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The Love Cycle

March 21, 2012
By Danielle23 BRONZE, Cedarville, Arkansas
Danielle23 BRONZE, Cedarville, Arkansas
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"The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense." -Tom Clancy

Stage 1:
At first, you don't even think about love. Sure, you love your family and your close friends, but it's not like you're thinking about dating.
You're worried about school, or clothes, or friends...
And then the arrow hits. (See 2)

Stage 2:
You think you love him. No, you KNOW you love him. He's smart, and funny, and cute, and cool...
You're perfect for each other.
You keep your crush to yourself at first, but decide one day to tell him. (See 3)

Stage 3:
One of two things happens:

Stage 3A:
He says yes. You're thrilled. You two are perfectly in love, and nothing could ever tear you apart!
Happily ever after? (See either 4A or 5)

Stage 3B:
He breaks your heart.
Turns out he doesn't like you. At all.
You're not cool enough. Not pretty enough. "I like someone else..." "You're not my type..."
He says no.
And you feel horrible. You want to die. You want HIM to die. You cry yourself to sleep, night after night, wondering if you'll ever be the same... (See 4B)

Stage 4:
Then things change in one of two ways:

Stage 4A:
You break up. It comes as a shock. (See 3B)

Stage 4B:
And then he comes along.
He's nicer, sweeter, so much better than the other guy, the heartbreaker.
He cheers you up and tells you everything will be okay.
And you believe him.
He fixes your broken heart and you love him. You decide to tell him.(See 3)

Stage 5:
You decide to get married. Everything is perfect. It's true love.
Happily ever after. <3

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