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Life Is Something Strange

November 29, 2012
By PaulCollins BRONZE, Willow Springs, Missouri
PaulCollins BRONZE, Willow Springs, Missouri
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Life is Something Strange
There was a cold winter breeze that morning, the air blew slow, and steady, as the sun began to rise over the tree tops. A light blanket of snow had covered the ground as more and more flakes began to fall. It was silent; the only thing that I could hear was the light thumps as one snowflake fell upon another. It was hard to make out anything further than thirty or forty feet, the snow would make it all a haze and anything I would look at would disappear.
My breath quickens as I wait holding my suitcases, I know where I’m going I won’t be able to take all of them, but I still can’t bear the thought of leaving them. Seeing that he isn’t here yet I drop a few of my bags and lean up against a pine tree . . . our pine tree. There are many reasons why someone runs away, but I never thought I would be running away because of marriage. I guess I always believed that life would be fair . . . but it’s not.
The woods seemed to sit still as the snow fell. I’ve always loved to hear the snow fall; it finds a way to calm me. When I was a girl I would sit out in it for hours staring up into the sky watching as it fell, and every time I would catch a cold. I look over at the trees and I see the sun hasn’t rose much more. I reach into my coat pocket and pull out a letter and unfold it one piece at a time. Small pieces of snow fall on the edges of the note covering some of the letters as they lie on it.

I love you Elizabeth, i always have, and i know that you love me too. I’ve never seen someone more beautiful in my entire life. There is a saying my mother once told me, if you love something let it go, and if it is meant to be it will come back. i need you; every moment i am away from you, i think of you. The touch of your skin, gives my hands a purpose to feel. The warmth of your kiss gives me a reason to live. I’m in love with you Elizabeth, and i will love you till the day i die. Meet me by the old pine tree before sunrise. Love Grey.
A small tear finds its way down my cheek and falls onto the paper soaking into the ink. Smearing a few of the letters leaving the paper stained in a blackish, gray color. I love him, I have always loved him.
As I stand there in silence, I hear a crack off in the woods. My mind jumps straight to him. In my mind I imagine him walking straight toward me, smiling and laughing. A few minutes pass and I still see nothing. But I still hear it. I close my eyes to try to listen in closely to where it is at.
“Crack!” Again, a few seconds pass.
“Crack! . . . Crunch!” This time it came from right behind me. I open my ``eyes to try to see where it is, but all I see is white. I press my body tightly up against the tree.
“Crack!” I squeeze my eyes shut in fear of seeing what this is. I try to slow my breathing down by closing my mouth. But I keep making deeper and louder sounds when I breathe. I close my mouth again. Except this time I notice that the breathing is not mine.
I feel a hot rush of steam roll down my neck. I freeze, I open my mouth to scream, but nothing comes out, just the steam from my breath. I slowly turn around to face this creature. Within the blink of an eye I’m turned around and looking eye to eye with the most handsome man I’ve ever seen. It’s him, Grey.
He reaches down and wraps his arms around me and pulls me close. I look up and tears are streaming down his face. I press my face against his chest and pull him tight.
“Elizabeth I’ll never let you go. . . I promise.” I stare up into his big brown eyes.
“You promise? Do you Grey? He gently rubs his finger over my lips and looks my face over.
“Elizabeth I promise . . . I’ll never let you go, I’m afraid that if I do, you’ll fly away.” He then slowly leans in and kisses me. I feel as if I could rise up and fly.
“Would you care to dance?” He says.
“Out here?”
“Yes” He takes me by the hand and leads me out into the open. The snow is now falling heavier than before. I spin as I twirl in his hands, and then graciously fall backwards as his hands guide me. I closed my eyes and as I opened them there he is holding me, having me bent over his knee. But that day he was holding something more than just me, he was holding my heart. And with snow falling all around us I looked up once more and said.
“Life is something strange, isn’t it?”

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on Dec. 12 2012 at 6:51 pm
TaylorWintry DIAMOND, Carrollton, Texas
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This is great. Good job.