The Year Four Thousand

Jessi Alexandra stood facing the three way mirror in the center of the room. Three plump women stared at her pondering. She was embarrassed for she stood only in her underwear as the women looked her over. “Bring me the long white dress,” the shorter of the three said. The other girls ran to get it.

Jessi was relieved that the woman had finally made her decision. When the girls got back with the long white dress, they shoved her head through the top and let the dress cascade down her body. It was pure white, so white, that it looked like it glowed. The top clung to her skin and had two wide straps to hold the dress. The dress had an empire waistline and flowed freely where the waist ended, leaving a long train behind her.

As Jessi stared at herself in awe one of the ladies spoke up, “Oh my! It's beautiful.” Jessi blushed at the comment. “Now all that is left are shoes.”

“Oh lets get the heels with the glitter,” The third said in her nasal voice. The others nodded and before Jessi knew it she was in glittery four inch stilettos.

Jessi was breath taken as she slowly turned in front of the mirror. “Stunning,” stated a rich voice behind her. Her mother had just walked in placing a small gold chain around her slim neck. And handing her two sparkly diamond studs, tucked a loose strand of hair back behind her daughters hair. “Now hurry up and go to Marina's room. She is waiting to do your hair and make-up. I'll see you in a few hours.” Jessi's mother blew her a kiss before gracefully walking out of the room.

Jessi wobbled in her heels as she made her way to Marina's room. Marina was Jessi's aunt who was about ten years younger than Jessi's mother, the queen. When Jessi knocked on the door she was greeted by her beautiful aunt. Marina was wearing an amethyst velvet dress that ended with a short train. Her long, strawberry colored hair was pulled up into an intricate bun.

After saying their hellos, Jessi sat down at her aunt's make-up table while Marina gathered her supplies. Marina worked on Jessi's wavy, blond locks in silence, her brow furrowed in concentration. She tugged on Jessi's hair until she deemed it perfect, then she moved on to make-up. When Jessi was turned around she gasped. Her hair pulled up into a beautiful five strand braid and her make-up accentuating her bright blue eyes and high cheekbones.

Marina stepped back to admire her work a few moments before saying, “My works done. You are supposed to meet your parents in their bedroom. Hurry now don't be late.”

Before she knew it, Jessi was in her parents bedroom. In the whirlwind of excitement she found herself at the top of the grand staircase behind her parents as the orchestra began to play. Her parents slowly made their way down. They seemed to glide down the large spiral staircase.

Jessi listened from the top of the stairs. She heard her father's booming voice, “As you all know it is tradition that at the start of every millennium, the king and queen wed their first daughter to first son of the neighboring kingdom. In a few minutes it will be midnight and the start of the year four thousand.” Jessi's father paused as the crowd erupted in applause. “My eldest daughter Jessi Alexandra the second will be wed at the stroke of midnight to Jason Richard the first son of Mary Elise and Joesph Jeremy. We have five minutes until midnight so it is my pleasure to introduce my daughter, Jessi”

This was it. She walked down the stairs keeping her head high lightly gripping the railing. The crowd gasped when she appeared at the bottom of the staircase. She glanced over to the stage where her future husband stood. She had never seen him before for this was an arranged marriage. She began to walk down the isle. Her dress trailed behind her as she walked towards her future. When she finally reached the large stage Jason gave her a sad smile.

Jessi wondered if he left someone heartbroken as she had done to her forbidden love, Mathew the commoner she had met while sneaking out of the castle to go for a walk. She had walked with him that first night. He had recognized her and followed her to make sure she would be safe. Jessi had been flattered by the gesture. She had never met anyone outside of the castle before. She soon found herself sneaking out to meet him every night. They had slowly fallen for each other through the brief period of time they had spent together. She saw Mathew's sad face as she glanced over the crowd.

Before she could register what was happened the ceremony began. She could see Jason gazing into the crowd, his eyes full of sorrow. It was almost midnight, thirty seconds left. She wished that something would stop the wedding before the time was up. She looked at the clock that was rapidly reaching midnight before the stained glass windows shattered, and light that looked like the outline of a man entered the room.

The room was in panic as one of the lights grabbed Jessi and ran. The others stayed behind to hold back the outraged kingdom. Jessi was afraid but was also overwhelmed happiness because she had a chance to be with the one she truly loved. She quickly fell asleep in the lights arms, for she was to exhausted for anything else. Her sleep was filled with images of Mathew, the one she now had a chance with.

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kyramcn said...
Jan. 12, 2013 at 9:04 pm
Really cool concept, I liked it!! I hope you write another :)
abigator replied...
Jan. 13, 2013 at 1:20 am
Thank you. I will most likely write another one but it might be a while. I have been really busy with school lately. :-)
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