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the story of Cat and Miles

February 17, 2012
By AnnieLovesMusic SILVER, Jeffreys Bay, Other
AnnieLovesMusic SILVER, Jeffreys Bay, Other
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Cat closed her eyes, as the music took control. Her hands swept through her pitch-black mane of hair, streaked with pink and purple. The classical music softly swept through her room. She opened her eyes and switched off the CD player. If anyone could see Cat right now, they wouldn’t believe it. She’s what you’d call a typical Goth: leather black mini-skirt, fishnets, and black make-up to finish the look. Take one look at her and you’d think all she listened to was heavy metal. Although she looked like a bad girl, she was actually the complete opposite on the inside. Cat loved animals, enjoyed reading and cherished a nice day by the sea. Nobody knew the real Cat until…. he came along.

Miles took a deep breath, and stared at the ocean. The waves rolled into one another, making a roaring sound. He saw the ocean as his sanctuary, a place to escape the routines of daily life. He had been brought up by strict prim and proper parents and everyday seemed like another ritual. Everyone saw him as the goody two shoes with his perfect grades, tucked in shirts and extra large glasses. His hair was a mess of golden blonde hair, ruffled by the sea breeze. He shook his hair, and looked at the empty shore, and saw a lonesome figure dressed in black. His curiosity took over and he slowly walked towards the figure, it was a girl with pitch-black hair and pink and purple streaks.

5 months later Cat sat miserably on her porch swing, next to a very quiet Miles. He gave her hand a squeeze. They had been inseparable since the day they had met at the beach. But they had, had to keep their romance a secret from Miles parents because they thought she was a bad influence, and had never approved of her. But eventually they had found out, and had enrolled Miles to a boarding school in England, faraway from the little town of Silver Beach.

Tears glistened in Miles eyes, “I don’t want to leave you!” he said with a sinking feeling. “Me neither, but there’s nothing we can do,” said Cat as she looked away. “Maybe… maybe its for the best,” she whispered. With one final glance back at Miles, she disappeared into the night.

Miles woke up to the sound of his alarm clock at 5 am in the morning; it was the day that he would have to leave Cat. Memories flooded his mind as he thought of all the good times they had shared, Suddenly he heard an ear piercing scream, a man was standing at the door holding a gun to his mother’s head! The man had an evil glint in his eyes. “Give me your money, and I won’t shoot’” said the man.

His mother trembled, as the strange man pressed the gun harder against her head. “Lets make this easier, I’ll count to three, and you show me where the stash is, and I won’t fire”.

The ropes stung, as Cat felt them press into her wrists. She banged her head against the hard, wooden crate in frustration. It had been only two hours since she had been tied up in a deserted root cellar, but it felt like a million light years that seemed never to end. Tears of guilt ran down the apples of her cheeks. Her father was about to rob Miles and his family of all their money and it was all her fault! Somehow word had come to her father that Cat was seeing Miles, known as the heir to the richest wine estate in the country. If she hadn’t met Miles none of this would have happened.

The man looked at Miles, then gave a crooked grin. “Oh well, you must be Cat’s little friend, nice to finally meet you.” Sarcasm dripped from his words and he said them harshly. The gun was firmly aimed at Miles’s mother, and then slowly turned towards Miles. “How about it boy, do want to know what its like to die?” said the man.

Cat opened her eyes as a faint light streamed in through the narrow door way. Two men came in and grabbed her by the wrists. She stumbled along as they led her to an old Ford. Its windows were painted with dust and the engine made a coughing sound. Then they shoved her in the back seat. She knew if she said one wrong word she could die, so she fell in to an uneasy silence. The ominous car sped on the highway, and came to a screeching halt at the foot of Miles’ mansion. The car door opened and the two men yet again grabbed her by the wrists and dragged her to the entrance door. Cat dreaded the scene that she knew would come before her.

Miles gasped as Cat appeared in the doorway. There were bruises on her wrists and her eyes were red and swollen. But what surprised him the most was the look in her eyes. Fear. It was a word he never thought would exist in the presence of Cat. Her eyes locked with the man holding the gun and there seemed to be an unspoken silence. “Father leave him alone!” her angry words sliced into the silence like a sharp knife. Miles gasped, unable to hold his astonishment, he held his breath not knowing what to say. He couldn’t believe this cruel man could be related to the girl that he loved! The man held the gun tighter and said “ Fine that’s how you wanna play it, I’ll give you a choice, either you choose Miles and lose your inheritance, education, and family or you show me where the money is and we can forget all about this little situation….. how about it?”

Cat looked at Miles and felt her world fall upside down. Her father’ s words echoed in her mind as the choices replayed through her mind. Every face was turned towards her as they tensely waited for her choice. Unable to take it any longer, she began to run to the exit, but her father’s next words stopped her dead in her tracks. “If you run way, I’ll pull the trigger!” the gun pointed towards Miles. She slowly turned around and faced her father, challenging him on “ If you kill Miles you have to kill me too”. She stole a glance at her father and saw his eyes grow sad. She heard the gun drop to the floor and looked at the door as she saw her father for the last time. His last words were, “I’ll always love you”.

3 years later Miles looked at the sea, and saw a girl with pitch-black hair and pink and purple streaks, “That’s my Cat” he said and kissed his bride.

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