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The First Day of my Life

July 30, 2012
By jackattack_69 BRONZE, Durham, Connecticut
jackattack_69 BRONZE, Durham, Connecticut
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We were over the Atlantic, on a late and cool November night. I was in the front of the room when you walked in. You stole me first with your eyes as you sat down; that's when we caught each other and shared our first glance at each other. Your face was beaming amongst all the others, as everyone around you started to fade into dark. They were less important, and my eyes were fixed on you. I must have been smiling at you, because I saw you curl your hair behind your ear as your smiled and laughed. But you didn't laugh because you thought it funny. It was one of those one-syllable-laughs where even though I didn't say anything, you automatically knew that I was looking at the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

But I was gawky, because you hadn't taught me to be confident in myself yet, and we were separated by a barrier of people all talking amongst each other. I managed to get my hand into the air and wave a 'hello' to you. You laughed again and waved back. I introduced myself, but I couldn't hear you say your name. It came to me that it would be impossible to ever win the heart of someone so gorgeous. And at that moment you started to fade into the crowd, and I tried to pretend that those five seconds didn't actually feel like five years.

Later that night, we somehow ended up next to each other. This time I could hear you, and I heard you whisper your name into my ear. I was stunned and couldn't speak. Silence was the stone resting in my throat, and once again you had gotten away from me.

It wasn't until the next morning that I could see your face under the sun. It was at that moment that I had realized how much you resembled the sun. You lit up my world and you made my life warm. You gave me life. It wasn't until now that I realized that that was the First Day of my Life.

Everybody was trying to get me to join them and walk around, but there was no way I was leaving you. We started to talk, and before we knew it, they were all gone. It was just you and me for the first time. We went to the back of the ship and I peered over the back to see the trail of waves we were leaving. You must have saw something in me then, because you didn't leave me. You stayed with me and as we kept talking, Time became suddenly insignificant. We talked, and talked, and talked. For three hours.

We talked into the afternoon, and had forgotten to eat. So we ate. And then we talked some more.

At dusk, we were around all of our new friends. You whispered into my ear that you wanted to sneak away and watch the sun set. It was so exhilarating as we realized that sun down was in only 10 minutes, and how we bolted to the top deck to find the best vantage point. The sun was a different colour now; different from that morning. That morning, it was golden yellow. It was perhaps brighter than ever, but now the sun was a dying orange. It was setting into the horizon of the ocean. There was something about that sunset that made it the best one we'd ever see. The clouds had vacated the sky and the water held a true blue all the way out to the sun. The wind was coming at us fast, but it didn't matter. The burning that came out of the depths of my heart kept me warm. I put my hand down on the railing next to yours, and they ended up meeting. It was the first time we'd ever touched. As the sun got closer to what seemed to be the edge of the world, I moved my arm around you and comfortably kept you in my grasp. It was at that moment that you knew that I wouldn't let you go. It didn't matter what happened in your past, because you wanted to spend your future with me. I know that you thought this, because I thought this as well.

You always tell me that whatever happens, to not forget how we felt when we watched the sun go down. Ever since that night, we've been chasing sunsets, trying to capture the feeling that we shared as the sun went down. We may never catch another sunset that was so perfect. But I'd like to keep trying.

I love you more than anything.

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