The Ghost of an Internet Boyfriend

A young man who walked over to the Suntrust bank to make a deposit. It was May 12, 2012 that day, in the city of Palm Coast, Florida. The unemployment rates were high, and even minimum wage jobs were hard for this boy to grasp...which is why he's a college student. He got $150 from his mom after she got her tax return, and is trying to spend and save his money wisely.

He waited in line, just a few more people left before he can finally make a deposit and get out of there. Unfortunately, three men came in with guns, shouting "EVERYBODY ON THE GROUND! I'M MAKING A G**D*** WITHDRAWAL HERE!" The leader pointed his pistol at the teller. "Give me the loot!" He said. After a few minutes, the police surrounded the area, and their best FBI negotiator was holding a megaphone in his futile attempt to save the hostages.

“IF YOU DON’T GIVE US OUR RIDE, I’LL KILL ONE OF THE HOSTAGES!” the leader screamed at the negotiator as he was about to grab a little boy for “the demonstration”, until the young man said “Wait!” The leader turned to him. “Take me,” said the young college student. The thug granted his wish by putting him in a headlock, and pushing the barrel against his head. “Just get it over with!” said the young man, trying not to show any fear. Suddenly, the young man’s brains scattered all over the floor, his body collapsing like a sack of potatoes…but he was still standing. “Ow,” shouted the young man, “that hurt!”

His senses heightened as he looked down at his former body. “Huh,” said the young man, “I guess there is an afterlife after all.” He was Agnostic, so he was slightly unsure of the existence of an afterlife. Before he would walk away, he wanted to see if he had “paranormal powers” like the ghosts from those cliché horror films, so he walked through the man who shot him, causing him to shiver a little. A smirk came across his ghostly face. He kept going back and forth through the man, causing the thug to drop his gun. He concentrated on the gun, making float and pointing it at the rest of the two robbers as they surrendered, putting their hands up. He may have succeeded, but it was tiring. The police were stunned for a few seconds before they would storm into the bank and arrest the three criminals.

The young man walked back to his house, I mean, before he died. He didn’t have to wait on the crosswalks again. Of course, he couldn’t get run over by cars anymore. Well, the driver might get a chill after going through the dude, but not harm the young man. He could float, but he didn’t mind walking. Even as a human being, he enjoyed walking. It took his mind off of things.

He made inside the house, wondering if anyone had posted on facebook about his noble sacrifice. He concentrated on opening the laptop, which he succeeded in, but once again, it was exhausting! He checked his facebook. No one has been given the news yet. He remembered his online girlfriend somewhere in Europe, which he had never met in person. He wondered if he could somehow go through the internet AND finally meet her for the first time. He placed his hand on the screen, concentrating. Suddenly, he got sucked into the laptop, and during his visit in cyberspace, he saw numbers, digits, bits, and tunnels.

His girlfriend’s laptop opened, but no one was there. He looked around and saw that her bedroom had looked exactly like it did in her pictures. “Nice place,” he nodded, “can’t wait to meet my love for the first time.” The bedroom door opened, and she came in wearing a towel around her body, which means she obviously showered. He immediately turned around, not wanting to disrespect her. It took what seemed the young man hours for her to dry off, blow dry her hair, and change clothes. When he took a look at her head, trying not to look at anything below just yet, he said “Finally”. She turned to him, staring in his direction as if she could interpret his appearance.

He stared back, but focused on her beautiful, hazel eyes with his. He wondered if she could see him. He slowly moved to his right, her eyes following him. “Uh…Hi?” she fell back on her bed with fear, but did not scream. “Who’s there?! Who are you?!” “It’s me,” the young man said, “the one who loves you most in this world.” “That’s impossible,” she shook her head, “my love’s in the United States!” “WAS in the United States. I came here through your laptop to finally see you…and I must say…you look far more beautiful in person…” Her sister came in and saw her staring at the wall. She glanced at it and turned back to her older sister, as if he didn’t see him at all. But how? “Who are you talking to?” she asked. “N-n-nothing,” her older sister said, “just…talking to myself…” “Ooookaayyyy…” the younger sister said, feeling weirded out.

