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The way we are

March 24, 2013
By kindlegirl GOLD, Iberia, Missouri
kindlegirl GOLD, Iberia, Missouri
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signing off as usual kindlegirl

Girlintheback chatted you privately Two minutes ago:
You still sit in the front row with the rest of the Barbie dolls. Yep that’s what I call the cheerleaders, I know you see it as much as I do, they all dress the same, they all do the highlights, and the extra make- up in the two hundred dollar purses they carry around twenty- four seven. Oh and don’t forget there outfits, it could be twenty below and they would still wear the skirts we all know about. I sat in the back, wearing an oversize sweater that goes passed my butt; I wore some jeans that I found on sale at J.C. Penny’s. I’ve had my shoes for three years, and I was sure that I would need to hit my stash of money soon, for new ones. I stayed to myself at school, I kept my anger in every day I saw you with them.
There’s always going to be a rift in high school. There are two groups, the kids that are the favorites of the teachers, and the others that have to work to get to the top. I’m in every club there is, and you’re in one, basketball. Guess some of us get everything.
I know you have had numerous girlfriends, and I’ve had no boyfriends. If we were in a basketball game that went on forever, you would definitely win. We met on a chart-room website; you know that one on the school website that no one ever uses. I guess one of your friends dared you to get on or something, just to see what would happen. I went under a different name so you wouldn’t know it was me. So right about now you’re probably thinking that I’m crazy, and your friends are on the floor laughing at my every word. I loved what you said to Ashley Finnelly in English class Last Tuesday. I wanted to laugh so bad, but I knew that I would be the only one. She looked like an evil witch after that for days. But it really made me happy that you did it.
Tomorrow you’ll know who I am, you’ll know that I’m a freak, and that I’m nuts, but all I know is that the past few months have been the best in my life. Thank you Derek, thank you so much for bringing me light.
End of message
I re-read the message over and over again, trying to figure out who she was. She was right I got everything I had ever wanted and yeah the cheerleaders were the Barbie dolls. I had never even noticed, I stood from my desk and started to pace, it was past midnight, and I wasn’t even tired. How was I going to find her.
Maybe the year books, or maybe I could sit in the back of the class tomorrow, she did leave a clue though, she was in my English class. I would find her. I yanked off my T-shirt, and threw it against the door, I closed my computer screen, and quickly slid into bed. How was it possible that all this time she was right there in the back of the class. I was in love with the girl in the back. I flipped off the light on my nightstand, and fell into a deep and distant sleep.
Eight Hours Later, the next day.

I shoved on my sunglasses, and pulled out of the driveway of my house. It took me less than five minutes to get to school. I didn’t like the idea that she knew me, but I didn’t know her. She could be anyone. I scanned the parking lot, and suddenly decided to go to first hour, English. I walked as quick as I could, She would be wearing a sweater, a large sweater.

The room was the largest in the school, my favorite in the school probably. I took a breath tried not to let it go. I entered the room and looked around, there she was. I could just feel it, her hair was a dark red, it was half way down her back, and was type of curly. She looked up and saw me, she knew I had figured it out, she didn’t smile, she just looked into my eyes.

“I guess you figured it out,” she said looking down at her hands. “It’s so embarrassing; you don’t have to talk to me. I’ll just disappear back into the crowd. It’s okay if you want to laugh. I’ll get over it.” She whispered, I started to shake my head, she didn’t need to put herself down like that.

I moved closer to her desk, and pulled up a chair so I would be eye level with her. “Maggie, you were right with every word except for the last few, no one saw that letter but me, my friends didn’t tell me to get on that chat room, and no I won’t just walk away. I love you Maggie O’Donnell. I will love you till the very end!” I whispered, reaching for her delicate hand, and lightly placing it in mine.

She looked up, and smiled, “I guess it was all worth it then. I love you to Derek Mullins. Forever and always.” She smiled and looked into my eyes. She was mine now, and I was never going to let her go. That’s when the bell rang, and the people started to enter. I didn’t move to the front, I just moved right next to her holding tightly to her hand, making sure she was real.

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I haven't wrote in two weeks and I wrote this at one a.m.. I'm sorry if there are a lot of errors. Please just enjoy. Its something that just came to me.

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