True Love

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Whenever I read Romeo and Juliet, he always come back in my head,he who made me feel safe when the world didn’t, he who loved me for me, he who I was about to love Edward.

I was in my apartment painting the outside view of New York when the book Romeo and Juliet caught my eye, I went and grabbed it. I wanted to read some parts of the book since to me it seem a bit Ironic because Juliet and Romeo fight for their love when in the end they die, what’s so romantic about that? But, my favorite part of the book is when they first meet...

In gym I would always be sitting down next to a big tree with it’s shade covering me like a blanket and it felt cooler when the weather was hot. I was reading a book when a soccer ball hit me in the head.

“Ow” caught by surprised

“Oh hey sorry about that, I tend to kick hard..”

When I looked up, I saw him standing in front of me with those light blue eyes like the ocean looking at me.

“It’s ok and yeah I can tell” rubbing my head and smiling at the same time

“Are you ok?” looking at me

“Yeah I’m fine” reassuring him

“ My name is Edward” giving me his hand

“My name is Alexandra but my friends call me ‘Alex’ for short” shaking his hand

“Hey Edward, come on let’s play” his friends were saying

“Well gotta go” Edward looking bum

I was getting the ball for him when he also was getting the ball and our heads bumped into each other but our hands intertwined, we looked at our hands then at each other. We started laughing. He grabbed the ball this time and left looking at me while waving goodbye at me. I just smiled at him and waved goodbye as well hoping to see those blue eyes again.

Another part in the book that is my favorite is when Romeo and Juliet are seeing each other in secret.

After that day Edward and I became friends and we hung out together. I told my sister about him, she told me that I shouldn’t see him. I asked her why and she said because his family and ours don’t get along too well.I couldn’t help it, the more we hung out, the more I was falling for him. It was my birthday and Edward said he had a surprise for me, he told me to meet him at the park. So I went to the park and saw him sitting in the swing holding a little box wrapped.

I ran to him and he just smiled at me and gave me the box

“So how did you escape?” he said in his charming tone

“I told them I was going out with my friends” looking quilty

“So what’s the surprise?”I really wanted to know

“You’ll see...just opened the box” he said

I opened it and there was a necklace with the word “together”. I looked up at him about to say “Thank you” when he had my face in his hand and kissed me. I kissed him back and I felt his emotion and my emotion mixed together like the perfect recipe . We both pulled away and put our foreheads together.

“Alexandra...I love you” he said

“ I love you” smiling to him

We looked at each other eyes and I smiled at him, thinking I never seen nothing beautiful as his blue eyes. He grabbed my hand and we started to dance. I stopped.

“What wrong?” he said smiling

“ Do you know why our parents hate each other?” I asked him

“I don’t know..why?” he looked anxious

“I’m afraid that if our parents find out about us being together, they might want to break us apart and I don’t want to lose you” tears were falling of my cheek

He hugged me tightly.

“That’s not going to happen, not if I can help it” he sounded serious

We were just holding on to each other, never wanting to let go.

I looked at my watch and saw it was 4:36 pm...I still got time before he comes. What I hate about this book is they never got the chance to even get married because of their parents.

It’s been a year since we been going out and it was Christmas Eve. Edward called me

“Hey Alex meet me at the same tree we both met ok”

“Ok see you soon. Love you” I always smile when I say that to him

I went to the tree where both met and I saw him laying on the tree. It was cold and it started snowing as I was walking to him.

“ You look like an angel” he put a strand of my hair behind my ear

I blushed “So why are we here?” I asked him

“Because it’s Christmas eve and I wanted to give you your present early” He said

I got excited since he surprised me on my birthday so I wondered what he got in his sleeve now.

“Close your eyes” he said

I closed them and every second they were closed, I got more excited.

“Open them” he said

He was on one knee,holding a little box open up with the most beautiful ring I ever saw but not as beautiful as his eyes. I was shocked, I was speechless.

“Alexandra, ever since I met you not for one second I haven’t been thinking about you and I want to spend my entire life with you. Will you marry me?” He said looking straight into my brown, calm eyes

I didn’t have to think it twice, I knew my answer.

“Of course I’ll marry you!” I almost screamed

Edward put the ring on my finger and I jumped on him ,we both fell on the snow. I was on top of him and I kissed him. He kissed me as well and he rolled over so he was on top of me. He looked at me with those blue eyes that I love.

“I’m the luckiest guy in the whole world” he said with his cute smile

“And I’m the luckiest girl in the world” I was so happy

We stayed there just looking at each other knowing that our future was going to change forever.

“Knock Knock”

Oh he’s here, I put the book back and opened the door.

“Hey Max” giving a kiss to my boyfriend

“Hey Alex, I want to introduce you to a friend of mine from work” coming inside with another person

“Hi” I said to him

“Hi” he said to me

“Alex this is Edward Black and Edward this is my girlfriend Alexandra Rose.”

I was out of words,I was shocked. Max saw my reaction.

“Honey are you Ok?” Max was worry

“No I’m ..could you go get me water?” I needed it

“Sure” he went to the kitchen and I took my chance

“What are you doing here?!” I was trying to whisper

“Max invited me for dinner,how was I supposed to know that you were together if I haven’t seen you since that day!?” he was whispering as well

“That’s because you left me alone in the altar and you never showed up!” tears started to come down

“I was going to the church but then my parents took me away and I never saw you again.You have no idea how much I missed you that I couldn’t see you again or even kiss you.” he came closer to me

“Edward..don’t” I was backing away from him

But he got closer anyway and he had my face in his hand.

“I lost you once, I am not losing you again” he kissed me

I try to break free but the more I move the more he grabbed me tightly. I couldn’t hold back anymore and I kissed him back. He let me go.

“Edward..please go” I looked at him

“I know you still love me and I love you, I’ll always love you. Don’t forget that.” he said as he was leaving and when the door closed, my heart was broken like shattered glass. When I turned around I saw Max standing in the doorway of the kitchen door. I could see his expression and I hurt him bad.I went to him and hugged him, he hugged me as well.

“ You love him don’t you” he said quietly and more tears were falling off my cheek

He looked at me and clean off my tears.

“Go to him” he said smiling to me

“But...” I couldn’t believe what he was saying

“Go, I’ll be fine don’t worry. I rather see you happy then having to regret a choice you made because of me” I could see how painful it was for him. I kissed him on the cheek and hugged him again.

“Thank you Max” I couldn’t thank him enough.

I ran out of the apartment and went into the street looking for Edward.

“Edward! Edward!” I was yelling

I kept searching for him and yelling his name. People started to stare at me but I didn’t care, all I care was finding Edward.I stopped running thinking that I lost him again when I heard a voice that I thought I never hear again.

“ Alexandra?” Edward was behind me

I turned around and ran to him,He caught me and I grabbed him not wanting to let him go again.

“ I never forgot that you loved me and I’ve always loved you no matter what” I said to him. I looked at his blue eyes, his beautiful eyes and kissed him. He kissed me back and was holding me like I was holding him earlier .Edward grabbed my hand and we started to dance just like when he told me he loved me. As we were dancing in the middle of the sidewalk, I realized that our love was true knowing the pain we had to go through, we still found each other. I’m glad I found my love..Edward.

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