A few hours later, she checked her facebook and saw a post by her boyfriend’s father, stating that his son had been murdered at a bank robbery to save a little boy, and even posted a video from the news about his death. She barely got the strength to play the video, which talked about what his father had summed up AND the reported “paranormal activity” seen by witnesses and the police. She closed her laptop, got out of her seat, and dropped to her knees before going into fetal position, shedding tears, and screaming in burning agony. Her parents rushed in to see their daughter on the ground, crying. “What is it?” asked the mother. She just continued to cry as her father investigates the source she had been looking at on her laptop. He read about the death of her boyfriend from a long, long distance, and hugged her tightly, trying to reassure her that everything will be alright, and that he was in a better place. Her mother joined in on the hugging. Her deceased boyfriend watched her cry and her parents tend to her, filled with pain from his unfulfilled desire to cry himself. Unbelievable, isn’t it? He just now realized that ghosts exist, but there’s no such thing as ghost tears! Ironic.

She kept shedding regenerating tears in her pillow, grieving over the only man who made her feel loved, secure, safe, important…After a few minutes of crying, she looked at one of the pencils on the dresser that was sharp enough to make someone bleed with one poke. A thought crossed her mind…She got a pen, instead of that pencil because she obviously doesn’t want to lose any led from it, and began writing her letter. ‘Dear mom, dad, and my sweet, sweet sister. I’m afraid I must leave you, for I cannot bear to live another second of my life without the man I love, for he made it worth living. Do not be sad, for now I am free, and now I can be with the one I love without any consequences nor obstacles in our way. True love…for all eternity…’

She grabbed her pencil, ready to end her miserable life. She thrusts it towards her throat, but paused after she heard a familiar voice scream “STOP!” It was loud enough for her to hear before going deaf, but silent enough to not alarm the rest of the residents. “Please,” her dead lover said, “don’t do this. Killing yourself won’t bring me back!” “But I want to be with you. I cannot stand another second without you…” “I read your suicide note. It was...the most beautiful thing ever written…You were the first girl to ever love me this much…but I don’t know if I should be happy that you were the last…But please, I want you to move on…” “I don’t know if I can! I don’t know if I can love again…” “What about that guy on the internet who’s protective of you? He’d surely love you as much as I could.” “He’s just a friend…” “I’m begging you. Please live until you die of old age…For me?” She laid back in her bed in her futile attempt to get any rest.

The next day, after she chronically woke up from her nightmares of witnessing the death of her boyfriend, she got up from her bed. Her mother came in with her breakfast on a tray. “Good morning dear. I made your favorite since…your boyfriend’s death seemed to really upset you.” “Thanks,” she shook her head, “but I’m not hungry.” She felt as if she was cured of hunger. Her stomach didn’t make even a low growl nor did her taste buds encourage her to eat…Her mom left the tray there just in case she changed her mind.

The young man reappeared. “You need to eat,” he said, “I would if I had a stomach to fill it up with. Even if I could lift up the utensil and chew it, where would it go? On the floor?” She shook her head. “Fate is SO cruel,” she said, “I have been dying to meet you all this time, and now this is the only way…We’re too alike, you and I, even though I can walk around this house, I am dead and no one can see that, nor do I need to eat or sleep…” “We all run into disappointments, my love. I was never given a chance at a real job, not even minimum wage. I wanted to join the army, but that was also taken from me. I even dreamed of finally having my own place, complete freedom. But I reached adulthood, lived til 20 and you can too in a few months. I’ll always be with you.” He leaned in to kiss her, and surprisingly she did too. His lips were cold on her lips, but when they deepened the kiss, it was colder. Some people enjoy making out with cold mouths, and some people even do so with an ice cube in between the two mouths. This, for her at least, was the greatest sensation of her life…but she was still upset…Upset that she might be enjoying his death due to the fact that she enjoyed the kiss, for it was the best kiss she had ever gotten in her life…

That night, her sister was about to shower, when the door was locked. She knocked to see if anyone was there. She looked down, and saw blood and a pencil under the crack of the door, and a note at the front of it. She read the note. ‘Dear mom, dad, and my sweet, sweet sister. I’m afraid I must leave you, for I cannot bear to live another second of my life without the man I love, for he made it worth living. Do not be sad, for now I am free, and now I can be with the one I love without any consequences nor obstacles in our way. True love…for all eternity…

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