down the side of my face. He removes his lips from my forehead and places his own forehead against mine. I can feel his shaky breath on my face as he whispers “I love you (I will forever be in love with you)” and pulls away, releasing me. As he leaves, he tears apart what little hold I (once) had on my tears(the last string I had to hold back my tears), and rips the shattered pieces of my heart away in his __(calloused hand)__, and I don’t know if I’ll ever get them back. I open my eyes and watch him briskly stride away, cloaked in his black leather jacket and dark wash jeans. At the edge of the endless bridge, he turns around one last time, and I can see his bright blue eyes shining at me, glistening with the teardrops that slip down his face. I choke out a breath and feel my heart break yet again. “To say good-bye is to die a little” (Raymond Chandler)

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