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March 5, 2012
By Annmarie11_12_13 ELITE, Paramus, New Jersey
Annmarie11_12_13 ELITE, Paramus, New Jersey
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I want to tell you a secret. I want to tell you a secret that I wouldn’t dare trust anyone else to know. I want to give you one part of me that you can carry with you forever in your mind, and know that it’s just for you. I want you to take my secret with you everywhere you go, having it always in the back of your mind and on the tip of your tongue, where it will remain forever. I want you to have the secret never touch your lips, only stay just behind them, so no one could even think that this secret dwells just within you.

You don’t have to bury my secret deep. You can have it lie just beneath the surface of your skin, so close to being shared with the world, but never revealing its presence. The secret can make itself known to you and only you, only coming to light when you and I are alone, so not a soul can share in the secret between us, whose existence only we can ever know about.

The secret will never weigh you down. My secret, unlike so many others, is not a dangerous one. It is merely something I hadn’t thought to share. Or perhaps that is not true. Perhaps I was only waiting for someone to come along and show me that they are trustworthy enough to take part in my secret too. Only a deserving person such as you should have the opportunity to have my secret in you as well as me.

My secret has a journey ahead of it. First, it will meet my lips for the first time. The words that make up my secret will be greeted by my mouth warmly, and they will each take turns in returning the favor. As soon as they meet they will bid each other farewell, with both my secret and my lips never forgetting each other. The way my mouth must form to let my secret out will be a new shape never done before and never to be done again. The parting of each of my lips, closing again and opening once more is so unique that it could never be doubled.

From there, my secret must hurry, for it has to fly through the air that sits between you and me. My secret knows it is now in the outside world, though it has never seen such a world before. This outside world is vast, and makes my secret more vulnerable than it has ever been. All my secret will want is to be safe again, back behind my lips and inside me again. But there is no going back after my secret has left my lips. All my secret can do is move forward, and move forward it shall.

My secret is now on the lookout. I told my secret where it would be safe again once it left me, and I made clear that this is the only place it could ever go if it wanted to remain a secret. My secret is afraid, but it will obey me, and try to find the place I went on to describe. I told of this person, this wonderful person with and inviting smile and big eyes filled with trust. My secret will spot you quickly and move faster and faster until you two meet.

I have instructed my secret to go straight for your ear. I know by now those ears of yours will be wide open, ready to receive the secret I am transferring to you. My secret shall have no trouble locating those ears and diving straight in. Once inside your ear, my secret will take a short rest, for it knows it is safe again, and the dangerous part of the journey is over. Once inside you, my secret knows, there is no more worry it will ever have to endure the outside world again. My secret knows I trust you, and therefore it will trust you too.

After its short rest, my secret will make one final dash, straight to your mind. From there, it will begin to change form. Until this stage in its journey, I have made sure my secret knows to stay as small as possible, so the chances of someone other than you finding it first were less than minimal. Once my secret reaches this stage in its journey to you, however, it is instructed to grow.

My secret lives everywhere inside me. It started in the form it lies within you now, small and condensed. But my secret will stretch, bigger and bigger, until it touches every part inside of you too.

Do not be worried as you feel my secret feeling its way around inside you. It is merely trying out its new habitat, trying to discover why I made my secret make the dangerous journey over. I know already that my secret will soon see what I do. I know my secret will easily find the trust in every vessel, in every vein. I know it will recognize the trust that I put there, and feel much more at ease.

My secret will now be within you as it is within me. I trust you to make sure it stays a secret, a secret that is only between us. If my secret leaves you and finds someone else, we will no longer have anything to mark our mutual trust. My lips created this bond we share with my, now our secret. Your lips must not destroy it. I mean not to warn you or to threaten. I mean to show you how deep my trust runs within you, and how the words that make up our secret, no matter how few, represent them in such a way that everything rides on them. Here is my secret. Take it. And don’t ever give it or my trust away.

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